Stephen King Does Not Like Donald Trump “Hitting” Hillary With Golf Balls

Stephen King Does Not Like Donald Trump “Hitting” Hillary With Golf Balls

Stephen King Does Not Like Donald Trump “Hitting” Hillary With Golf Balls

Stop the violence! Horror-fiction writer, Stephen King cannot take it any more and he’s coming to Hillary’s rescue:

This has not been the first time King has criticized Trump’s Twitter behavior and trolled Trump and it certainly won’t be the last. But you know what they say…if you can’t take the heat, you might want to get out of the kitchen:

Human sacrifices, child rape, kids turning into monsters. Those things are not indicative of a messed-up mind at all, right?

From the same people who thought Kathy Griffin’s severed Trump head and Shakespeare in the park were brilliant, no doubt. The shots (or swings) did not stop there, though and many in Twitterland walked through the open door to take some shots at Clinton’s latest work. “What Happened”:

Stephen King honed his craft by studying killers as a child, making scrapbooks of their horrific acts but Trump, according to King, is the “f#!ked-up” one. If little Stephen were growing up in these times, the very liberals who agree with his politics would have have contacted CPS in two seconds flat after finding his scrapbook of cuddly serial killers. We find it very ironic that a writer who makes his bread and butter on blood, guts, murder and yes, even objectification of a child in the form of gang rape is so offended by a fictitious golf ball. Where are the anti-misogynist champions boycotting this trash? Oh, wait. That’s right. We forgot. They like this crap. They call it “artistic expression”.

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