Will Smith vs. Chris Rock; Oscars TKO’d by Cancel Culture?

Will Smith vs. Chris Rock; Oscars TKO’d by Cancel Culture?

Will Smith vs. Chris Rock; Oscars TKO’d by Cancel Culture?

Sunday’s explosive Oscar Awards featured fight of Will Smith vs. Chris Rock left Chris Rock rattled and Will Smith swearing like a teenager. Will Smith’s epic slap to Chris Rock for disrespecting his woman, wife Jada Pinkett, could be heard played on social media for the entirety of Monday. Just like a scripted act out of Hollywood, Monday night Will Smith put out a sober, politically correct, woke apology.

Monday morning…poof!…the Oscars suddenly became relevant. Hashtag, #Oscars, yielded juicy results for once instead of politically correct wokeness ad nauseam.

Was it a staged joke? Was it a planned joke to make something interesting happen at the Oscars? Or did Will Smith lose his common sense and intentionally smack the crap out of Chris Rock?

Here’s the footage, in the rare case you didn’t see it.

Interestingly, after the smack Chris’s mouth seems a little crooked. Watching further footage, he appears rattled. Maybe it was real? These people are actors after all.

Chris cracked a softball joke about Jada’s alopecia condition. He started the joke off with “I love ya, Jada…”. Chris’s punchline had him looking forward to the release of GI Jane, referring to the decades old movie featuring Demi Moore with a shaved head.

Summary. Will Smith should have been smacked by Jada because he initially laughed at Chris’s joke. Jada didn’t…clearly.

Not sure what happened between Jada and Will in the audience. The camera has Chris laughing nervously as Will makes his way to the stage, smacks Chris, and sits back down. Chris apologizes only to have Will shout obscenities. Forty minutes later, the unstable and insecure Will Smith tearfully accepts an Oscar for something. What a train wreck of a couple and individual. Incident over.

Except the internet is swirling with speculation. Was that the smacking sound fake? Chris knew it was coming because he took a defensive stance. Enough. If it was staged, we’ll never know. If it was real, we’ll never know. Memories of the blue dress vs gold dress debate of 2015 and how the world lost its mind over a dress color rush back.

The only topic right now is the Will Smith vs. Chris Rock smackdown. Just like that dumb dress.

There is about a twenty-four-hour shelf life of this sort of incident. After such time an apology must be publicized, and right on cue, Will Smith did so.

If the words “I deeply regret” were changed to “I am deeply grateful”, the apology reads like an Oscar acceptance speech.

Hollywood is woke. Every actor and actress (and any other title) who lives, breaths and has life in that wretched town must feel like they’re living on the edge of insanity because everything pisses people off. Everything. If you’re lucky, you simply get bitch-slapped by Will Smith. Most others, who speak anti-woke, get canceled.

The fact that shows like “Cops”, “Live PD” and “Dukes of Hazzard” are being canceled…never to be streamed of again should be a sign. Did anyone notice that “Cops” is back. Shh!

Back to comedy. Comedy is being killed by cancel culture, and Will Smith’s bitch slap of Chris Rock shows it. Ironically, both actors are gazillionaires for making comedies. Just a few short months ago, Steve Harvey declared that cancel culture was killing comedy and named Chris Rock as a victim…in a creepy foretelling of his beatdown.

“’We’re in the cancel culture now…Nobody can say anything he wants to — Chris Rock can’t, Kevin Hart can’t, Cedric the Entertainer can’t, D.L. Hughley can’t. I can go down the list.”

Twitter weighed in on the double standard for comediens.

If the canceling of comedy is truly happening, then Will Smith just laid down the gauntlet that he and his wife can’t take a joke.

Despite the well scripted apology from Will Smith, interestingly, the man who can’t take a joke might get canceled. The Academy, wait for it, has launched an investigation into the incident.

“Earlier on Monday… Academy leadership ‘strongly considered’ removing Smith from the Oscars telecast after the incident, according to a source close to the situation. There were immediate discussions but the Academy decision makers were seated in various spots in the Dolby Theater and couldn’t mobilize to make a decision before he won best actor.”

Seeing his fate, Will Smith issued Chris Rock his apology quickly after the Academy gave their strongly worded press release realizing he may be ousted from sitting with swanky people in the future.

Are we far enough down the rabbit hole of stupid Hollywood naval gazing? These are the issues of most import to them. These elites have no idea how utterly ridiculous this night of tuxedos and diamonds is all while touting movies. Lousy movies at that. Retreads of old classics, soft porn independent films or another in a Star Wars or comic series are all that Hollywood can put together these days. Let them have their silly award show. The sad viewership the Oscars have had in recent years only shows Americans are tired of it anyway.

Can we be done with this childish behavior and have our newsfeeds restored to their regularly scheduled programming?

The Oscars might have just been TKO’d by the Will Smith vs. Chris Rock fight.

Featured Photo: Actor Will Smith lights up the stage as he hosted the 2011 Walmart Shareholders Meeting by Walmart Stores via Wikimedia,  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 generic, cropped. Chris Rock – Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis 3/17 by Andy Witchger via Wikimedia, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 generic, cropped.


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  • Chad King says:

    I confess that I have essentially no expertise in popular culture. But I suspect that the Smith-Rock incident will increase–not decrease–interest in next year’s Oscars. Of course, unless they stop unloading the trucks down at the local Kroger, I’ll have many better things to do than watch the Oscars, but I suspect many others will watch to see if something else crazy happens.

  • Taylor says:

    Next year the Best Picture nominees will be Star Wars XVI, Spider Man IX, Guardians of the Galaxy XIII, The Avengers VII, and Batman XIV.

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