What’s Not to Love about Sarah Palin’s CPAC speech?

What’s Not to Love about Sarah Palin’s CPAC speech?

Yesterday, Sarah Palin gave the closing speech at the 2014 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  The speech was chock full of memorable parts.  My favorites:

“The age of Obama is almost over,” she announced. “This is the end of an error.”

Love the clever turn of phrase.  How true! Hurry up, 2014 mid-terms and 2016.

Then she went into Dr. Seuss mode as she finished up with a nod to Green Eggs and Ham.

I do not like this, Uncle Sam.

I do not like this healthcare scam.

I do not like these dirty crooks

Or how they lie and cook the books

I do not like when Congress steals

I do not like their crony deals

I do not like this spying, man.

I do not like ‘oh yes, we can’

I do not like this spending spree

We’re smart, we know nothing’s free

I do not like reporters’ smug replies

When I complain about their lies

I do not like this kind of hope

And we won’t take it.

Nope, nope nope!

You can watch Sarah’s entire CPAC speech at this link.  By the way, another memorable description – “Perpetual panties-in-a-wad people.”  We know who they are!

I liked Sarah Palin long before John McCain selected her for his running mate in 2008.  I was impressed then that she “chose life” by not having an abortion when she learned she was pregnant with a baby who had Down Syndrome.  When the going got rough, she put action to her words.  Here is a woman who lives her beliefs.  Then, as I read more about her and heard more of her speeches, I realized that this was a woman with a uniquely down-to-earth point of view who would be a wonderful leader for our country.

We all know what happened in the 2008 election.  Sarah’s appeal and ability terrified the left, and they responded as only lefties can do – they crucified her via ridicule and misinformation.  The gullible ones, along with the yellow dog Democrats, believed all the crap the press and the lefty leaders said about Sarah.  It didn’t matter that Barack Obama’s gaffes and misstatements were many times worse than Palin’s.  The press piled on Sarah while protecting Barack, and the rest is history. It is truly a testament to Sarah’s integrity that the worst the left was able to come up with was the “I can see Russia from my backyard” misquote to discredit her.  They dug deep.  They tried.  In the end, they had to resort to exaggerations and downright lies.

After the 2008 election, rather than be bitter and retreat from pubic life, Sarah chose to use her influence to get conservatives elected to office.  She is a gifted speaker and can bring a crowd to its feet – just as she did yesterday at CPAC.  I hope Sarah Palin continues to speak, continues to work to get conservatives elected, and continues to fight for America.  We need to kick out virtually 100% of the politicians currently in office and replace them with smart, engaging and America-loving patriots like Sarah Palin.

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  • Merle says:

    Frankly she already has my vote – if she runs. If not, then whomever she endorses will get it.


  • VALman says:

    I like her contribution to our great national debate, especially at this grave time in our history. However, I’m not encouraged that when the dust settles there will be a circling of the wagons around a chosen candidate. It’ll most likely be along the lines of today’s report about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). In terms of Tea Party candidates, he is quoted as saying, “‘I think we are going to crush them everywhere.'” When have you heard, recently, Democrats speak about other Democrats in such a manner?

    Some people have been observing about how thin Sarah Palin appears. We hope she is well and not just because she’s desparately needed.

  • Melanie says:

    VALman, I agree with you. I am not encouraged either that the Republicans can come together to support one candidate. However, if Sarah ran, I’d support her 100%. I don’t think it’ll happen, though.

    • VALman says:

      A few years ago, I was listening to “Bill” Bennett’s program “Morning in America.” There was a discussion along these lines. The caller was wanting to hold out for a “real” conservative. Mr. Bennett sympathized, yet he indicated that it was necessary to go with the most conservative candidate who was electable. As I recall, the caller resisted this.

      Perhaps, this is how we have come to have so many, what is commonly referred to as, RINO’s. Yet, one way to think of this is how much worse it might have been, and all the sooner, if they hadn’t been in office. So, I think that we need to press and press and press those who present themselves for public office. Then, when the results are in, we need to support, fully and enthusiastically, those who are our candidates. Election 2008 demonstrates what happens when we don’t. I just haven’t heard any better advice than Mr. Bennett’s.

  • Dejah Thoris says:

    I like what she says.

    Even if the libturds don’t. In fact, it makes me happy when they don’t.

    You only get flak when you are over the target.

  • Xavier says:

    Beauty, brains, class, and a sense of humor that rivals Reagan.
    No wonder the liberals fear Ms. Palin.

    We should troll liberal blogs with a rumor she’s being cloned.

  • Dana says:

    My biggest problem with Mrs Palin is that she resigned as governor of Alaska.

    I like her positions, I like her speeches, but she has only 2½ years of executive experience, and, when the going got tough, she really did get going, all the way out of office. She needed to do a good job in office, and prove that she was tough enough to be governor despite the resistance from the left, and she didn’t do that. If she couldn’t manage to run the government of Alaska when the left attacked her, how can we think that she could be tough enough to be President when Vladimir Putin starts pushing again?

    • Melanie says:

      Ah Dana – I disagree with you so much, I will just leave it at that.

    • Merle says:

      She STILL has more experience than our current leader had when elected – just saying!


      • Dana says:

        True enough, but look how badly he has fornicated things up!

        It’s not enough to be for the right things, as Mrs Palin is, and to be an outstanding person, as she certainly is. At some point, you have to be able to do the job, and I wish that Mrs Palin had gone on to prove that she could; she didn’t.

        I admire correct positions, and I admire people who have survived adversity, but most of all I value performance, someone who says that he can do a job, and then goes out and does it.

        • Xavier says:

          I too wish she had more experience, but Ms. Palin’s calling may not be elected office. She seems to understand the adage “always leave them wanting more” as well as the dangers of overexposure. Let’s realize that she’s the best judge of where she can be most effective. Personally, I’d like to see her at DNR or DOE. My goodness you can hear liberal heads exploding just at the thought of that, can’t you?

  • VALman says:

    In the short term, it might have been better had she not resigned as governor. Her priorities, though, are after all her priorities. And, I believe them to have been and are more of a long-term nature. She has demonstrated her voice is for and on behalf a wide-range of people. Most certainly, it would not have been heard that much had she remained as governor for the full term. Also, I think she has filled a void that seems to be lacking on the political landscape. In a field populated primarily by men, she has stood taller than most (see, you probably though I was going to mention something about gonads). All in all, I do think she made the best decision for herself, family and friends, supporters, and the America she loves.

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