Detained Illegals in WA State on Hunger Strike

Detained Illegals in WA State on Hunger Strike

From the “Should’ve Thought About That Earlier” department:

Apparently 750 illegals being held at the Northwest Detention Center in WA State have gone on a hunger strike to protest deportation, low pay at the jobs they do inside the Center while being detained, and just general quality of their treatment and food.  It is a sad testament to the state of affairs in this nation when illegal immigrants, who are not even supposed to be here, have the absolute gall to go on a hunger strike to protest, of all things, their perceived right to come here illegally and rob us blind of our jobs, resources, and welfare benefits—and their supposedly poor treatment after getting caught.  Sounds perfectly logical, right?

The real question is why should we care?  If they want to starve themselves to death, I figure not only are they saving taxpayer money on their food bill, but also on the deportation bill too.  Plus, they’re removing themselves from the welfare rolls, no longer taking our jobs, and not committing any more crimes.  Sounds like a win-win-win-win-win.

But that’s awful, you say.  How can you possibly say those things about fellow human beings??  Simple.  I’m an American and I’m a realist.  My country and the citizens of it come before anyone else.  Period.  I don’t even believe in a welfare system for Americans; what makes you think I’d believe in one for foreign squatters here illegally?   Jobs that are available should never, ever go to illegals.  They should go to citizens of this nation.  Money earned from those jobs should go back into our own economy, not sent to Central America to help those third world dirtholes.  Somehow, liberals preach that we aren’t the world’s policemen, but they seem to expect us to be the world’s sugar daddy.  No, thanks.  We have enough financial issues of our own.  Believe me.

People make choices.  They chose to come here, against the laws of the land.  They got caught, and now they’re demanding rights?  No.  As the typical bartender says at closing time: You ain’t gotta go home, but you can’t stay here.

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  • Merle says:

    Maybe they can get THEIR govt to send them food, kind of like what I understand goes on in Turkish prisons.


  • Xavier says:

    I’ve never understood the obsession with saving prisoners trying to starve themselves. 750 illegals? Dig a pit.

    I had the strangest dream that this story was actually about Connecticut police officers refusing to enforce the gun confiscation law. Looks like I’ve got to stop having ice cream for breakfast, it’s affecting my mind.

  • GWB says:

    But that’s awful, you say. How can you possibly say those things about fellow human beings??

    Because they did it to themselves? If they decide to stop eating, who am I to deny them that choice?

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