Yale Students Sign Petition to Repeal First Amendment

Yale Students Sign Petition to Repeal First Amendment

Yale Students Sign Petition to Repeal First Amendment

If you have a child preparing to go to a place of higher education, also known as a University/College, stop put down the pen, put away your checkbook and for pity’s sake, please do not fill out the FAFSA form. Instead watch this film short, released yesterday, from Ami Horowitz:

This happened at Yale. Yeah, Yale University. You still want to write that check so that your little cherub can go to an Ivy League school and become a flaming ignoramus/fascist? I didn’t think so.

Horowitz starts the digital short with a warning that the video “may not be a safe space” for all viewers. He also says he wanted to bring the roiling debates on college campuses to its logical conclusion. Repeal the First Amendment. Yup. To quote Horowitz, “sucks”.

Fox 61 out of Hartford, Connecticut, just down the road from Yale in New Haven, has this note:

Many of the students whose responses were cherry-picked think freedom of speech should be repealed, and they even sign a petition that they believe will make that happen. Some are more enthusiastic about the issue than others.

“Cherry-picked” “enthusiastic” really Fox 61. Anyone at an institute of higher education asked about repealing the First Amendment should immediately question the sanity of the questioner.

I personally sent an email to Yale President Peter Salovey asking him for a response to his students signing a petition to repeal the First Amendment which guarantees the right to PETITION THE GOVERNMENT. I am not expecting a response.

This is from the Office of the President on Yale’s website:

Yale University is more than just a place to study or to work. It is a place that brings people together—students, alumni, faculty, staff, and local residents—and binds them in a community committed to the shared pursuit of knowledge. As the university’s 23rd president, Peter Salovey works with all members of this community to build a more accessible, more innovative, more unified, and ever more excellent Yale.

More unified as in everyone thinking the same. Little fascists, maybe.

Don’t write that check or fill at the FAFSA. Instead, have your precious child watch this video from Jessica Frech and your child will be better educated than a Yale student. For Free! Epic!

And, maybe I’ll get a response from the President of Yale University. lol

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