1st Amendment Fray: 3-D Gun Design Distributor Sues Blue States For Trying to Muzzle His Speech

1st Amendment Fray: 3-D Gun Design Distributor Sues Blue States For Trying to Muzzle His Speech

1st Amendment Fray: 3-D Gun Design Distributor Sues Blue States For Trying to Muzzle His Speech

Liberals—who at one point in the very distant past stood on the shoulders of the First Amendment—hate free speech. They also despise the Second Amendment. And what they detest even more is that free speech has killed their favorite voter base-ginning talking point: gun control. And now they’re getting a well-deserved smack upside their knuckleheads from Cody Wilson, owner of Defense Distributed, who markets blueprints, and the mills for which to create, 3-D printed firearms:

Cody Wilson is fighting to protect publishing his gun-design blueprints online (Photo Credit: The Truth About Guns)

Defense Distributed’s legal right to post its information was won by the company via settlement this month after a long legal battle with the federal government. Before that settlement, the feds essentially wanted to treat the act of hosting or distributing such files as illegal arms exporting.

Wilson cites attacks on his First Amendment protections:

Defense Distributed informed [New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S.] Grewal and [Michael Feuer, city attorney of Los Angeles] on Friday that “all actions contemplated by Defense Distributed are fully protected by the First Amendment, and [Grewal’s] attempts to prevent such actions constitute an unconstitutional prior restraint and otherwise violate the United States Constitution and the New Jersey Constitution.”

The suit asserts that the [ideologically-fueled] threats from New Jersey and Los Angeles “violate the First Amendment speech rights of Defense Distributed and its audience, including [the Second Amendment Foundation’s] members; run afoul of the Dormant Commerce Clause; infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of those who would make use of the knowledge disseminated by Defense Distributed; constitute a tortious interference with Defense Distributed’s business; and are in any event, federally pre-empted by Congress’s export control laws as well as Defense Distributed’s export license, by which the State Department has explicitly authorized the speech that the Defendants are seeking to silence. Plaintiffs are entitled to declaratory and injunctive relief, damages, and attorney fees.”

So why is Wilson launching a lawsuit? Here’s why:


Gurbir S. Grewal, the attorney general of New Jersey, sent a threatening letter to Defense Distributed last week that claimed the company’s “plans to allow anyone with a 3D printer to download a code and create a fully operational gun directly threatens the public safety of New Jersey’s residents….Posting this material online is no different than driving to New Jersey and handing out hard-copy files on any street corner.”

Um, yeah. Welcome to the Age of Information, Mr. Grewal. And what, pray tell, will handing out literature, either digitally, or by hand, do? Cause an exponential increase in myopia, or an epidemic of paper cuts?

Nope, sorry, Captain Hyperbole, what it poses is a direct and immediate threat to tyranny. Maybe what you’re really afraid of is your constituents learning about their inherent right to bear arms. And why they enjoy that right. AmIRight?

Alexander Hamilton, of New York:

“[I]f circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude, that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights and those of their fellow citizens.” — The Federalist, No. 29

And then came the demands, and promises of Threats of Action:

Grewal ordered the company “to cease and desist from publishing printable-gun computer files for use by New Jersey residents….Should you fail to comply with this letter, my Office will initiate legal action barring you from publishing these files before August 1, 2018.”

Bring it on, sugar snap. Free speech trumps fear-mongering. I suspect Mr. Wilson, nor the Trump Administration, will cave to your threats, since both have already proved they’ll not kowtow to Blue State Bullies. Not to mention, said asshattery comes from “leaders” who’ve unilaterally, without the consent of their own citizens, transformed their states, cities, and counties into “sanctuaries” for animals like this:

And this:

And, of course, this:

Begging the obvious question: where’s the sanctuary for American citizens who daily suffer at the hands of those who have no business residing in our country? So spare me your faux outrage; if your state is unsafe, you’ve only yourselves, and your failed liberal policies and transparent pandering for votes from those with no allegiance to America, to blame.

No, blueprints are not the problem, they’re a potential answer, because what your citizens really need is the means to defend themselves against those who would do them harm. You know, those who roam freely throughout your states, victimizing your citizenry, with your acquiescence.

Not to be out-liberaled, Pennsylvania has jumped on the WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE (AGAIN)!!! bandwagon, seeking a restraining order to cease the file-sharing, showing their contempt for the First Amendment rights of American citizens, too.


Sorry, Pennsylvanians, no free speech for you! Oh, wait…perhaps your neighbor has a copy. Because, guess what? Speech is like water: it seeps through just about anything.

Blue state bureaucrats can keep crying in their soy-soaked corn flakes; they may temporarily silence Wilson with an assist from a friendly liberal judge, but there’s nothing they can do to permanently muzzle the speech of any of us. Their efforts are futile. Particularly when it involves our inalienable right to self-defense. There’s no stopping him. Or you. Or I. Or anyone else who wants to share WORDS, specifically speech with regard to a constitutionally-protected right. We’re all Cody Wilson. For as I asserted last week: gun control is dead. And the First Amendment killed it.

Yes, ma’am. And we can thank our Founders—who were far greater men than any of those trying to smother us into submission—for foreseeing what was inevitably coming down the pike from those who would see us disarmed, and vulnerable, to whatever wickedness they would otherwise foist upon us.

And to that I say: Viva la Cody Wilson.

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  • Disgusted says:

    Oh please. If you think Cody Wilson’s biggest foe is liberals, you’re blind. You think gun manufacturers want just anyone to be able to make their own guns with a 3-D printer? Your beloved NRA (i.e. gun industry) is going to come out swinging against Cody Wilson. They may try to make it look like a liberal anti-gun crusade, but they will find a way to squash this. It’s about money, not the First Amendment. In this country, money wins every time. But yeah, keep on going with the ranting and raving- what is it you folks like to call it, “purse clutching”- about liberals. Nothing like a boogeyman to keep people stupid.

    • Scott says:

      “Nothing like a boogeyman to keep people stupid.” that is the leftist playbook, see any / all comments regarding crime or guns from the left… it’s always nice when one like you shows up to make obvious their level of stupidity… the NRA is US you dumbass, not some “boogeyman” to use your term.. it’s made up of MILLIONS of AMERICAN citizens, who have a say in what it supports or doesn’t… the idiotic leftist straw / boogeyman argument that the NRA exists for gun manufacturers is just so much progtard bullshit, and just proves that your side is incapable of learning , or understanding history. the NRA is the oldest Civil Rights Organization in the US, leftist propaganda notwithstanding…
      So thanks for making an appearance and giving us all something to laugh at, now go crawl back under your rock, or into your moms basement, and let the adults talk..

      • Jodi Giddings says:

        Proud NRA member here! And, shhh. Don’t anyone tell “Disgusted” that folks have been gunsmithing in the privacy of their homes forever, and some of us even share than knowledge with others. 🙂

        • Scott says:

          Yep, Benefactor member here, and seriously considering giving my granddaughter (to be born in Jan) a life membership when she arrives (my daughter is quite a lefty, too much time in college, and associating with the wrong folks (my siblings)… so it just might make her head explode… which is not exactly discouraging me… hehe

      • Tom says:

        I agree well played.I think if Wilson has blue prints then so be it, There is no reason that we can’t add some kind of check out policy when purchasing these blueprints that put a hold on the purchase until a background check has been done.Then once your approved you get your blueprint to make your gun and then your name and everything about you is registered with Uncle Sam and they will know exactly everyone and everything they need to know about the said purchaser.No where to run nowhere to hide,People grow up us gun people are smarter than you think.

    • Mr. Feverhead says:

      Cool story bro…now do chemtrails.

    • SDN says:

      Hey, asshat: the NRA helped get the plans released. Along with GOA and SAF. See, unlike the Party you belong to, tovarisch, free people have goals instead of 5 year plans, and there’s more than one path to get to a goal.

      Same thing applies to President Trump. MAGA is also a goal; he’s just the spokesperson. If he’s brought down or worn out, the goal will still be there. We’ll just look at that path, figure out what’s blocking it, and either find another path — or remove the blockage.

    • Zzoopy says:

      Oh lord you have no clue do you. Typical know nothing libtwit you are clutching your NRA boogeyman that keeps you stupid.

      3d printed guns are no competition to gun manufacturers. 3d printed guns are a 1 or 2 shot at the most.
      And as far as folks manufacturing guns at home 3d printing is not the way to go. The way to do it is with a CNC machine and a block of steel and or aluminum. With those you can turn out a long life gun that will shoot tens of thousands of rounds. All perfectly legal. Thousands are manufactured in homes and garages every day. But ooh ooh the NRA is gonna fight this. Yeah riiiiight.

    • GWB says:

      Nothing like a boogeyman to keep people stupid.
      Well, there’s your problem…………….

  • SFC D says:

    Criminals don’t have the time or resources to be bothered with a 3D printed gun. It’s much easier and cheaper to steal or buy a stolen gun. Not to mention how easy it is to build an old-school “zip gun” from hardware store parts.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    And yet it is perfectly legal to buy an “80% completed” AR-15 lower receiver and machine it (with the help of a computerized milling machine program) into a workable receiver.

  • GWB says:

    Posting this material online is no different than driving to New Jersey and handing out hard-copy files on any street corner.
    Which is… hate to tell you this… TOTALLY LEGAL in the state of New Jersey. As a matter of fact it’s perfectly legal ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.

    because what your citizens really need is…
    to be zealous of their Liberty, and to vote out all the autocrats who would deny it to them.
    Honestly, the blueprints aren’t going to do diddly if the people are willing to give up their freedom for some supposed security.

    Speech is like water: it seeps through just about anything.
    It’s also… the INTERNET, baby! As if them trying to stop PA IP addresses will accomplish anything. Have these people never heard of a VPN? (BTW, isn’t it ironic that you could, in NJ, use a VPN to connect to a Hungarian IP, then download the files perfectly legally – because not an export problem! – and not be really much more than slowed down?)

    who wants to share WORDS
    Well, technically, they’re drawings. There are some words, but mostly it’s drawings.
    Oh, and lots and lots of 1s and 0s.

    Concur: Viva la Cody Wilson!

  • Disgusted says:

    Well bless all your little hearts. You did teach me something about plastic guns. It would seem they’re not much to worry about. I thank you for that. But sorry to disappoint you, the NRA is not my boogeyman. I’m not even American (funny how you assume everyone is- or to put it more correctly, you assume everyone who disagrees with you is an American liberal); I’m just visiting, making observations. You Americans can shoot each other in movie theaters, in your workplaces, in schools, in churches, all you like, if it doesn’t bother you (excepting the liberals of course) that you’re doing your enemies’ jobs for them. My heart does go out to the victims and their families, especially of the children, but what can anyone do? I mean really what can anyone possibly do. Anyways, the boogeyman concept- that sure got your goat! Do you truly not recognize that “liberals” (shudder, moan) are your boogeyman? Your obsession with them is so all-consuming that you spend all your God-given talents writing silly articles about them rather than actually trying to solve any problems. You apparently hate your own countrymen more than the Taliban. You’re happy to accept Russian help to elect a complete moron, just to “win” against liberals. Even if his idea of winning is to put your farmers on welfare and decimate your own auto industry by taxing steel. The Arctic is on fire and the mere attempt by a Californian city to limit the plastic flooding the oceans sends you into conniptions. If you didn’t have such an impact on the rest of the world, it would be amusing. As it is… well. You just keep up with posting unflattering pictures of that Ortega woman and congratulating yourselves on clever uses of words like “derp” and “asshat.” To each their own worthy pursuits. And again, thanks for the clarification on plastic guns.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Thanks for the comment, “Disgusted.” Isn’t the First Amendment a beautiful thing? (Hint: that’s what this post is about). Enjoy your visit to the freest country in the world, thank you, Second Amendment. 🙂

    • Scott says:

      Hey Genius! I’m guessing that since you’re not an American, you come here to spew your stupidity, likely because doing so at home would get you locked up or worse… as Jodi said, the 1st Amendment (and the Constitution as a whole) is a great thing, and what sets us apart from the rest of the world. I don’t see where anyone said you’re an American (just wishful thinking on your part???), but calling you a liberal, (or ore accurately, a so called progressive leftist / socialist / communist asshole) would be completely accurate….No-one accepted Russian help you window licker, they interfered to sow discord, and lack of confidence in the process (something they’ve been successful at, with much assistance from the left and media (but i repeat myself) The left is only upset with the Russian involvement because for they are mad it wasn’t just in their favor, as it had been in the past (the being kindred souls and all), and on top of that, it’s been shown that there is absolutely NO evidence that their interference had any impact whatsoever on the outcome (hillary and her criminal past, and piss-poor campaign did that all by themselves..)
      I understand your jealousy and complete lack of understanding when it comes to the freedoms that we enjoy in this country. Being the only place on earth that has founding documents putting the people above the government must be upsetting to all you sheep elsewhere in the world, but here’s he thing, true Americans don’t give a RATS ASS what you clowns think about us,as a non-citizen your opinion means exactly somewhere between jack and shit, so i’ll reiterate my previous comment, PLEASE crawl back under your rock, or into your mothers basement, go back to huffing glue, and let the adults talk!

      • GWB says:

        More likely, Scott, because where she lives is a socialist state where progressivism is the state religion, affordable because they are protected by all those Americans with guns.

        Anyways, the boogeyman concept
        Are you paranoid if they really are out to get you?

        Disgusted is an idiot or a troll. May her chains set lightly upon her, she was never one of our countrymen.

  • Disgusted says:

    With all due respect, Ms Jodi (none to Scott, though, as he is an imbecile with an ill-informed notion that the United States is the only country on the planet with free speech), your article is about liberals, not the first amendment. Take the first sentence, and do an elementary grammatical parsing. “Liberals (…) hate free speech.” Liberals are the subject; free speech is the mere object. Your article does not explain how, for example, free speech (and by extension, access to guns, via blueprints on the internet and the second amendment) might protect citizens from tyranny in an age where biological and nuclear weapons have the potential to make a stinking mockery of the most sophisticated guns. No, you prefer to wax puerile (that “asshat” word you love so much) about “failed liberal policies” and “soy-soaked cornflakes.” Your article is essentially the same as all articles on this site, with limited exceptions. Liberals are against [insert cherished ideal], and that’s why we hate them. They are the source of all evil. Never mind whatever problems we may have- or may be causing the rest of the world.
    Obsession with liberals is this website’s raison d’etre. Well, that, and perhaps some very thinly disguised fantasies about being 1950s pinups. Without liberals, you would have nothing to say. If it weren’t so, then for God’s sake why don’t you write about something else?

  • Disgusted says:

    Sorry. 1940s, not 1950s, pinups. Duly corrected.
    With that, my visit (to this site and this country) is finished. I won’t worry about whatever snarky reactions you may have to my post, as I know you’ll always hate American liberals far more than you could ever hate me. As I said in my initial post, keep on ranting and raving. Scott, buy a bigger basement for your mom when you get the chance.

    • Kate says:

      Aw. Just when we were starting to see your crusty outer shell crack a wee bit. Take care, Disgusted. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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