‘a pimped out air force one’

not only was that AF1 photo op bad taste and insensitive, but entirely unnecessary. check out this competition of sorts: and shut up! the new york daily news DID NOT just use ‘pimped out’!!! heh.


air force lost


air force sistine


yankee flyover

we knew this was coming right? proof positive that for $300 The One could have purchased photoshop like these good americans, and saved all of us the $300,000 and a lot of anxiety for NYC.

this is also a simple but good example of the poor judgement, a true disregard for your hard earned money, and blatent excess that is becoming the hallmark of this administration.

good for the ny daily post! the readers’ creations are priceless. by the way, where are those $300,000 dollar pictures taken that day by The One, er, lowly staffer person? i want to see them.


btw… in honor of last night’s enchanting press conference held by The One, another wonderful photoshop by my cotillion sister, nice deb. note the tiara — maybe cotillion should recruit him! oh ack.


NRSC: Barack Obama: 100 days of no accountability

NRSC: Barack Obama: 100 days of no accountability

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Now accepting donations

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suddenly, arlen spector is a democrat?

oh arlen. you are simply an opportunistic, morally bankrupt coward. it’s time to seriously clean house. dltdhyotwo rino.

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