Throat Punch: Sen. Mitch McConnell says “Raising Taxes is the Holy Grail of Liberalism”. (Video)

by Kate on November 29, 2012

I generally think Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is worthless, but today while speaking on the floor of the Senate about the approaching Fiscal Cliff, he had a complete slam dunk. He not only smacked down the idea of raising taxes as a solution to our economic woes, but he also gave liberals’ demagoguery, a well deserved throat punch.

“The only reason Democrats are insisting on raising rates is because raising rates on the so-called rich is the Holy Grail of liberalism, the Holy Grail of liberalism. Their aim isn’t job creation. They’re interested in wealth destruction.”

Excellent! Now if he can hold the GOP Senators in line which of course is generally doubtful. We all pretty much know that there are no tax cuts on the horizon for any of us. And we also know that in the Age of Obama, spending is out of control and likely to stay that way. The truth is that tax increases are coming for all levels of American society in one form or another. Yet, a nice verbal smack down is encouraging for as Thomas Jefferson said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” Yep.

You can read more here and watch the video below:

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