Who knew? The King of the Gays lives in Orange County, California [VIDEO]

by Darleen Click on June 15, 2017

The occasion is signature gathering to recall State Senator Josh Newman, thereby getting rid of the Democrat supermajority in the state legislature (which is causing an orgy of tax bills & bribery). The place is outside a Walmart in Fullerton, CA this past weekend.

Governor Jerry Brown has hired thugs to harass and block the signature gatherers. This encounter, when Jeff LeTourneau, Vice-Chair with the Democratic Party of Orange County, shows up to drum the gay volunteers out of the LGBTQRLMNOP community, takes the Democrats’ Maoist Red Guard antics to another level.

Warning: the audio is pretty terrible on this, but hang with it, there are captions.

One of the organizers of the recall and a proposition to repeal the gas tax is Carl DeMaio, a gay former San Diego city councilmember and former GOP congressional candidate.

Obviously, an inauthentic gay. But I digress. Mr. DeMaio:

“LeTourneau clearly thinks that if you are gay, you can only be a Democrat which is both arrogant and highly offensive … The idea that Californians are sick of paying higher taxes cuts across party lines and sexual orientation.”

Sorry, Carl, the King of the Gays has declared you persona non grata for daring to leave the Leftist plantation.

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Susan June 16, 2017 at 3:45 pm

That appeared to backfire on him, didn’t it?


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