WaPo Op-Ed: “Red America” May Vote Dem If Coronavirus Grows

WaPo Op-Ed: “Red America” May Vote Dem If Coronavirus Grows

WaPo Op-Ed: “Red America” May Vote Dem If Coronavirus Grows

The Washington Post’s motto asserts that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” But, these days, the WaPo is where the truth, and democracy, goes to die. Just ask Nicholas Sandmann.

And in an op-ed piece yesterday, WaPo opinion writer, Greg Sargent, discussed a potential turn of the red tide in battleground states this fall.

Citing the analysis of William Frey of the (left-leaning) Brookings Institution, who’s “tracked the spread of the novel coronavirus by county each week,” Sargent writes:

Frey’s new top-line finding is that since March 29 — that is, in the past five weeks — some 1,103 counties across the country have newly achieved what Frey calls ‘high-covid status,’ and 813 of them voted for Trump in 2016, while 290 voted for Hillary Clinton.”

“In Frey’s analysis, a high-covid-status county is one in which 100 or more cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed per 100,000 residents.”

“And so, the fact that 813 of 1,103 counties confirmed in recent weeks as high-covid went for Trump shows some serious continuing spread into Red America.”

Ok. But how does that correlate to the next presidential election?

He posits:

…as a political matter, the spread of the coronavirus in battleground states — particularly in red-leaning counties in them — could work against Trump, in part because of the national battle we’re seeing over reopening.”

Right. And Joe Biden—or any generic Democrat—would leave states closed indefinitely, re-fund the Chinese Communist Party-protecting Word Health Organization, destroy our energy sector, tax us into oblivion, and finalize the shredding of our constitution…and “fundamentally transform” our country:

That’s Obama-speak for “shove us into freedom-crushing communism.” Hopey changey!

More from Sargent:

‘As more people have friends and relatives who may be affected by the virus, they may turn toward a more moderate and less divisive approach than we’re hearing from the White House,’ Frey told me. ‘More people may be open to Democratic perspectives on this.'”

We’ve seen the “Democratic perspectives.” It’s why so many of us are out standing up for our freedoms and beginning recall efforts against those who have violated our constitution and our civil rights.

And thus Sargent’s Washington Post piece is inherently tone deaf, with at least two major argument flaws.

FLAW ONE: As I noted, those protesting for the re-opening of their states, fighting for their first amendment rights and against tyranny, will never vote blue. They recognize the mushrooming authoritarianism and exactly who’s inflicting it; it’s a large part of why they’re standing up.

FLAW TWO: Betraying the article’s headline, the piece never adequately tells the reader how the pandemic may affect those battleground states. Instead, it simply states that it could.

Which leaves me asking: Well…how?

Do those voters blame Trump for the virus? Not if videos like this from recent protests are any indication:

Or do those voters blame China? Yes. Most of us do. So the liberal media’s 24/7 pro-China, “Trump’s a xenophobe” nonsense isn’t seeping through to anyone other than their own bench.

Do they believe the president’s handling of the crisis is defective? How about his handling of the economy? Doesn’t seem so. But Mr. Sargent cites, as the basis for his reasoning, Pres. Trump’s encouragement of states to re-open, the very argument that those engaging in civil disobedience are making.

Do they think Joe Biden would have handled the crisis better? Not if the swine flu, the “big fucking deal,” and Benghazi are emblematic of his exceptional “leadership” skills. While President Trump is working 18-hour days, Biden can’t even find his fuzzy slippers.

Is the WaPo author surmising, as did at least one of his media colleagues, that an uptick in coronavirus cases in battleground states could result in deaths of older voters who support Trump, and thus affecting the election outcome? Is he hoping for it, as the author of this piece grotesquely explored?

The WaPo columnist neither asks nor answers those questions. Which is the crux of the problem with most of our American media today.

Exhibit A, floating around the interwebz, and breathlessly repeated yesterday by every news outlet imaginable:

By the way: the White House has rejected those numbers, but I’m betting you won’t see it reported in the WaPo.

Why? Because the left, with the WaPo at its helm, is running a campaign of fear and they have an election to win. No costs are too high, including crushing our economy and exploiting the fearful voters they’ve fostered.

It’s clear that the establishment left will stop at nothing to win the November election, and are employing every leftist ruse in their playbook to ensure that happens: from labeling those who simply want to get back to work as “extremists” who want people to “die,” to covering for the obvious touchy-feely habit that plagues their preferred candidate, to exploiting women for power, to making the shutdown as painful as possible in the tradition of Barack Obama’s, to grotesque water-carrying for the ChiComs, they’ve shown that nothing is off-limits in their quest to retake our White House.

Why? Because President Trump has taken a giant eraser to Barack Obama’s legacy; but more urgently, because Attorney General Barr is on the heels of holding accountable those responsible for the attempted coup against our duly-elected president. And they know that time is on their side, with just six months left before the election, while they exploit an electorate filled with daily reminders that they could die!!!, not because of a virus China released on the world, but because of Donald Trump.

But it’s all absurd. At least to those of us capable of critical thought.

So, no, Mr. Sargent, handing the White House over to the very people who tried to overthrow our president, and blame him for what China did, is not something anyone I know would ever even consider. So while you seem to think that those of us who support the president will somehow move toward a status-quo Joe Biden…and dare I say it, Michelle Obama ticket…in the wake of the coronavirus, is ludicrous and displays once again that the liberal media of which you are a part has no understanding, and no curiosity about, why we voted the way we did in 2016 or why we’ll do so again this fall.

In its reaction to the coronavirus, the Democratic Party has shown America exactly what it is and exactly how it would govern should we hand it back power this fall. Just about everyone I know recognizes that and rejects it. We believe in personal responsibility, freedom, and non-intrusive government, the very antithesis of what the Democratic Party is pushing. And the protesters out standing up to government overreach on behalf of us all understand this as well. And, in my humble opinion, that’s a clear and present commentary on the state of Joe Biden’s (or MO’s, as she positions herself as a ready-made option to a man unlikely to make it to November) presidential hopes.

Perhaps someone should alert Greg Sargent.


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  • Dietrich says:

    Just to be clear Greg Sargent, there is NOTHING on God’s green earth that could make me even consider voting for Joe “Fingers” Biden, or almost any other Democrat.

  • Slow Joe Crow says:

    Wishful thinking, while anecdote is the opposite of data, between stimulus checks, benefit expansion, and wanting to reopen, Trump is mostly gaining support. My wife who was adamant about not voting for Trump, is now happy to vote for him.

  • Johnny says:

    Apparently delusions are one of the newest symptoms of America’s longest-running pandemic – creeping progressivism.
    Other symptoms include loss of ability for rational thought, feelings of victimhood/paranoia, and in many cases descent into classic TDS.
    I shudder to think what the coming election season will bring as President Trump receives a resounding majority of the popular vote as well as a tsunami-worthy Electoral College victory.
    Ventilators? Never mind – progressives should start stockpiling boxes of kleenex and bottles of their favorite mood-altering distillates.
    Face masks? Nope – conservatives should be certain they have several pairs of industrial-grade earplugs available.
    The cognitive dissonance that is to come will be truly heart-rending to witness…

  • GWB says:

    1,103 counties across the country
    813 of them voted for Trump
    I’m going to guess (that’s 1/3 of America, in terms of counties) there was some serious cherry-picking going on here.

    could work against Trump, … because of … reopening.
    Wait, who does he think all the people are who are screaming about wanting to re-open? He thinks this will go against… Trump?!?

    And Joe Biden—or any generic Democrat—would…
    You forgot “increase exponentially the number of third-world disease carriers in the US.”

    As more people have friends and relatives who may be affected by the virus
    As more and more people have friends and relatives affected by not being able to get cancer surgery or visit their doctor to have that follow-up appointment or visit their sick grandma or…. Either you’re not thinking this all the way through, or you’re trying to keep others from thinking it all the way through.

    So the liberal media’s 24/7 pro-China, “Trump’s a xenophobe” nonsense isn’t seeping through to anyone other than their own bench.
    But it might just inspire all those folks to get out and vote in November. If they can turn out their base – like they did NOT for Hillary – they can defeat Trump. So the thinking goes.

    move toward a status quid-pro-quo Joe Biden

    MO’s, as she positions herself as a ready-made option
    Nah. I agree with others who say that presidenting is too much work for Michelle. She would rather have lots of money for sitting on her butt and talking or scolding others. Based on her life’s work, she doesn’t appear to be the sort of go-getter required for the job of President (or any job, really).

  • George V says:

    The lockdown has a lot of people (like reporters and commentators) working from home. In much of the country marijuana has been de-criminalized. These two events could explain this op-ed.

  • SFC D says:


  • MIK says:

    Remember, he represents the same people who thought (think?) that St. Andrew of Albany, responsible for sending ill COVID 19 residents and employees back to nursing homes in NY State, is a prime candidate to defeat the President.

    Gotta feel sorry for Andrew. He always thought the the first president whose name ended in a vowel would not only be of Italian descent, but would be he. Sorry, Andrew (not really).

  • Bandit says:

    WaPo continuing to cheer for the body count – go team go

  • Sam L. says:

    The WaPoo has WaPooped AGAIN. I put on my blues record again, singing “Ain’t No Way” 100 times.

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