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“Why” is the wrong question to ask about the Boston Marathon Bombing

“Why” is the wrong question to ask about the Boston Marathon Bombing

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

There are many people who have been asking the question “Why?!” since Monday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon. While I understand that this is certainly the human tendency in the face of tragedy I can tell you that in light of what we have found out about the two brothers who evidently did this-”Why??” is the WRONG question.

Now I have to say a few things before we dive in here-the brother who is at large is accused, and according to our justice system is innocent until proven guilty and convicted of the crime(s) he is accused of. Also, I have no inside baseball on these two clowns-what I can offer is a number of years of research and educational experience understanding the radical Islamist, and the movement in general. One more thing-not all Muslims are radicals, just as not all Democrats are extreme left-wingers and Tea Partiers are not Tim McVeigh types-I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

The radical Islamist IS NOT your typical Muslim. These are people who have bought into a totalitarian mindset that is supported by a specific belief system. To understand these folks you need to suspend what you think you know. Islamism is something totally different than what we as Americans are used to. This is NOT a religion, this is a totalitarian belief system that believes in supremacy over all other belief systems. When you think about Islamists I want you to think “Nazi” or “Maoist”. Think about the quote from Mao that talked about how power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The only difference here is the choice of weapon. Islamism uses our own laws and belief systems against us.

The Islamists know that we as American’s believe in freedom of speech and religion, that we are loathe to attack others faith expressions. Groups like CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) engage in something termed “lawfare” in our own court system to further their agenda to make “discrimination” against Islam part of our legal system. This is the same fight that Geert Wilders has been fighting in the Netherlands. Islamists do not care about freedom of speech, or the press. When others who are on to their totalitarian agendas in nations around the world have written books or articles to shed some light on the truth, they have firebombed authors homes and forced publishing houses to recall books and destroy them. Our own military has been so cowed by lawfare that in the official review document published by the U.S. Army about the Ft. Hood massacre the words “Islamist” and “radicalized” do not appear-and that was carried out by an Islamist with “Soldier of Allah” printed on his business cards.

Ok I know that the last paragraph was a lot to process. Take a deep breath, because its about to get much deeper, much darker and much scarier. The Islamists have been allowed into the halls of power in DC-even the pentagon- since the end of the Bush Administration. CAIR has an office in the Pentagon for pity sake! The current administration is replete with Muslim Brotherhood connections, our own Secretary of State has a daughter married to an Iranian whose family could expose our nation to blackmail since some of his family still lives in Iran. The fox has been guarding the hen house for years, and lets just sit back and see where that has gotten us.

I entreat you to educate yourself and your families. Now, do not go out and declare all Muslims terrorists-that is incorrect and counter-productive in the extreme. Understand that some Muslims may be too scared to publicly decry the actions of the totalitarians in their midst. Many survivors of the regimes such as Nassers in Egypt who have been making their homes in the U.S. are too scared to publicly discuss the frightening realities that exist in regards to this situation. Most of us who are not the Andrew Bostoms, Steve Emersons, Robert Spencers and Pamella Gellars of this movement to shed light on the abyss of Islamist encroachment into the U.S. are scared-with good reason. We cannot afford round the clock armed security to protect our families and ourselves. The links to the blogs above belong to the best authorities on Islamists in our country and throughout the world. Please read their work and keep educated about what is going on with radicalism in our country.

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  • Excellent article – most people ARE so cowed by PC and do not realize what we are truly up against. Thank you for this, I’m going to share it on my blog to help educate. DQN

  • Rick Witkowski says:

    Read Geert Wilders “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West, and Me” for more insights into the incremental Islamization of Europe and Islam’s plans for the United States…

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