Women’s Marches: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Women’s Marches: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Women’s Marches: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Ashley Judd practiced her spoken word (gag me with a crowbar) and Madonna dropped f-bombs and said she thought about blowing up the White House. Pink hats were everywhere. There were chants:

And there were signs. Lots of signs. Take a look:

We thought “bitch” was a derogatory term for feminists?

Because nothing oozes class like the liberal use of the “c” word. Samuel Fancis Smith is rolling over in his grave.

Sooooooo clever.

Forgive me for being a bit crude here…but just a vagina? Not a penis? Not the practice of conception? Didn’t your HAND write on the ballot? Your BRAIN sent an impulse to your hand to check the box of your choosing. It did not send the impulse to your vagina and if it did, that’s one heck of a talent. Some of these women have truly magical va-jay-jays, don’t you think?

….and pussy galore. Hey, wasn’t she a Bond character? Oh, right, we can’t mention James Bond…he was a sexist pig!

Their moms must be proud. And they’re probably the same girls who will protest rape-culture on campus, too.

It’s all about the big “U” in these circles.

Hey, YOU said it. Not us.

Lady Liberty? Really?! There are no words. Wrong on so many levels.

Ummmm….wow. Anatomically speaking, no. Medical doctors don’t examine a pregnant woman by saying “let’s check your pussy” or “your pussy looks healthy”. Those statements would be makings of a major lawsuit. Just sayin’. Again, for clarity sake, this is supposedly the highly-educated portion of the population using this language. Not the “dumb women” who may have cast their ballots for Trump. Just throwing that out there.

What I gathered from these pictures was an obsession with the words “uterus” and “pussy”. Not ONE photo of a woman holding up a sign saying “I vote with my brain, I walk with my feet” which, I think, would have been a legitimate sign to carry during a women’s march. All of this talk about Trump supporters and the “dumbing down of America” yet we see this?! Since when did your uterus take the place of your brain, ladies?! Since when did a “pussy” grow legs and feet? (Unless you’re talking about your cat?) Since when is the vile and disgusting c-word okay, like EVER?! Where is your dignity? And, do you really think all of this talk about lady parts is going to change a conversation about us as women? Feminists frown upon women being treated as objects for male sexual gratification but yet throw around words like the p-word and the c-word to the point of rivaling any triple-X-rated movie hoping to garner the respect that they so feel they rightly deserve?

Sadly, many women do think that this is valid strategy. Rock on, ladies. As Donald Trump said in his Inauguration speech, this is your moment. Shine on, flash your signs, pass the Tampax and be as “nasty” as you wanna be.

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  • George V says:

    I saw one sign stating something like “I’ve been carrying this sign since 1970 and still don’t have rights”. And, on the morning of this march of people complaining they can’t succeed, I read the obituary of Brenda Barnes in the Wall Street Journal. Ms. Barnes was a high ranking exec at PepsiCo when she left to spend time with her family. She came back into the business world several years later and became CEO of Sara Lee. She suffered a stroke in 2010 that ended her career at the age of 57. She graduated from college in 1975 and supported herself by waitressing and sorting mail until she earned a Masters degree and landed a job at Wilson Sporting goods.
    So, Ms. Barnes came of age in the 1970’s, didn’t waste her time marching and carrying signs, and was a woman of great accomplishment. Let’s ask these idiots who only seem to carry signs around for 40 years “How’s that workin’ for ya”?

  • J Walter says:

    I often wonder what the women who earned their place think of these whinners.

  • OC says:

    I invite everyone of these snowflakes to move to, oh I don’t know, how about Saudi Arabia? I’ll even help pay the way for them. I’m guessing 24 hours after a Go-Fund page is set up we’ll have more than enough money.

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