Frankie Schaeffer Junior says white evangelicals support child molesters? Daddy issues much?

Frankie Schaeffer Junior says white evangelicals support child molesters? Daddy issues much?

Frankie Schaeffer Junior says white evangelicals support child molesters?  Daddy issues much?

Frankie Schaeffer Junior is the classic son of a famous man who fails in comparison to Dad. On MSNBC, this charming fellow actually says white evangelicals support child molesters.

This dufus is an expert on MSNBC because his dad was pastor and author Francis Schaeffer. This joker appeared on MSNBC yesterday per the Daily Caller:

Author Frank Schaeffer said, “White evangelical America, make no mistake now, as the solid bedrock supporters of molesters, of pedophiles, of these sorts of folks, have switched sides and they are no longer representing anything that is–could be called moral by the traditions of any religion.”

“And in terms of a Bible prophecy-type story, these folks are now on the side of everyone that ever stood against justice and for evil. That’s where we’re at. There is no way to parse this or make nice about it.”

Schaeffer is a somewhat frequent guest on “AM Joy” and often makes outlandish statements.

Junior has tried (and failed) to trade on his father’s name and fame all his life, with a heaping side of jealousy and hate. He first tried to create a career in what was then the Moral Majority. He failed big time. And he started “seeking an identity.” Frankie was hard-core right-wing Baptist, until he wasn’t. He was Greek Orthodox, until he wasn’t. He was conservative, until he wasn’t. About 2014 he decided to go after MSNBC and HuffPo for a new audience. He has since waffled about being an atheist, a liberal Christian of sorts, and virtue signaling moron.

I do not know why color comes into this: Does Frankie think Black Churches or Hispanic Churches do not care about their kids, too? Because that is flat out-stupid and, frankly, racist. And this bothers me because it is a self aggrandizing cheap shot from a man who does not have a clue who he is and what he believes these days.

Unlike Rachael DenHollander, the Wartburg Watch, Boz Tchividian, and others who are actually trying to make sure church is safe, Frankie is all about the ratings. The kids he is self-righteously claiming to protect (excuse me while I laugh) are a prop to this latter day (apologies LDS; this is not your idiot) Walter Mitty.

Since this jackass does not want to make nice, Frankie, sit down, shut the hell up, and let the grown people talk. Since Frankie left what he calls the Evangelical Church in the late 1980’s, this is what churches are doing. Even Rick and Kay Warren at Saddleback. These days more and more churches are implementing procedures like GRACE, and Safe Church policies are available in about every denomination and the Web. Even the meeean Evangelicals Frankie is spitting at.

Frankie Schaeffer tweeted the meme below. Somehow I do not think he is much of a believer.

I get it, Frankie: the church institutional (all denominations) has some enormous issues that need immediate attention, like yesterday. But sitting on MSNBC spitting in rage and putting your daddy issues out for display is pitiful. You really do need to get help and move past the child you were. We are part of our past, but we live in the now. Try that and I bet your life and writing would improve, dude. We are praying for you.

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  • GWB says:

    often makes outlandish statements

    If it weren’t for my knowledge of Scripture, including God’s admonition not to get discouraged by the success of evil people, I would say the lack of lightning surrounding this man is evidence of there being no god. But, Jehovah is long-suffering, and all things work together for good for those on whom His mercy rests. May His mercy bear fruit with this idiot.

    • Gail Boer says:

      LOL! Envy is one of the seven deadly sins and Frankie is full of envy.

      No Frankie means this for evil but God can turn it to good and does so all the time.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    B-b-b-but….I’m relevant, really I am!
    Hey, look over here! Listen to my profound analyses of Christian culture and all that, from my years of prayerful observation and engagement.
    Or something.
    God still loves you enough to go the cross. Receive it. Be humbled by it. Joyously and thankfully revel in it.
    Pause for a few moments and reflect on Francesca Battistelli’s song “He knows my name”, especially the repeating refrain, partially quoted here:
    I don’t need my name in lights
    I’m famous in my Father’s eyes
    Make no mistake
    He knows my name
    I’m not living for applause
    I’m already so adored

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