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Disney is RAAAAAAACIST!! now too

Disney is RAAAAAAACIST!! now too

The RAAAAAAACIST!! brigade is at it again, this time with Disney’s upcoming animated feature, The Princess and the Frog. Controversy is swirling, with Disney being called racist for its depiction of their first black princess. The “princess” franchise is a lucrative one for Disney, and includes the princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan. Princess Tiana will be not only the first black princess, but also the first American princess.

There have been a number of accusations of racism against Disney with this film, from the fact that the prince appears to be white, to the heroine’s original name and occupation, and where the film takes place.

WALT Disney’s first black princess is steeped in controversy, with the studio changing her name and job, but still facing claims of racial insensitivity.

Following claims of racial insensitivity, the studio — known for its wholesome and predominantly white family values — has made several changes to its first African-American princess, Tiana.

Voiced by Anika Noni Rose, Tiana is the star of a new animated film to be released this Christmas, titled The Princess and the Frog. Tiana’s mother will be played by talk-show host Oprah Winfrey.

Disney has changed the profession of the princess to an aspiring restaurant entrepreneur, instead of being a chambermaid.

It has also changed her name — Tiana, instead of Maddy. Critics thought Maddy was too similar to Mammy — a once-common term for black female slaves in white households.

The controversy has intensified after it was revealed the film would be set in New Orleans and Tiana would find love with an almost-white prince.

His skin has been described as olive-toned and he will be voiced by Brazilian actor Bruno Campos.

“What? No black prince? What’s up with this?” blogged James Collier on Acting White, an anti-racism website.

“Perhaps Disney doesn’t want the future mothers of dwindling white America being imprinted so early in their lives with the notion of a black suitor.”

Another blogger, Angela Helm, complained to the Black Voices website that even though there was a real-life black man in the highest office in the land, Disney seemed to think a black man was not “worthy of the title of prince”.

… Executives at the company have tried to play down the controversy. During the development of any movie, it was common to change titles, character names and story points, a source told the London Times.

“The name Tiana evolved with the character. She’s a strong role model for everyone. She pursues the American dream of starting her own business and she does that with a strong work ethic,” a source said.

As for the claim the New Orleans setting and voodoo themes play on black stereotypes, the source said: “New Orleans is an ideal setting for an American fairytale set in the jazz age — it’s all part of the fabric of the story.”

So, Disney is racist for all of these ridiculous reasons. I’m sure it will be said that I couldn’t possibly understand (because I’m white), but I don’t care. This is one of the most ridiculous accusations of racism I have ever read.

Apparently, the biggest issue is that the prince is “white”. Well, here is the white prince:


Maybe it’s just my take, but he doesn’t seem outright “white” to me. He definitely is olive-toned, as Disney has said, and you could arguably say that he could be a light-skinned black man, a hispanic man, a dark-skinned white man, or even a biracial man. And in any case, does it really matter? Aren’t we supposed to be living in a post-racial world now, where skin color no longer matters? I would think that, even if the prince is supposed to be white, that it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Wouldn’t it be a positive to show that a couple can fall in love and live happily without the barriers of race?

The answer is no, it’s apparently not a positive for the race-baiting crowd. I would actually hazard a guess that Disney would’ve been criticized regardless of the skin color they’d chosen for the prince.

What really floors me are the accusations of racism over her original name and occupation. The character was originally named Maddy, which is supposedly RAAAAACIST!! because it’s similar to the slave name “Mammy”. Nevermind that Maddy was short for Madeleine, a French name. When you think about the French roots in New Orleans, doesn’t that make sense? And considering that her original job, a maid, is exactly the same as two white princesses, Snow White and Cinderella, can you really claim there’s racism there as well? The maid-to-princess story is classic. It’s not like Disney threw only Tiana into a job as a maid, while the rest of the (white) princesses led charmed lives. Only four of the princesses even started out as princesses (and only two of them were white!): Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Pocahontas. Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and Mulan all came from humble upbringings, and all of the princesses had to overcome adversity to win the heart of their respective princes.

Lastly, considering this movie has been in the works since 2006, I highly doubt it came about in an effort to cash in on the Obama presidency.

I personally think that all of the yammering from the RAAAAAACIST!! crowd is actually more racist in this situation. To automatically assume that race is a factor in everything is racist in and of itself, yes? It is not racist for a black woman to be a maid, nor is it racist for a white woman to be a maid. It’s a job. The name Maddy is not racist. Hell, a (WHITE) friend of mine has a daughter with that name. And if skin color is just that and nothing more, then why does it matter if the black princess ends up with a black man or a white man? Two Disney princesses went inter-species, for crying out loud. If Ariel and Belle could fall in love with someone of a different species and find ways to overcome that, then what is really so bad about dating someone of a different skin color?

These race-baiters need to grow up and move on. Racism is not lurking on every street corner, in every movie, and in every white person you see. I can guarantee, though, that if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it every time.

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  • Dave C says:

    go out of their way to be super sensitive with the issue and see what happens..

  • onetireddad says:

    It seems lately the left is only happy when they are unhappy with something – anything. Your US lefties and our Canadian ones too. Must be groupthink.

  • Bobv says:

    So, when do we get to live in that post-racial era?

  • mj says:

    They probably thought they were being hip and multicultural at Disney.

    It’s so much easier to live life when you merely oppose each conceived slight.

  • Justin says:

    Maybe Disney will learn from their mistake, and just not have any more black people in their movies. They could have saved a lot of trouble if Maddie was white(ish).

    I can’t believe Disney actually caved in to the grievance mongers. I wonder if they’ll darken the prince’s skin a few shades, hoping that will shut them up. It never will, always something new to complain about.

    And the prince looks Latino to me. Considering he’s voiced by a Brazilian actor, I think that’s what Disney was going for. Why are those liberals so racist against Hispanics?

  • Toa says:

    After all the on-screen depictions of White women and Black men hanging and slobbering all over each other, this is truly hilarious, and illustrates what I’ve noticed for a good many years: “Liberals” are enamoured with interracial relationships, as long as the only Caucasions involved are women. Of course, this rule doesn’t apply if the “couple” consists of 2 queers.

    Gee, I guess that makes me a racist AND a homophobe, doesn’t it…?

  • Jesse in South FL says:

    -First of all, I’m sure if the princess and prince were both black, somebody somewhere would complain about that as well, i.e. “What, so the little poor black girl can’t get with a white man like the other white girls? Do you have a problem with interracial relationsips?!”

    -Secondly, the prince looks like Rick Fox from the Lakers.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I don’t get it.
    What’s the goal of the “keepin’ it REAL“(read: keep it ALIVE, without it, I’ve got NOTHING)Negro-racism card THIS time?
    1. I’m so impotant, my opinion shut them down?
    2. In the future, my “input” MUST be considered in THEIR business?
    3. I can “organize” an extortion wortyh boycott protest?
    4. Or simply, “Show me the money.”?

  • Cheryl from Texas says:

    The man residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is half white – everyone just seems to forget that including him. The fact is a whole lot of people (Sharpton, Jackson, etc.)would be out of business if we were really allowed to be a color free society. Gosh, Sharpton and Jackson would have to actually get a real job and do something constructive!!

  • Shaniquequa says:

    I don’t know too many white people with wavy hair like that but whatever, even if he was white I don’t see the issue. We need an interracial couple in Disney considering they’ve hardly had any unless you think of High School Musical and crap like that when Disney went downhill.

    But how come it seems like they might stereotype the movie a bit and make it appear to “black culture” which might end up backfiring on them. But whatever movies do it all the time and I’ve gotten used to it no matter how messed up it can be.

    I would have to see the movie first before I make the assumption they’re going to “ghetto it out.”

  • Shaniquequa says:

    P.S. I think it would be hard for a white person to understand. I’m black and white but I can’t understand what white culture is at all because I haven’t grown up in it so I can see what black people are complaining about.

    Like the black prince thing. I personally am for them having an interracial couple for the setting. It would just be nice to have a black prince for black boys to look up too (even though I find it ridiculous to look up to fairy tale characters but kids do look up to them. Still props to finally having a black princess).

    And as far as voodoo and black stereotypes being in the movie, I don’t understand why it’s neccessary. If racism isn’t an issue anymore (and it still is and will always be just like sexism and homophobia) then that means that any black stereotypes shouldn’t be in it along with voodoo history since that’s something that is mostly common in black stereotypes. But then again maybe the voodoo shit is necessary. Like I said, I have to look at it.

    I just hope stereotypes don’t play into it because it’s getting pretty old.

  • Boris says:

    Who gives a s**t about crap disney make! I’ll definitively wouldn’t waist my time to see P.C. s**t…..

  • Javier says:

    Been political correct it´s fine, but having too much political correctness, is a form of reverse racism.

    I´m from Panamá, Latin America. Here we have interracial couples everywhere and is no biggie. You know, race is not a problem here. We have Meztizos, Mulatos, White People, Cholos, Guaymies, Kunas Asian, Indian and the Black People, proudly called Chombo, and no one see a different color in other people.

    The only Black people, who claims been discriminated, are only a small part of the ones who lived in the United States for while. When they come back, they see discrimination everywhere (if you don´t have change for a dollar, they say its discrimination)

    So it´s more an USA thing (I don´t say “American” because the term doesn’t refers only to the residents of the United States).

    Ok referring to the movie I´m glad to see a black heroine and a (maybe) Latin hero, and I hope to see a lot more in the upcoming movies.

    After WW2 was impossible to see a good respectful movie about Japanese or German People. Now we have TORA TORA TORA, Pearl Harbour, Schindler List and many others.

    About 30 years ago the only Black Heroes were on Shaft and all the blaxplotation movies of the 70’s. Now we have Men of Honor and Ray.

    Gone with the wind was accused of been a racist movie, But even the black actors in this movie claims is a movie about a racist time. And that’s with I like to see. I want to see movies about Cotton pickers, Blackface actors, Cuban and Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) stereotypes and more, because all of this is History and can be told in a meaningful, respectful way, we only need to be more open to listen.

    Learning about your past makes you wiser to face your future.

  • Tashiana says:

    I agree with most of what you are saying. People who cry racism at every little thing do tend to perpetuate it. However, this is a sensitive subject. Disney is taking a big step forward, but if it still needs to be monitored. The name debate was ridiculous, I agree. However, the debate over the prince’s race is an issue that should be looked at seriously. I really support interracial couples, because I believe they are the greatest representation of overcoming racial boundaries. But there needs to be a black prince just like there needs to be a black princess. If interracial couples were so important to Disney, they would have had one before. Why haven’t we seen a white princes with a black or latin prince? It is because of the stereotypes attached to black men. This is the perfect oppurtunity for Disney to introduce the idea of the black prince so that later they can make movies with all kinds of interracial couples.

    And, by the way, if you think that we are living in a post-racial society, you are sadly mistaken. We are NOT post-racial. If we were, this discussion wouldn’t exist. There would be more interracial relationships-romantic and otherwise. There wouldn’t be a new uprising of the KKK in responce to Obama’s election. A post-racial society is a nice dream, but it won’t happen until everyone starts seeing each person as an individual. It may never happen. I mean, as humans, we naturally group things together for convenience. Stereotypes are just convenient groupings. People don’t want to bother forming opinions about each individual.

  • DeepBlue says:

    This article is loaded with more fail than an automatic Ford Mustang.
    I am guessing the author is white, that essentially makes this a “rant” from someone who has no idea of the experiences minorities endure on a daily basis. I am not black, but I see the s*** treatment they get from whites all the time. It is more subtle now, but that does not make it acceptable maybe it is even worse; as it is harder now to separate the dumb, ignorant douchebags from the good white people. My co-workers have tried to badmouth them, and when they see my reaction they shut up. I thought people have evolved as it is 2009, but I was wrong, most people (in Toronto) are simply an ignorant shell of a human being. Going about their daily routine until they expire. Look, until you can truly understand what it is to be black (never), don’t bad mouth the “RAAAACIST CROWD”. Those opinions/feelings did not come out of thin air, they came about from life experiences that you could never understand.

  • Cathy says:

    what about the fact that princess tiana spends a good chunk of the movie as a frog? i wouldn’t blatantly call that “racist” but i can see why black people would be a little upset that the first black representation in a disney movie isn’t even there half the time.

    you say “if skin color is just that and nothing more, then why does it matter if the black princess ends up with a black man or a white man?”

    i agree with you. however, that unfortunately does not fall in with the reality of the world today. it matters, because young black girls have NEVER seen representation of themselves; they have grown up thinking there is something wrong with them because most disney leads have been white women. i urge you to check out this short video. it is very eye-opening.

    i can understand where you’re coming from. it’s easy for an outsider to only see people “pulling the race card” at every chance they get. but if you really think about these people’s experiences, you’ll understand their reactions to seemingly nonracist movies like this one.

  • @ Bobv: Today, if you’ll allow it.

    I don’t see why Tiana can’t marry a Latino. She is, at least, getting married. She actually looks quite a bit like a Haitian friend of mine who is getting married in the very near future to a Spanish man. Were I a single cartoon character, I’d kick the Princes tail if he so much as thought about her. She’s waaay cute.

    You can’t live a life totally without racism … this is not the Garden of Eden and this is not Mt. Ararat when Noah and his family stepped off the ark …but you CAN shrug it off as unworthy of stressing over.

    I’m a Caucasian living in Detroit, married to a Black woman. I’m 1/8 Cherokee and my Irish ancestors came to this country to escape the genocide of the potato famine.

    Do you think that, living where I do and as I do, I’m exempt from racist slurs and even assaults? If so, I’d like to show you a scar on my leg that was inflicted for fun. It came within 1/4″ of crippling me for life. All because a young Black man didn’t like me marrying a Black woman.

    With one exception, ALL of my friends are Black and that single exception is also in an inter-racial marriage. I tutor two Black young men (one in English and the other in woodworking & life) because their biological Dads are nowhere to be found. It’s nothing formal. The Mom of the one asked me to tutor him and the other gave me a call one evening to ask me to study the Bible with him. As time goes by, we are also becoming friends even though the English student is constantly taking flack at school for “acting White” for daring to get good grades. (see: )

    Whites, Blacks, Indians …. yadda, yadda CAN all get along. Drop the media indoctrination, approach each other honestly and get on with the business of living in a world where very few individuals can control even their day to day lives. The truth is, ALL the poor have things rough. Arguing amongst ourselves over who has things rougher helps no one except the hidden oppressors.

  • Rickster says:

    Wow, I really don’t understand why a lot of people think just because Obama is president that all of a sudden we live in a post racial world. The world will OFFICIALLY be post racial when we stop killing innocent people around the world in a so-called war on terrorism, when the top 1% of the U.S. who control the wealth in this world stop corrupting our government and when this fucked up racist government of our stops segregating schools and housing, making it more difficult for the oppressed people (anyone who isn’t in that top 1%) to get into college and to get a good education. Disney is part of that top 1% and they are known to be racist. This movie is racist because it plays on black stereotypes and it’s made by white people. Just because you put Oprah’s corrupt ass in the movie doesn’t mean that this movie is now free of racism as if Oprah is some type of “valid” sticker. I suggest that you definitely learn your fact’s before you start tossing the words “post-racial world”. Obama can be president but he’s surrounded by white’s with special interest and the only change we’re going to get from him is a darker face in the president seat and a change from fighting in iraq to afghanistan. Your blog is not even relevant anymore but of course there are many people just like you who are caught in this matrix and who think the world is getting better and there are hardly any racist in this world and that disney of all companies and monopolies can’t possibly make a racist movie. This post is too long so just one last thing. Whether you know it or not you my friend you, just like most of the people in this world, are an oppressed person. The only way we can really see change is to stop all this bullshit about a post-racial world and start coming together as oppressed people and making a change for ourselves. Educate yourself and you will see where I’m coming from. peace.

  • Riana says:

    I have to agree, this article has no true debate and so obviously comes from someone who has a purely analytical view of racism without experiencing it.

    This is the FIRST depiction of a black princess from Disney do you think that if Disney had featured nothing but black characters and were portraying their FIRST white princess caucasians and the like wouldn’t be coming out of the woodwork to protect this image?

    This is not a bunch of loons arguing over a character but rather what she symbolizes about a group of people who have never had a chance to be represented before.

    I think Disney has made some unfortunate choices in their depiction of this character and storyline and they could try to be more sensitive overall. This includes choosing a Latino gentleman as her prince, once again for the first movie they would have been so much more impressive in depicting a beautiful black girl with a beautiful black boy.

    Instead one cannot help but feel that they were somehow just inching a toe into the water by ensuring that while their princess looked black, her prince looked white with curly hair.

    Racism is a reality and by no means gone simply because there is a black man in office. Perception and reality are not the same thing and the reality is the KKK and other groups have only been incited by his election.

  • William says:

    I’ve got to agree with this post..We do still have racism and it will continue to exist..we just won’t get rid of it, we just have it a little bit more undercover on this 21st century.

    thanks for sharing, great post.

  • Anne Marie says:

    I see no problem with the colors of the prince and princess’ skin. Watch most live action movies and you will see that this is the reverse of most movies out there with African American actors. The men can be dark skinned but I have noticed that most of the African American actresses I have seen in movies are very fair skinned in comparison to their male counterparts.

    No matter what, Disney will get negative reactions from their choice to have an African American princess in their new feature film. The sad thing is that if they decided to make her white and leave the prince as olive skinned, no one would bat an eye.

  • Mike says:

    It’s probably a great thing that Disney didn’t give this princess the same job as Belle; unemployed. That would’ve been REALLY fun to see.

  • SeanShockRound says:

    Its stupid that they find this racist!! This is the first Disney Film with an African American in it! the only other would have been The Incredibles with Mr. Incredibles friend. If these people think about it isnt it more Racist that Disney have never had a “Black” Character before? and even more Racist that whenever there has been a “Black” Character that they are Symbolised as Crows…It’s easily a great thing they have decided to have an African American Princess!!

  • whiteprincess says:

    People seem to be forgetting that the princess in Disney’s Atlantis was black…

  • BlackDiamond says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the prince being white, BUT why not show a black prince and a black princess together. I mean it is reality. Little black kids going to this movie can see positive images of a beautiful black couple on the screen for a change. But I guess that’s asking too much!

  • Tom says:

    I’d like to say that not all Democrats disagree with you on the overuse of pulling “the race card.” I’m a leftie and agree that it is a ridiculous stretch to say “Maddy” was chosen because it’s only two letters off from “mammy.” I feel like a lot of things dealing with race are blown out of proportion.

    However, I do think it’s easier to nip a problem in the bud if it does have the potential to become a huge issue. Changing some stuff in a script is a lot easier than potentially offending some moviegoers.

  • -gary- says:

    ppl need to get over this racist crap. they have been saying this for years. jasmine is indian or w/e, and now they are trying to be all nice and give a black princess but ppl are to picky. she cant have a regular name like chrissy or something. she has to have a “black” name. its the blacks or “non racists” that are causing this whole stereo type to begin with.

    you can argue over w/e. but its simple: disney should be able to make w/e the hell they want. even if it is racist (which it isnt). fuck, theres BET right? thats the most bold racist channel. its called BLACK ent. channel? i bet if we had a WET (sounds funny, but u get the idea) blacks would scream racist faster then you can think.

    disney is making a black princess, stop being so picky. even if she was a chamber maid. hell, cinderella was cleaning floors but no one bitched about that did they? its just how they are. its not meant to be racist. the princess starts at the bottom of the totem pole cleaning and shit, then meets a guy and shit is great. (which is sexist more then anything.. but thats a whole other arguemnt)

    bottom line- get over it.

    oh, and i hate disney films. so me standing up for them goes to show how stupid this whole thing is.

  • Poe Slaw says:

    ARRRGH this makes me SO angry!!! Only Nazis would call Disney racist or insensitive in any way. Can’t these people just get over it? My kids WILL watch Disney, and by golly, they WILL enjoy it. I am so angry.


  • SVC says:

    I believe you’re exactly right. I don’t see any racism problems with this movie. You hit every point right on key. I was thinking the same thing about falling in love with another race. What’s wrong with that???

  • Julie says:

    Wow. If they would have made her white to start out with there wouldn’t have been a problem. They just wanted to have a black princess to fill a void they perceived. If people want to whine that they were being stereotyped then they should have just changed her to white. I am not racist, but I am sick of black people whining that they aren’t racist, but then expecting special treatment because they are black and sensitive. Not every white person was responsible for slavery and oppression that happened before any of us were born. Dry it up, and live in the now.

  • signin11 says:

    “If interracial couples were so important to Disney, they would have had one before.”

    Maybe you ought to get your facts straight about interracial couples in Disney films. Watch Pocahontas(White/American Indian) or The Hunchback of Notre Dame(White/Gypsy). And if you want to get technical, The Little Mermaid(Human/Mermaid). Fact is, you’re the racist because you’re looking for any reason to get angry about this movie.

    “The world will OFFICIALLY be post racial when we stop killing innocent people around the world in a so-called war on terrorism”

    Tell it to the 2,819 innocent people killed on September 11 in the so-called “war against the west”.

  • ElroyJohnson says:

    There are plenty of people here at different points in their existence. Depending on where you are and who you are, there will be things you just don’t understand that you hear from the experience of others. I’d say it be better if people would stop invalidating other people if they say they see racism or experience it in some way. It still exists blatantly and subtly. The U.S. was built up in racism, this kind of thing doesn’t just go away so easily. Sure, we’ve seen progress but we’ve been dealing with this racial problem since the beginning of our country. What we are experiencing now is simply after math. I’m not going to get into history specifics but I’ll simply say that those people who are crying out “racist” would like a more holistic representation of their people.

    What I mean is (and not denying the characters of Atlantis or any other racially groundbreaking Disney character) it would be cool to see a black man with a black women in this new film. It would be cool to see, without the other stereotypical pieces of the story. The problem is when blacks finally get a chance to be represented via this new Disney heroine it had to be with aspects of the story and character that were too reminiscent of other bad representations before it. And when I say bad representations I’m not just talking about Disney but the Media in general. Also the difference between this character verses the others is her skin (obviously). And this is concerning other white characters being maids, whites could be represented in any light they want in the media because they are the dominant group, every body knows there’s not one type of white person however for minorities or blacks specifically, the power of a movie character like this weighs on people’s perceptions. Now days I don’t think the public would be so ignorant(I hope not) to fully allow a character to dictate how they interact with certain ethnic groups but still…if one had loser representations of one’s people why would they want to advocate for anything that even reminds them of that.

    No, I didn’t touch on every issue of the blog and I won’t; it’s too much and it is sincerely a complex issue. But I do appreciate that Disney is trying to move forward even though they have some ways to go. I’d just say, you gotta understand where people are coming from and stop acting like people can just get over something like that. Sorry, its a deeper issue than just a movie. And sorry my post was long….so…. peace everybody, I guess i should brace myself backlash!

  • “The “princess” franchise is a lucrative one for Disney, and includes the princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan.”

    I wonder why nobody remember Disney’s russian princess Anastasia. It seems to me a little nazism. 🙂

  • Oh, I am sorry, it was not Disney’s cartoon, my bad.

  • RealLifeBlackPrincess says:

    if they wuld have put her with a black man they would have said they where being racist against inter-racial relationships . there isn winning with some people . they want to be mad so they will be mad , who gives a shit ?

  • Caymos says:

    Even if they start changing characters in their tales, the complains won`t die out. You can`t make everyone happy.

  • Van says:

    Wow, they complain there isn’t a black princess so they gave them one, now they’re complaining about having one.

  • Cody says:

    I dont even close to get what the big deal is, every fucking thing that is said theese days has to be seen as racist, the people who notice theese stupid details are the racist. BIG FUCKING DEAL IF THE GUYS WHITE! Holly fuck

  • Alissia says:

    First of all, I don’t understand how this is racist, if we become to politically correct then we get reverse racism, where people are to scared to talk naturally about outher races due to the fear of breaking a taboo & being call a racist, i dont agree with nazieism or dicrimanation but at times what we call racism is sometimes just another opinion. if we become to politically correct the we will become to scared to break the taboos that are nessicery to live a modern life where colour isn’t an issue.
    second of all, sorry for any misspellings, I’m Italian

  • Kate says:

    Sorry to nit-pick but Snow White WAS a princess in the first place.

  • Alex Williams says:

    It’s sad how some people think nowadays and also utter bullshit that Disney has suddenly turned “rascist” just because they decided to have a black princess.
    Who cares about her skin colour or where she’s from or what she does for work?
    The sooner people start growing up and acting like decent human beings the sooner everyone can live their lives.

  • jjh says:

    im sorry but who gives a fuck a)the guy looks spanish… and who cares about it. b)would u go up to married black and white couple in the street and go u raccists

  • Blair says:

    WOAH! Pocahontas was American.

  • Blair says:

    Also… Covu (sp?) was black… if that counts…

  • Jordan says:

    Either way, Tiana will not be considered a Disney Princess. Everyone thought Giselle was the newest Disney Princess and she got jack all. The Princesses have been set in stone and no positive racism attempts will change that.

  • Blurdeblur says:

    I only read a few comments, but personally, all the ones in the “disney is racist” crowd look like idiots to me. A couple said stuff about how its racist because it was made by white people… load. of. crap. In the same comment, they also said that because were white we “can never understand. Also. crap. Ever heard the word “cracker”? ever heard of “racially motivated attacks” on white people? Whites aren’t exactly free from racism… Thing is we cant pull out the race card.

  • Tania says:

    “Tiana will be not only the first black princess, but also the first American princess.”

    Was Pocahontas not native AMERICAN?

  • jesse says:

    great post!

    as an australian, i can relate to this somewhat. you can’t sneeze without being called racist. racism works both ways….i’ve been called a whitie but i let it pass. as for the movie, the accusations are utterly ridiculous. as you said, people searching for something to complain about will find it.

  • Grace says:

    I went into the theater extremely skeptical and left absolutely won over. The concept of an interracial couple was brilliant. I don’t understand why people were expecting an all black casting. THAT is racist. Segregation is segregation it doesn’t matter what side imposes it. Everyone in my family is mixed (black and white) we all thought the movie was fantastic.

  • I really have to disagree with the people who are all “you aren’t black so of course you only see the race card, you can’t possibly understand.” Okay, so I don’t understand what it’s like to be black. But HOW DARE YOU assume that because someone is white they have never faced discrimination. There are all kinds of discrimination, not just race. Sex, age, gender identification, disability, sexuality, poverty, class, religion, even weight…people discriminate based on ALL of these things. And I doubt there’ll EVER be a fat princess, or a lesbian princess, a princess in a wheelchair, a cross-dressing prince(ss).

    I think the sure way to tell whether the RAAAAAAAACIST! crowd is just wailing to have something to wail about, or actually making valid arguments, is whether or not they gave Disney any credit for trying. Because obviously, to make the first princess movie in YEARS about a black woman is a huge step away from the norm for Disney, and would possibly not even be lucrative, as it might not appeal to young white girls–the biggest audience. Isn’t it just possible that Disney wanted to reach out to a new audience, expand their horizons, and change the fact that there had NEVER been a black princess? And they also went a step further and depicted an interracial couple. That’s great! And if the RAAAAAAAAAAAACIST! crowd had looked at the film and said “hey, this is great, but there is definitely room for improvement,” I might consider their complaints valid. As it is, I think they just wanted something new to whine about.

    And finally: what is this crap about MULAN being a princess? There is only ONE criteria for a Disney princess: She is supposed to actually BE a princess, either at the beginning of the film or by the end of it. Cinderella ended as a princess, and so did Belle. Aurora started as a princess, Pocahontas started as a princess, Snow White started as a princess and ended up keeping house for dwarves, and then went back to being a princess. But Mulan? She started as the daughter of a celebrated war hero, and ended as the wife of a general. At NO POINT is she a princess. Sheesh! And neither is Alice, before anyone starts on THAT. Ugh.

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