Video of the Day

Video of the Day

LOL time!

Sad thing is, I think a lot of them actually think this way.

Hat Tip: The Jawa Report


i believed he was still alive.  maybe.  it seemed like a hopeful thing to do for his family, friends; those who loved and missed him.  “…Keith Maupin confirmed…

Guess I don’t swear enough, huh?

Created by OnePlusYou – Free Online Dating I got this from Rachel Lucas, who weighed in just short of “f-bomb”. Should I be embarassed? I feel like…

Want to date a hot conservative woman?

Then you should go check out the new article on just that at Right Wing News: Interviewing Six Conservative Female Bloggers on Dating. I was one of…

Another good year for Planned Parenthood

Remember when I reported on the record high profits that Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization, received last year? Business at Planned Parenthood is going very well. The…

The most exciting movie announcement of the year!

Oliver Stone is making a new movie… about President Bush! Woohoo! Director Oliver Stone has set James Cromwell to play George Herbert Walker Bush and Ellen Burstyn…

a few good men

a few good men

if you don’t know him, meet him… alt : i love this group: the non-partisan Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour  and David Bellavia who has written…

spitzer explained by a 3 yo princess

out of the mouth of our babes… alt : heavy sigh.

Fitna the movie – Graphic!

this movie has some seriously shocking images. it is a movie about the Koran, by Geert Wilders. i could not watch the entire thing, but i’ll keep trying….

Obama’s Rev. Wright: Israel created a dirty bomb to kill Arabs and Blacks

More from Obama’s spiritual advisor and pastor of twenty years, the oh-so-noble Rev. Wright. Here’s the money quote: I must tell you that Israel was the closest…

Dumbest. Criminals. Ever.

Here’s your non-important news story of the day. Two men walk into a building. They claim to have guns, and demand that the lady behind the counter…

More patriotism from Michelle Obama

More patriotism from Michelle Obama

I have to say, I am really loving this Democratic race these past few months. I wonder if either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton understand what they’re…

Flashback Video of the Day

Flashback Video of the Day

Here’s a flashback video for today, of when Obama refused to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. There’s no real reason to post…

Doing the assaulting that Americans won’t do

Here’s a story about the kinds of contributions we can increasingly look forward to as more and more illegal immigrants flood our porous borders: A Lake County…

Sex offender wants to run for mayor of Dallas suburb

Huh? A registered sex offender collared in an Internet sting four years ago is running for mayor of a small Dallas suburb. James Brian Sliter (SLY’-ter) says…

How dare Taco Bell let a supermodel be photographed?!

Feministing brings us today’s outraged-over-nothing report, with Taco Bell’s Mysogynist Hot Sauce (I’m not kidding). The feminists are complaining about Taco Bell’s new ad campaign, called “Direct…

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Here’s your video of the day. It’s of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s death-defying run across the tarmac in Tuzla, Bosnia, fleeing from the terrifying shots of sniper…

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