Would you put Hillary in charge of Facebook?

Would you put Hillary in charge of Facebook?

Would you put Hillary in charge of Facebook?

Hillary is 70 years old, but she can still dream! If this exuberant young lass had an opportunity for private sector work (but as we know her heart belongs to public service), she would choose to run the technology behemoth Facebook! Because, of course, her mind fires and buzzes just thinking about technological innovation! She knows all about servers, and storage, and electronic communications and how to keep them from prying eyes! She would certainly do a much better job than Mark Zuckerburg at keeping those Russians offline, so long as they didn’t pay their grease money.

What a joke. Could this woman be any more unaware? Hillary Clinton, the person who wipes a computer with a cloth and has to have two cell phones because she has two email addresses, thinks it’s a good idea to promote herself as capable of being the CEO of a technology company that relies on nimble minds thinking outside the box.

Like her feet, Hillary’s mind is not nimble, and she is so old school the dust only gets brushed off when she takes a tumble down a flight of stairs. But with a straight face, she thinks she’d like to be the CEO of Facebook.

Hillary is not bothered by the fact that she bluffed and blustered her way out of an indictment by claiming how dumb she was about technology. She knows power when she sees it, so wanting to be in charge of billions of user profiles is delicious to her ambitions.

Hillary Clinton quipped Friday that should would choose to be the CEO of Facebook if given the opportunity.

The former presidential candidate made the comment while speaking with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey as she accepted Harvard’s Radcliffe Award.

“If you could be a CEO of any company right now, what would you choose?” Healy asked.

“Facebook,” Clinton answered without hesitation before explaining why she thinks Facebook plays a critical role in our democracy.

“I just wanna add, it’s the biggest news platform in the world,” Clinton said.

“Now Facebook is trying to take on some of the unexpected consequences of their business model, and I hope they get it right because it really is critical to our democracy that people get accurate information on which to make decisions,” she added.

Clinton has blamed the influence of fake news and Russian bots on Facebook, among other factors, for her loss of the 2016 presidential election.

Well, this all makes sense since if Hillary is anything, she’s a fixer. And clearly Facebook needs some fixin’. It was the cause of her defeat, don’t ‘cha know. I wonder who is left on her List of Blame. She’s almost like an alcoholic in reverse. Instead of going around making her atonements to everyone she’s done wrong, she’s going down her List of Everyone Whose Done Her Wrong and calling them out. How many more does she have to go? How much longer do we have to endure this torture?

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  • Hank says:

    Time to send that old nag to the glue factory.

  • Robin H says:

    She thought the election was going to be close??? Then why the heck didn’t she go to Wisconsin and wherever else she didn’t go? What a piece of work she is! I wonder if she would recognize the truth if it hit her in the face?

    Interesting piece of information about a Trump investigation happening before the election. I thought that was only started after they hired Mueller?

  • Dana says:

    What a great idea! Put a partisan hack in charge of a social media platform, and pretty soon you’ll have only the left able to use it.

  • True Sons Of Liberty says:

    I would use Fakebook but it is no fun being a lame ass groupthink self-centered hive mind rat on a treadmill.
    Does anyone really care that I walked across the room and scratched my balls while looking out a window?
    The Daily ME is so boring even to me.

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