“Warming” On The West Coast Linked to Naturally Occurring Climate Changes

“Warming” On The West Coast Linked to Naturally Occurring Climate Changes

Tony Barboza and the LA Times are off the reservation.

Naturally occurring changes in winds, not human-caused climate change, are responsible for most of the warming on land and in the sea along the West Coast of North America over the last century, a study has found.

The analysis challenges assumptions that the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has been a significant driver of the increase in temperatures observed over many decades in the ocean and along the coastline from Alaska to California.

I should probably check Drudge to see if Hell has frozen over (although with all this global warming, that probably can’t happen) or if cats and dogs are living together.  It is a sure sign of the apocalypse if the LA Times is actually reporting this.  Maybe they forecasted what I like to call “scattered showers of Journalism” this week in the editorial pages.  Although, that might even be sketchy, given that those showers might be attributed to global warming, climate change, or now, as it is called “Climate Disruption.”

This can’t be good for the cause of the climate schizophrenics who this week have decided that burning down houses is acceptable political discourse.  Wouldn’t that increase your carbon footprint?  I bet they could get some sort of carbon offsets for that huh?

I can say in this debate that I only have two sticking points.  The first is that it isn’t that I don’t believe the marchers who are convinced that carbon dioxide (you know, the thing that feeds the trees so they make oxygen), but not one of the hippies marching around in hemp sandals with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interpretive Dance talking about committing arson have been able to explain to me how warming causes cooling.  It doesn’t happen when my heater kicks on in the winter or when I attempt to boil some water for pasta.  So, using their vast knowledge of the subject, I would like them to please demonstrate how “hot” makes “cold.”  The second thing I need explained to me is how is it that all the SUVs idling in traffic in LA and elsewhere throwing clouds of pollution into the air have never caused air traffic to be shut down.

The moment you can logically explain to me these two problems that I have, then I might start considering buying a Prius and using the reusable shopping bags.

This appearing in the LA Times is the equivalent of CAIR saying “You know, there might be a problem with Muslims and Terrorism.” They had some more to day as well, which is more of a bombshell.

This latest research shows that similar changes in atmospheric and ocean circulation can drive trends that last a century or longer, overshadowing the effects of human-generated increase in greenhouse gases, the study’s authors said.

Whoa!  So the Earth can “compensate” for any effects we have on it?  It can last for 100 years or longer?  Sounds to me like Gaia has been hitting the gym; making sure she is ready to take on whatever we give her in the way of SUVs, plastic water bottle and the occasional oil spill.

The amount of arrogance and conceit that comes with thinking that humans can affect the climate of the planet is really hard to fathom.  My guess is that this is in some way related to the participation trophies that all these special snowflakes got when they were young that convinced them of their special specialness.  And when we who talk issue with their opinions and don’t recognize how super smart they are and do what they want; the tantrum they threw when they were 8 years old now turns into an urge to light houses on fire; because that will show us.

The Earth has survived meteor strikes, the magnetic shifting of the poles, ice ages, earthquakes, lightning, forest fires, and solar flares, I am certain that it will survive me and my SUV driving my son to baseball practice, and it will survive the hypocrites who fly private jets to talk about global warming, climate change, climate disruption.

The idea that it wouldn’t, is just ignorant…

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  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Awwww…..aren’t they just so cute when ambushed by (drum roll, wait for it….)…. observational scientific evidence? (As opposed to theoretical computer models rife with assumptions and predisposed to specific desired outcomes.)

    Guess that big yellow thingie hanging in the sky and the vast oceans covering this planet (which could have been named — if percentage of representation was required per the PC weenies — Water) and which store and release absolutely huge amounts of energy and heat might have just a teensy weensy little affect on *ahem* “climate.

    Dontcha just hate when that happens?

    Me neither.

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