What journalism has sunk to: the AP reports on a bird’s nest at the White House

What journalism has sunk to: the AP reports on a bird’s nest at the White House

Since there are no other news stories that the AP could possibly focus their team of crack journalists on, they’re doing a story on a bird’s nest. Robins, specifically. And these robins are special… because they’ve nested at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. These robins apparently knew somehow that they’d chosen a special place, and they somehow knew that they were in the company of the Anointed One.

Sadly, I’m not kidding. See for yourself:

This is a story about a fledgling family at America’s most famous address, an inspiring saga about new beginnings, the audacity of hope and perhaps even dreams from a father.

More specifically, it’s about a robin’s nest.

Associated Press photographer Ron Edmonds first spotted the bird, flitting into and out of a bush immediately to the left of the main door to the White House press briefing room — the room seen on TV most days, the one with the bright lights in which Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gets his daily grilling.

It’s a hugely high-traffic location, with reporters coming and going at all hours, and camera crews traipsing past, lugging tripods, lights and other heavy equipment out to the North Lawn.

Yet the female robin seemed utterly oblivious to it all — fearless, even. And soon, Edmonds, who heads The AP’s White House photo staff and is a Pulitzer Prize-winner with an eagle eye (sorry about that), figured out why. This red-breasted mom was moments from hatching half a dozen chicks.

So Edmonds set up his tripod early one morning and took a series of remarkable photographs. They show the pale blue eggs cracking and the chicks emerging, squinting, into the spring sunshine.

What motivated this mother robin to choose the White House grounds for a home — let alone this particular bush among the thousands of shrubs and trees on its 18 acres? Was it the closeness to the seat of power? Getting a bird’s-eye view of history (sorry again)?

… Meantime, the father seems somewhat less audacious. In fact, Edmonds reports, he’s hardly been seen. Is it too much to wonder if the chicks dream his dreams, too?

Soon, spring will turn to summer, the chicks will fly the nest and the robins will move on. But as robins are creatures of habit and instinct, this one will likely be back in the spring.

Helen Thomas, the veteran White House reporter, likes to tell the presidents she covers, “You guys come and go. We stay.”

So, it would seem, do the robins.

I’m sure this is the first time in the entire history of the White House that a bird has ever nested there. Ever. And it’s all because of the Obamamessiah. The robins sensed his power, his giftedness, and just had to be close to it.

This is propaganda from the Obama-worshipping media at its finest. I just hope that God somehow is able to save us from this nightmare.

Of course, this isn’t the first time such extreme propaganda has emerged. As was pointed out at Sweetness and Light, Hitler was rather fond of it:

Of course it is not entirely unprecedented.

After his election in 1933 the euphoria for Mr. Hitler burgeoned in a similarly unrestrained fashion.

Anticipating Mel Brooks by several decades, the author W. Beuth prefaced his heroic story of Hitler’s seizure of power – ‘The German Hitler Springtime’* with a poem of pseudo-religious piety:

Now has us the Godhead saviour sent,
Distress its end has passed.
To gladness and joy the land gives vent:
Springtime is here at last.

[*Der deutsche Hitler-Frühling. Die Wiederaufrichtung Deutschlands durch den Volkskanzler des Deutschen Reiches Adolf Hitler, Frankfurt a.M, 1933.]

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  • Bobv says:

    Wow, even Jesus couldn’t make animals obey his will. Clearly calling him the messiah is a disservice to the president. He is apparently the messiah and Cinderalla rolled in to one.

  • Tomare Utsu Zo says:

    My, jaw mentally dropped.

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