CNN Interviews San Bernardino Widow: “Did he evangelize with this guy Farook?”

CNN Interviews San Bernardino Widow: “Did he evangelize with this guy Farook?”

CNN Interviews San Bernardino Widow: “Did he evangelize with this guy Farook?”

I wish the liberal media would rush to smear terrorists as fast as they rush to smear victims. Fellow Victory Girl, Toni, took the New York Post to the woodshed yesterday for immediately attempting to paint San Bernardino victim Nicholas Thalasinos as more of an instigator than a victim of terrorism.

A Jewish man who was slain in the San Bernardino massacre had a heated argument with the gunman about Islam being a violent religion just two weeks before the shooting that killed 14 and wounded 21.

Nicholas Thalasinos, a devout Zionist, became furious with Syed Rizwan Farook, a fellow restaurant inspector, during work, declaring that the Muslim man “doesn’t agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion.”

CNN saw their pathetic attempt of defamation and raised them a moment of unmitigated depravity.

Come on, CNN, character assassination should be reserved for politicians who, oh, I don’t know, are criminals attempting to move into the White House? The questions asked in the above video should not only invoke regret, they should cause someone to rethink their career choice. Caleb Howe, in an article featured on RedState, explained the leftist media narrative goals better than most.

That Thalasinos may have professed Christian belief to the murderer is not a point of insignificance. Indeed, it is worth knowing just how little it takes to ignite the ticking time bombs being delivered into our midst by the mysterious process of “radicalization.” But that is not what CNN did here. And it is not their agenda.

If you do a search for Messianic Jew or Nicholas Thalasinos in the news in the last day, you’ll see it. This is the path to a “workplace violence” narrative, and one that fully opens the gun control floodgate that is slowly closing with ever new piece of jihadi evidence. It was a fight with a coworker. An “outspoken” coworker. An icky evangelical. Who doesn’t hate those guys? He was a bigot. Anti-Muslim. Hateful. He was a hater. Hater! Die, hater! He was asking for it!

Narrative folks. The left has theirs. The media has it. And they are sticking to it, despite any and all evidence. It can’t be terror. That doesn’t work. It was workplace violence.

But remember, women who wear short skirts aren’t asking to be raped. Men just need to learn self-control and restraint; Islamic radicals, on the other hand, are just provoked perpetrators of work place violence. Peaceful believers pushed to the edge by outspoken born again Christians who think they have the same rights to freedom of religion and speech as Muslims. Hope that clears things up for everyone.

There’s one thing I just can’t get out of my mind… Nicholas, despite his anti-jihadist beliefs and Jewish religion, wasn’t the one who brought a gun to a Christmas party and ended fourteen beautiful lives. Maybe, just maybe, we should focus on attacking those that did.

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