WaPo Writes A “Where’s Waldo? Hillary Style” Story And Its Ludicrous [VIDEOS]

WaPo Writes A “Where’s Waldo? Hillary Style” Story And Its Ludicrous [VIDEOS]

WaPo Writes A “Where’s Waldo? Hillary Style” Story And Its Ludicrous [VIDEOS]

It would be nice if Hillary would just go away quietly. It would just as great if the media would quit making fools out of themselves over her. This piece of dreck titled, “In the Chappaqua woods, a search for Hillary Clinton” from the Washington Post is a case in point:

The other day, Carol Meyer and her friend Ellen went walking in the woods of Chappaqua. For all they knew, they might see a coyote or some rare mushrooms or Hillary Clinton.

“I just have a sense — ” said Ellen, putting on her gloves.

“You think so?” said Carol, adjusting her scarf.

Once I saw that headline and the lead paragraph, I had one thought in mind. One that another Twitter user found first.

I kid you not. This is what passes for NEWS these days.

Unfortunately for them, the folks quoted in the article don’t come off well. Here’s a sampling…

A couple weeks later, Ellen, who calls herself “the Sacagawea of the Arboretum,” let Phoebe off her leash. The dog was bounding ahead full speed when she started barking, and then Hillary and Bill Clinton appeared again, this time with their daughter, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband and their children.

“The Cathedral of Firs,” Ellen said, reaching her favorite part of the hike, a swath of evergreens. They stopped and looked around. You could hear a bird or two. You could hear the creak of branches in the wind. They tried to imagine what Hillary would be doing next.

Recently, a Chappaquaian named Andy and his two dogs, Lucas and Earl, were out walking and noticed that the leaves normally covering the path appeared to have been cleared by a leaf blower, the first time he had ever seen such a thing. In the distance, he saw two men sitting too stiffly on a bench.

“I said, ‘This is odd.’ It’s more like ‘Deliverance,’ ” he said, referring to the movie. “I tried to hustle up with the boys, and that night, my wife showed me the picture.”

‘Deliverance??!!’ Are you kidding me? Meanwhile, WaPo reporter Stephanie McCrummen, glossed over the fact that the Hillary sightings have been panned by many, especially since some ‘sightings’ are obviously staged. She brushes it all off as an implied ‘haters gonna hate,’ so nothing to see here, move along, and interestingly enough…closed the comment section. Gee, I wonder why?

Likely because, if she’d done even the most basic research she would’ve realized that everything she wrote in the article plus all the “sightings” she discussed were laughable from the start.

Where’s Hillary? At the bookstore!
Where’s Hillary? Grocery shopping!

So much so that Saturday Night Live lampooned the Hillary hunt a couple of weeks ago…BIGLY.

Those of us who live on planet reality have known for a long time that nothing Hillary does is EVER left to chance. With the one glaring exception of losing this election because of her own arrogance and hubris. Sadly many in the media, including Stephanie refuse to recognize that. This ludicrous version of “Where’s Waldo – Hillary style” is a prime example of their refusal to face reality.


Perhaps they need an intervention? Nahhh…its too fun watching them continue to dig themselves into a hole long after they should’ve stopped.

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