Open Letter to Manning: Shut up already!

Open Letter to Manning: Shut up already!

Open Letter to Manning: Shut up already!

I’ve tried to stay off social media this weekend, mostly because I’ve had stuff going on in real life, but every time I looked, I was besieged either by Hillary Clinton blaming everyone in the world, except maybe her husband and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, for her defeat, or closeup shots of that traitorous vermin Bradley Manning bleating about how put upon and abused it is for doing “what it felt was right.”

I’m not sure which is worse. At least the press isn’t publishing closeups of Queen von Pantsuit, probably for fear of driving away readers… or turning them to stone at first glance.

The press, however, is more than happy to show how progressive and embracing of diversity they are, and therefore, my news feed is filled with Bradley Manning, looking like a somewhat pasty, overly made-up, shrew (the animal, not the synonym for harpy), whining about how it was prevented from being named a visiting fellow at Harvard by the big, bad, CIA.

Dear Bradley,

It’s about time you went away and shut your miserable maw.

No, Harvard didn’t change its mind about naming you a visiting fellow because you claim to be a woman, despite the dangly bits still being present between your legs. It’s not your plumbing, you miserable, sniveling vermin; it’s your actions. You are a felon. You betrayed your country – not for anything lofty like ideals, and not even for something as “principled” as siding with the enemy and sharing common values with them. You have no values, and you have no principles. You were miserable and angry at the Army. You were upset that you didn’t command the respect you thought you deserved. You thought you were smarter and better than the ignorant rednecks with whom you were deployed. You were a Blue Falcon from the start of your military enlistment, and a pathetic little weakling, to whom the concept of a team was a foreign one, because you were too busy being a prima donna. And you got even. You got even with the Army, and you got caught.

So when I read about you being invited to speak at gatherings of “creative thinkers” and profiled in fashion publications as someone who did “what she thought was the right thing to do,” I literally get nauseated.

I read all the transcripts of your chats with hacker Adrian Lamo. It’s not hard to see that your motive was revenge, because you thought you were entitled to respect you did not earn. I’ve seen the vast amount of information you stole and handed over to that arrogant sociopath Julian Assange. You didn’t do what you felt was right. You did what you wanted to get even with your country and the military. You screwed your fellow countrymen, much like you screwed your fellow recruits in Basic Combat Training.

Was it right to hand over names of innocent Afghan elders, women, children and other villagers who did nothing more than cooperate with coalition troops?

Was it right to reveal military tactics, techniques and procedures to any enemy, providing anyone who wanted to screw us with information through WikiLeaks or any newspaper?

Why do military radio frequencies and standard operating procedures need to be made public? Was it right to expose that information and make life difficult for the troops downrange, just because you didn’t like them and thought they were beneath you?

Stealing information that did not belong to you was right?

Violating your oath was right?

Breaching your contract to protect classified information was right?

No, you didn’t do what was right, you didn’t do what was ethical, and don’t try to pretend that the reason people despise you is because of your plumbing. Fact is no one cares that you consider yourself a woman. You are a despicable, miserable, lying, whining, contemptible freak show because of what you did – not because of what does or does not reside between your legs.

No one is going to feel sorry for you, except those who truly despise this country and those who have no comprehension of the damage you caused. No one cares how difficult it was for you to access your accounts after you were released from prison. You were handed the gift of early release by Barack Obama. Take the gift, disappear, and stop opening your foul maw. Aside from a small subset of progtards and journalists trying to appear “edgy,” no one gives a crap about you, and no one wants to see you dressed in drag, bloviating about what a hero you were for following your conscience. No one who is not an utter, drooling halfwit believes you did what was ethically right.

You are not original.

You are not avant-garde.

A dude in a dress, but still a dude.

You’re a dude who betrayed your oath, and as far as I can see, you’re hiding behind your alleged “transgenderism,” hoping people will hesitate to castigate you for your treachery in fear of being called “transphobic.”

I’m not afraid. Transgenderism is not a shield for you to hide behind, and I have no problem calling you a noxious piece of duplicitous detritus. The T-card won’t protect you from yourself. I suspect you know exactly what you are, and your efforts to hide behind your transgender label and claims of suffering behind bars, won’t elicit sympathy from me.

You are not a woman. I refuse to grant you the courtesy of acknowledging you as one. You are a traitorous dumpster fire, and all your efforts to hide behind your victim status won’t change what you are.

Go away. Shut your yap. Stop trying to grab publicity and attention.

Marta Hernandez

Written by

Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Dana says:

    Miss Hernandez wrote:

    You are not a woman. I refuse to grant you the courtesy of acknowledging you as one.

    Courtesy is not defined as going along with the delusions of the mentally ill. Telling the truth is always the proper thing to do.

  • Kate says:

    Go away, Bradley, and take Bruce Jenner with you.

  • GWB says:

    a noxious piece of duplicitous detritus

    Nicely turned.

  • MikeyParks says:

    Him, his, he. NOT a woman – not, not, not – not now, not ever. Everyone, quit calling him “she.” Quit saying “her.” He’s no more a woman than someone wearing fangs and a cape is a vampire.

  • Rem says:

    Wow, Marta. I find this very distasteful. Misgendering aside, this entire post consists of a remarkable series of authoritarian phrases like “weakling,” “freak show,” and the consistent belief that one must be righteously punished for going against the law no matter the circumstances.

    Much as I’d like to believe the military is a force for good, how can I when the only thing I see in here is hatred, and the desire to see someone silenced? I can understand anger at what Manning did, but this projection on their personality feels overdone.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Had you actually read the chat logs, you would have likely (if you had a shred of integrity) come to the same conclusion. Manning didn’t worry about doing what was right. He didn’t release nearly a million classified documents to WikiLeaks out of any sense of duty or honor. He did it, because he considered those with whom he was deployed beneath him intellectually. He says so.

      And now, he’s running around, claiming he did what he “thought was right,” which is proved false by his own words to Adrian Lamo, and continues to flog the narrative that he’s being targeted for being transgender. He’s hiding behind the transgender shield to evade responsibility for his actions, and that’s a NO-GO. Period.

    • Scott says:

      you misguided ass, manning is a FUCKING TRAITOR that should be shot! if you can’t understand this, put your helmet back on, go back to licking windows, and check yourself into an inpatient facility, because you are obviously too stupid to live in public and reproduce!

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