White House To Screen Gosnell Movie Today And The Media Throws A Fit

White House To Screen Gosnell Movie Today And The Media Throws A Fit

White House To Screen Gosnell Movie Today And The Media Throws A Fit

In the midst of the many other  relevant issues going on such as the Barr revelations, two movies have been getting attention like never before. The first is the incredibly brave “Unplannned” movie talking about one’s move from pro-abortion to LIFE. The second is the movie about an abortion butcher, Kermit Gosnell, that debuted last fall. The White House will be screening it this afternoon and the media is throwing a tantrum.

Nick Searcy, an amazing actor, took on this movie both as an actor and director. He and Dean Cain (TV Superman) have done incredible work making sure this movie is brought to all our attention.

Yet what does the press do as they show in the movie? Run like hell from a subject that they refuse to deal with. Run like hell from a subject that affects us all morally, ethically, and humanely.

What does the media do? How’s this for a headline?

“Trump White House to screen anti-abortion movie Friday. The screening of the controversial ‘Gosnell’ is the latest of several recent gestures to anti-abortion activists.”

Isn’t that lovely? The movie is a “gesture.” per Politico. And that’s not all. It was an “eureka moment” that led some at the White House to suggest screening Gosnell. “Eureka?” Seriously?

“The suggested movie was no ordinary film, though. It was “Gosnell,” a film based on the true story of the Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted in 2013 for performing illegal late-term abortions and the first-degree murder of three infants.”

The reality is gruesome.

“The grand jury report is full of horrific and gruesome details about the clinic that Gosnell ran for more than three decades. Patients were neglected; providers were not certified; and cats were allowed to roam and defecate in the clinic.

“The walls appeared to be urine-splattered,” the Philadelphia district attorney’s office found when it inspected the clinic in August 2010, months after it had closed that February. “The procedure tables were old and one had a ripped plastic cover. Suction tubing, which was used for abortion procedures – and doubled as the only available suction source for resuscitation – was corroded.””

And there is so much more to the heinous atrocities that Gosnell and those with him wrought upon women and their babies.

What is especially hideous is that Gosnell was unapologetic. And today, even with the evidence shown through the trial, the leftist media is still all in for killing babies. According to Slate, because conservatives love it, it should never be seen, not even in the White House.

“The White House Is Hosting a Screening of the Gory Anti-Abortion Film Gosnell”

Cute headline isn’t it? That’s not all. Slate implies that this is a gesture of support at a time when New York, Virginia, and other states are passing laws (heinous evil ones) that allow late-term abortions even when the babies have already been born.

Politico is trying to finger wag the White House for daring to see this movie. When in fact, they should be looking in a mirror.

That’s going to leave a mark. Yes, where was Politico, Slate, and the rest of the mainstream media during the trial? Where were they?


Furthermore, while Gosnell is about abortion, the bigger story is the unmitigated callousness and evil of Gosnell himself, the staff, and even the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

“”The Pennsylvania Department of Health has records as far back as the 1980s documenting Gosnell’s dangerous practices,” the grand jury found. “For decades, Gosnell did not staff his facility with licensed or qualified employees. He never properly monitored women under sedation. He botched surgeries and then failed to summon emergency help when it was needed.”

When the clinic was first inspected in 1979, it had a medical director on staff who was a certified obstetrician/gynecologist. The certificate for approval after that inspection expired in December 1980, but the next “documented site review was not conducted until August 1989.””

The Gosnell Movie is about crime, death, callous evil, and abortion. It is about a serial killer who was allowed to go unchecked for decades. It’s a crime drama worth seeing and I applaud the White House for doing so.

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  • John C. says:

    I wonder how many of the media types convulsing over this are aware that the first movie ever screened in the White House was the pro-KKK movie “The Birth of a Nation?” The President at the time was Democrat Woodrow Wilson. There is a saying attributed to Martin Luther, though it was probably ancient when he said it: “It depends on whose ox is gored.”

  • Skillyboo says:

    The media was completely silent whenever Obama brought in rappers who’s lyrics denigrated women, called for violence against law enforcement, praised drug usage, flaunted guns and much more. I take that back, they weren’t silent they were fawning over him and his cool factor just so they could get an invite.

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  • Mongo says:

    To whom?
    How is this film controversial?
    It truthfully and accurately documents Gosnell’s crimes and the utter incompetence and corruption of the officials and media who turned a blind eye.

    Controversial = exposes liberals.

  • Kelly Otto Palmer says:

    To call Gosnell “graphic” is a straight-out lie. I’ve seen the movie. There is more graphic blood and guts in your average TV hospital drama these days (and yes, I still have to turn my eyes away). But I suppose if you’re all in for abortion, you have to tell some pretty big lies, what with the technology that’s been developed. God bless Ohio for the Heartbeat Law. Our first grandchild was a preemie, born 1/26 with expected due date of 5/8, and Claire Bear is a beautiful, smart 15 month old jewel. Always pro-life, even more so now.

  • Rick Caird says:

    As I recall, the left was thrilled when the Democrats attended “Fahrenheit 911”. I guess that was different.

  • RigelDog says:

    The vicious spin and lies from the media never stop…the film is NOT “gory” nor “graphic.” I saw it. The most graphic thing I can recall is a brief look at the specimen jars where Gosnell saved the feet of some of the fetuses he’d aborted. Many would-have-been viable fetuses were found stored around the property but these babies are not shown. At the end of the movie, viewers are invited to view the police evidence photo of one such body via the movie’s website, if they so chose. Kudos to the writers and directors for not showing bodily gore—the actual story of Gosnell and what he did is so grotesque that no such pictures are necessary to convey the horror.

  • Danimal28 says:

    Absolutely love the screening at the WH and this site full of you wonderful ladies! The more we can all ‘troll’ leftists the better. Have a wonderful Palm Sunday evening!

  • John Gibney says:

    Anyone that reads the book “Gosnell” will understand that the real problem is that these butchers are allowed
    to flourish because our govt officials look the other way and do not have the guts to stop it. READ the book-it will change your life!!

  • John Gibney says:

    required fields WERE FILLED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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