Wendy Davis Subject of an Ethics Complaint

Wendy Davis Subject of an Ethics Complaint

The poor Abortion Barbie can’t seem to catch a break.  First she gets caught lying about her life and her sugar daddy ex-husband, then she made a ridiculously insensitive remark about her opponent, then her staff gets caught making fun of his disability, and now she gets caught not disclosing her true financial status and connections to lobbyists.  In fact, there’s a fairly long list of things that Davis hasn’t disclosed.

ownership of stocks and mutual funds, capital gains made on the sale of those mutual funds, interest earned on several bank accounts, and professional ties to registered lobbyists associated with a law firm at which she is employed.

Wow, Wendy.  I’m sure it just slipped your mind once.  Or, not.

Davis allegedly failed to make these financial disclosures on three of the four Personal Financial Statements she has filed since taking office in 2009. Watchdog Wire has obtained copies from 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Okay, so it’s not just a slip-up.  It’s a practice.  I’m not sure why we would expect anything differently from someone who very obviously has a pattern of lying, but some folks still manage to act as if Wendy Davis is beyond reproach.  David Weigel, in fact, practically drools in his defense of her.

What is it about Wendy Davis that liberals feel the need to defend so strongly?  Is it her fairytale Cinderella story?  That can’t be it, because it’s just that: a fairytale.  Is it her integrity?  Can’t be that, since we just showed you a whole list of things she’s lying about and hiding.  It must be her absolute defense of killing children right up until the day they’re born.  Sounds about right.  Who cares that she’s a lying, scheming fraud?  She’s cool with killing babies, and that makes her cool with liberals.


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