Victory Girls Blog: Today’s our 2nd Anniversary! *Throws Confetti*

Victory Girls Blog: Today’s our 2nd Anniversary! *Throws Confetti*

Two years ago Victory Girls Blog went live and since that time, our focus has been one of promoting a conservative orthodoxy of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free-market principles. But frankly, we’ve also been pretty fierce on challenging the cultural issues of our day such as rampant liberalism, feminism, erosion of our liberty, and abortion.

Our hard work is paying off. Over the course of the last couple of years, we’ve cultivated a healthy and quite clever group of loyalty readers who inspire, encourage, and challenge us, whilst occasionally taking us to task when we disagree are “wrong”. Thank you for that. πŸ™‚

Sometimes, because of our vintage WW 2 theme, our readers will share interesting military history information with us — some of it from their own families. Last year, one of our readers had a question about our blog header and specifically the Alberto Vargas redhead pin-up girl we use. He was questioning if we knew anything about her history because he had a picture he wanted us to see. Following his email, we wrote about the β€œRovin’ Redhead” which, as you can only imagine, was great.

About a month ago, we received a very nice email from a reader who wanted to share photos of his mom from WW 2. Here’s what he sent:

“I just found your blog via a link on Facebook and I’m very impressed by it, especially the photos. If you’re looking to expand your gallery of patriotic women, I’ve included photos of my late mother, Shirley Lissner Wallach, during her service as a WAVE in World War II. She was always very proud of her work at a Navy cryptographer, although she followed orders to forget everything she knew about cryptography.” –Van W., CT.

We love getting these kinds of emails! Now meet Van’s mom Shirley:


Here’s another photo of Shirley, with a couple of her WAVE friends.


Thank you for sharing your Victory Girl with us, Van. We’ll definitely be adding her to our gallery. She was a doll and a patriot!

And then we recently received this incredible message from our dear blog friend Tim:

“Dad was a radioman/gunner on torpedo planes and dive bombers. He served on The USS Enterprise when they escorted the Doolittle Raiders, then Later on the Hornet CV-8 until it was sunk at Santa Cruz. After his survivors leave, he attended instrument training where he met mom. Mom was a Link flight simulator instructor and taught celestial navigation. Dad returned to the Pacific and flew off the USS Chenango, He and mom wrote back and forth and it is her picture that faded into this silk map of the Philippines when dad went into the water after a engine failure. After the invasion of the Philippines dad was sent back to the states and married mom.” — Tim

Tim’s parents…

Tim's Parents

…and that breathtaking map!

Tim's Map

SWOON. Can you hardly stand it??


So from all of us here at the blog, a huge thanks to our readers who see value in our words, put up with our snark and rants, and love us anyway. We so appreciate you. Thanks to those of you who step out a bit and share your own memories of The Greatest Generation with us so that we can enjoy them here on the blog. (***Look at Van and Tim’s parents! I mean seriously…is there really anything more fun?!?) And finally… thanks to all our blogger friends across the internet who have helped a small but mighty blog like Victory Girls grow by linking us over and over again.

We are truly grateful.


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