Wonder Woman Actress Takes Incoming For Peace Prayer

Wonder Woman Actress Takes Incoming For Peace Prayer

Wonder Woman Actress Takes Incoming For Peace Prayer

The Left tells us how much they love strong, empowered women. My Aunt Fanny, they do. They only love the weak-willed women who follow their script. Flip the script and the knives come out. Hollywood has always been tough for women. Sexual assault, see also: casting couch, and other predatory tactics reduce the voices of women. For instance, Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot, issued an elegant prayer for peace between her country Israel and Palestine. The incoming flack was immediate.

Gal Gadot is a Wonder Woman. Four years ago, she back out of giving an award to Hollywood producer Brett Ratner after he was accused of sexual assault. Gadot is beautiful, smart and tough. She was Miss Israel in 2004, and served her mandatory two year service in the Israeli Defense Force as a combat instructor. That Gal sure rocks.

Gadot was born and raised in Israel; the grandchild of Holocaust survivors. The Holocaust and the fight for the Jewish State are not ancient history to her. They are her present.

As you are aware, the Middle East peace has broken with the terrorist group Hamas lobbing missiles into major cities in Israel. Gal Gadot tweeted this prayer for peace:

What crime did the Wonder Woman actress commit? From First Post:

However, her statement was met with criticism, with people calling out her for using the word “neighbour” instead of referencing Palestine by name. The backlash was so severe and vitriolic that Gadot disabled the comments section to her tweet.

From Deadline.com:

Given the polarizing nature of the situation, the reactions from some users were particularly angry, railing against Gadot for supporting “ethnic cleansing” and “mass genocide,” among other barbs.

Here are some actually twits, I mean tweets:

Just in case you were worried, the stunningly vapid Taylor Swift has unfollowed Gadot:

And, then there is sparkling example of great commentary:

“Dirty, stinking, antelope-looking, wasteland” is the best way to win hearts and minds? Murad Murali actually has a following? He calls her out for saying neighbors instead of Palestine. “Say Palestine with your chest or don’t say it at all.” I thought Gal Gadot did make her statement with confidence so I don’t know how much more “chest” she could put in to it.

Mr. Murali is so invested in his hatred that I know he doesn’t want to hear this, but Hamas was quiet, for Hamas that is, during the four years of President Trump. Then, Biden tries to bribe Iran into joining into the the agreement Trump got out of and Iran takes the $90 billion and does what? Buys missiles for Hamas. Palestine can play “poor, pitiful, little me” to Israel, but when Iran is supplying your weapons of war, it ain’t true. Hamas even made a video thanking Iran:

The anti-Semites and Israel haters have great public relations, apparently. But, I thank God for a brave and bold Wonder Woman like Gal Gadot. She is a better woman than I am. She prayed that both sides could live in peace. I would have prayed that God should smite my enemies.

Once again, the Left proves it does not really like women who speak truth to power. Wonder Woman can handle the incoming.

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