‘a pimped out air force one’

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‘a pimped out air force one’

not only was that AF1 photo op bad taste and insensitive, but entirely unnecessary. check out this competition of sorts: and shut up! the new york daily news DID NOT just use ‘pimped out’!!! heh.


air force lost


air force sistine


yankee flyover

we knew this was coming right? proof positive that for $300 The One could have purchased photoshop like these good americans, and saved all of us the $300,000 and a lot of anxiety for NYC.

this is also a simple but good example of the poor judgement, a true disregard for your hard earned money, and blatent excess that is becoming the hallmark of this administration.

good for the ny daily post! the readers’ creations are priceless. by the way, where are those $300,000 dollar pictures taken that day by The One, er, lowly staffer person? i want to see them.


btw… in honor of last night’s enchanting press conference held by The One, another wonderful photoshop by my cotillion sister, nice deb. note the tiara — maybe cotillion should recruit him! oh ack.


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  • Ted says:

    Someone needs to photoshop AF1 with curb feelers, big chrome rims, some neon, and spinners to be more in keeping with Dear Leader’s supposed “coolness.”.

  • micky says:

    Yea Ted, Foxtail on the antenna, furry dice hangin from the rear view with a Bently grill having one gold tooth.

  • Rope says:

    With YES WE CAN AND CHANGE in big pimped out gold letters on the side.

  • PenniePan says:

    “note the tiara — maybe cotillion should recruit him!”

    So is the Cotillion, of which you are a proud member, a bunch of bitchy, snooty-type sorority women who wear little crowns when they blog? That explains all of your men that hang on your every word. That photoshop is crap anyway.

  • Rope says:

    We don’t just wear them when we blog.

  • micky says:

    “That explains all of your men that hang on your every word.”

    At least we are men baby.
    Besides, Obama could tell you his sh*t was candy on a stick and you would eat it, so I wouldnt go talking about anyone here hangin on anyones words if I were you.

  • Ted says:

    Actually the tiara makes him look more manly. No doubt Michelle would, at some point, like for him to grow a backbone, so putting away the tu-tu and just wearing the tiara is a first step.

    To call the MSM “sycophantic” is an understatement. Callig them lap-dogs would be an understatement. Dear Leader wears panty liners to soak up all the slobber the MSM leaves after kissing his arse.

  • Jared says:

    For the record, it wasn’t Barack who brought up the enchanted junk. The WH should punish that reporter by freezing him out and not letting him ask questions for a while. Barack looks nice in bling so the crown works. The only problem with the poster is that the couple in the right corner should be Barack and Michelle.

    “At least we are men baby.” The kind of men women run from.

  • micky says:

    “The kind of men women run from.”

    And liberal men too when they cant answer questions.

    Actually, if you want to get right down to it conservatives have more successful marriages than liberals who love divorce and abortion.
    Then again, now that I think about it, arent most gay men liberal ?
    Maybe thats why guys like Jared think Obama looks good in a Tiara ?

  • Ken says:

    I like the shot of it flying over Yankee Stadium.

    If it had flown that low over the stadium maybe it would have scared the Yankees into PLAYING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill r. says:

    Why Micky….it is those strong “conservatives” women flock to. They just have trouble seeing them when they are teabaggin.

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