White House Aims To Alienate Religious Foster Families

White House Aims To Alienate Religious Foster Families

White House Aims To Alienate Religious Foster Families

As we usher in more victims of a lost generation, The White House is aiming to expedite this process. We look to the latest White House proposal on foster families.

This proposal is being lauded by the LGBTQ+ mafia, so that should tell you something. It is also unconstitutional but, what do they care? From the fact-sheet, straight from The White House:

Today, and in recognition of National Kinship Month, the Biden-Harris Administration is building on this progress and releasing three landmark regulations to strengthen services and supports for children and families in the child welfare system. Specifically, the regulations will:

Support kinship caregivers – family members and loved ones who step forward to care for a child in foster care – by making it easier for them to access resources and financial assistance.

Protect LGBTQI+ youth in foster care from abuse and mistreatment and ensure they have the services they need to thrive.

Expand access to legal services for children and families at risk of entering or in the child welfare system.”-Whitehouse.gov

The Biden-Harris administration cannot control our cities overrun with crime (some of our state governors cannot, either), nor can they control our borders and the fentanyl pouring over into our country and killing kids but they want their finger on how the foster system works in our country. Take a look at Massachusetts couple Michael and Kitty Burke:

Michael is a Marine Corps veteran. Kitty is a substitute teacher. They are unable to have children of their own. They have gone through the training, the home interviews and visits, but could not in their hearts support hormone therapy and surgery for a foster child in transition. They’ve gone through this arduous screening process but were surprised at how many of the questions were focused on a child’s sexuality and gender identity. The state of Massachusetts ultimately denied them a license to foster any child because, as the reviewer put it, “their faith is not supportive and neither are they.”

Too bad the reviewer is not familiar with the Constitution.

Then, there’s Jessica Bates, a mother of five in Oregon who was also denied adoption by DHS because she would not take a child for cross-sex hormone injections:

I reported to my certifier because they really emphasized the sexual orientation and gender identity training, that you have to support it. I emailed her and told her I couldn’t do that because of my faith, and then we had a phone call and, because I wouldn’t take a child for cross-sex hormone injections, I was basically told that I’m ineligible to adopt in the state of Oregon.”-Jessica Bates

Another reviewer who never bothered to read the First Amendment.

But states and The White House will try as they may to double down and put ideology and politics over children. We’re not shocked or surprised. More from The White House “fact-sheet”:

LGBTQI+ youth face profound disparities in the foster care system. Because of family rejection and abuse, LGBTQI+ children are overrepresented in foster care where they face poor outcomes, including mistreatment and discrimination because of who they are. To address these disparities, President Biden signed an Executive Order directing HHS to protect LGBTQI+ youth in the foster care system. Today, HHS is delivering on that promise by releasing a proposed regulation to protect LGBTQI+ youth in foster care. The proposed rule would require that every state’s child welfare agency ensure that LGBTQI+ children in their care are placed in foster homes where they will be protected from mistreatment related to their sexual orientation or gender identity, where their caregivers have received special training on how to meet their needs, and where they can access the services they need to thrive.”-Whitehouse.gov

Want to talk profound disparities? Let’s examine who is more likely to take in a foster child for starters-a young, liberal, childless, agnostic/atheist couple living in the middle of the craphole that is now Portland or a Christian family in central Oregon? And, let’s not even talk about poor outcomes and mistreatment by the medical communities that are in support of this utter mutilation of a child’s body and complete destruction of a child’s mental well-being. You think we have problems with the foster system now? Just wait until Christian families are discouraged and, God forbid, ultimately prohibited from taking in and adopting foster children. They are sometimes the only ones who will take in a child.

A rule like this would undoubtedly have a chilling effect on the willingness of people of earnest faith to serve through the child welfare system. In a time when we desperately need more caring families serving children in foster care, this rule would almost certainly lead to fewer.”-Jedd Medefind of the Christian Alliance for Orphans

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”-Psalm 139: 13-16

The very concept of this is something our world does not understand. It is phenomenal and inspiring to know that God knows our children before they are even born. He gives them what they need. He equips them and knows their name and yes, I venture to say, gender. For those who believe, to go against this will of God is a sin. To give a child hormones and surgeries they may regret when they are older is child abuse. To encourage mental anguish and emotional instability and delusion is also child abuse. Child abuse is a sin. To encourage this abuse is a sin and is not, by design, building a child up or designating them for greater things. The White House wants tormented children without homes to, in effect, be placed in other homes where this abuse continues and is allowed to happen. The cycle perpetuates. It may not look the same, but it is abuse.

Behold, Biden Youth. Confused, inept, emotionally disturbed, morally corrupt, sometimes entitled, angry, bitter, incapable of a single free thought, physically mutilated and damaged beyond repair. This is what The White House is creating. They encourage this.

Let us bow our heads and pray.

Photo Credit: Sasha Wolff from Grand Rapids, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons/Cropped

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  • Cameron says:

    Sacrificing children in the name of a trend is abhorrent.

    • NTSOG says:

      Not ‘trend’, but ‘fashion’ I suggest. And fashions change with each season according to the whims of the fashionable trying to look different and special.

  • One correction needed – the alphabet soup people will HAPPILY take in children. The poor children…

  • Scott says:

    “Behold, Biden Youth. Confused, inept, emotionally disturbed, morally corrupt, sometimes entitled, angry, bitter, incapable of a single free thought, physically mutilated and damaged beyond repair. This is what The White House is creating. They encourage this.”… See also: Hitler Youth, Mao’s Red Guard, the utilization of children by Lenin / Stalin , and you see where this leads.. if you want to understand why those who would destroy our republic are elevating the feeling and ideals of children today (david hogg / Greta Thunberg anyone?) , read what Lenin had to say on the subject. this is a concerted effort to separate children from their families, and make them tools of the state, to further the power of the state. NEVER forget that they are ALWAYS guilty of that which they accuse us of.

    • Cameron says:

      Yeah, but Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Lenin wanted them to reproduce so they would have the next generation of slaves. Our leftists want them sterile.

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