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Left-wing tolerance: I wish Michelle Malkin would get shot

Left-wing tolerance: I wish Michelle Malkin would get shot

Those oh-so-tolerant liberals have a funny way of showing their beloved tolerance. They love to crow about how compassionate and caring they are, how much they value free speech and compromise, that they love bipartisanship and teamwork… and then they do shit like wishing Michelle Malkin would get shot:


She then tried to cover her ass:


Of course, no one is that stupid to believe that she meant that she hoped Cheney would miss. What would be the point? “Oh, gee, I don’t want Michelle Malkin to actually get shot, just shot at,”?

Now, she’s whining and making dumb jokes about Michelle. And as Michelle herself points out, what’s got this twit so up-in-arms is that she was actually called on her hate speech. She’s a journalist! And a liberal! She’s supposed to get a pass! She’s not supposed to get CALLED on her intolerance! And while she’s allowed to say whatever she wants, people on the other side of the aisle are never, ever allowed to call her on it.

I guess this is just another tolerant, compassionate, bipartisan, peaceful liberal wishing death on someone whom they ideologically disagree with. And somehow, we are the hateful ones.

Why don’t you all go ahead and let her editors know just what she’s saying and see if they approve. And remember — be civil and polite.

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  • onetireddad says:

    The Toronto Star is the lefts biggest cheerleader and apologist here in Canada. Don’t hope for too much backlash on this one.

  • The human brain has a special cortex, located just above and behind the sinus cavity, responsible for our good manners. It could be thought of as our “Don’t do it — just because” cortex. It’s the orbito-frontal cortex, or OFC.

    Liberals have an exceptionally peculiar relationship with this part of the brain. It seems half the time they want it thrown into a hyperactive state, and the other half of the time they’d just as soon have the sucker ripped out through the nose with a coat hanger.

    Calling Sarah Palin a c-word — okay. Putting a caterpillar in a room with a terrorist — not okay.

    It’s a mental disorder, alright.

  • Slamdunk says:

    The stupidity continues…

  • Mark says:

    If it were not for Mark Steyn, I’d think all Canadians were no good.

  • Tessa says:

    You have every right to make fun of liberals like me all you want — I think violent jokes like that are pretty inappropriate too — but I can’t help but notice that my respectfully disagreeing, “liberal” comment in another post got deleted. Why do I need to be censored just for having a different viewpoint? Don’t both sides deserve to be tolerated and represented?

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