Congratulations, Feminazis: You Killed Feminism!

Congratulations, Feminazis: You Killed Feminism!

Once upon a time, feminism was about achieving equality between the sexes. Suffragettes fought to give women the right to vote, to be educated, to work outside the home. They didn’t hate men, encourage killing children, or praise sluthood. Of course, that’s exactly what modern feminists do. And feminism has been slowly dying as a movement, little by little, as a result. It started with women like Gloria “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” Steinem and Germaine Greer (pictured), and has been continued by the new wave of feminazis, women like Jessica Valenti, Jill Filipovic, Amanda Marcotte, and Melissa McEwan.

Women are told now that their choices are unacceptable if not approved by the feminazis — such as being a stay-at-home mother, for example — because we surely could not possibly understand what we’re giving up by not having a career. Likewise, a pro-life woman couldn’t possibly be a feminist, because abortion = all real women care about. Rather than being a movement with different ideals, opinions, principles, and values working towards one goal — equality for women — it’s become a fascist oligarchy, where followers are required to walk in lockstep, never daring to think differently than the leaders of the movement.

And so they shouldn’t really be surprised when they find out that modern women are rejecting feminism.

Just one in seven women describes herself as a ‘feminist’, it found, with younger women even less likely to describe themselves as such.
A third view traditional radical feminism as ‘too aggressive’ towards men, while a quarter no longer view it as a positive label. One in five describe it as ‘old-fashioned’ and simply ‘not relevant’ to their generation.

… ‘Modern women feel traditional feminism is no longer working for them, as it’s aggressive, divisive and doesn’t take into account their personal circumstances.
‘They simply don’t view men as “the enemy”. And it’s clear there is no longer a “battle of the sexes” but a coming together of the sexes to make society work for everyone in it.’

… One in six said feminism had gone too far, ‘losing sight of the natural roles of men and women’. Instead of fighting for equality, two in five now want to ‘celebrate difference’ instead.

… The majority of the 1,300 polled felt feminism should be about ensuring women have ‘real choice over their family, career and lives’, and to reinstate the value of motherhood.

If today’s feminism was actually about equality, and not about dominance over men, abortion, and skankhood as empowerment, then more women would identify with it. Women also don’t much appreciate being scolded for their choices, whether it be voting Republican, identifying as pro-life, or choosing to be a stay-at-home wife and mother.

A perfect example of why feminism is dying is here:

I think the following two premises are uncontroversial in feminist circles:

1. All men are beneficiaries of the patriarchy.
2. Feminism seeks the end of patriarchy.

If one accepts these two premises, then the conclusion is inevitable: men cannot be feminists. And I think that in most other areas of life, a similar conclusion would be equally uncontroversial. We would call foul on a CEO who would call himself a communist or who would ask to join an Occupy movement, or a white man trying to join the Black Panthers, or of a Young Earth Creationist joining the National Academy of Sciences. And yet, men can pass (pun not intended) as feminists without even a second look. This is bizarre, to say the least.

… Feminism 101 has a further take on the issue:

[M]ost of the men I’ve personally known who have made a huge hairy point of identifying as feminists have been either date rapists, mom fetishists, porn addicts, or bear daddies inflicting their frustrated pseudopaternal tendencies on women. They are some of the most passive-aggressive, patronizing, out-dishing without it-taking twerps on the planet, and they are poisoning the women’s movement from the inside by sapping the hell out of everyone’s goddamn energy.

A man calling himself a “feminist” is a perfect cover story for rapists and abusers. I mean, think about it: what better way is there for a man to elicit trust in women than to sympathize with their struggle?

Get that? Not only can men not advocate for equality between the sexes, but if he does, he’s probably a rapist, too. (This same author called one of the commenters autistic as an insult for disagreeing with the post.)

Again: and you wonder why women absolutely refuse to call themselves feminists these days.

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  • Carol says:

    Whew! Amen, amen I say to you! Well said and something that crawls all over me all the time. But rather than reject it I want to reclaim it in all of its original meaning and platform. Damn them haters for taking it away and butchering it beyond recognition.

    • kate says:

      maybe it’s time for conservative women to hijack feminism.

    • Janice says:

      Exactly what I was thinking, Carol! You know, my grandmother and her sisters were of the generation that got the vote. My mother was a feminist and I was brought up with it and always considered myself a feminist. So you can imagine my shock when I started being accused of being anti-feminist because I didn’t toe the PC line!

  • Kelly says:

    “If one accepts these two premises, then the conclusion is inevitable: men cannot be feminists.”

    Oh yes they can and are! Men push feminism to ensure a continuation of the no-strings-attached sex that no generation of men before them has ever enjoyed. Now it is perfectly feasible to objectify women as a means to achieve a roll in the hay. Men are certainly game to go along with the feminist parade, especially when feminists now elevate slutty women as legitimate role models. This is a dream come true for men!
    If you think about it, men still maintain higher pay checks, more employment at management and executive levels and have access to all those feminist women who feel being slutty is “for the cause”.
    Is any one 100% sure this co-opting of equal rights isn’t being driven by men?

    • Janice says:

      “Men cannot be feminists.”

      What genius thought this one up? I’m not saying that I think feminism is driven by men, but I would point to Frederick Douglas, for instance, as an excellent example of a man who was a feminist. He spoke at the Women’s Conference in 1848 in Seneca Falls, NY along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and others who understood feminism as basic justice and a human rights issue. So yes, men benefit from patriarchy, but no, that doesn’t mean that men are inevitably anti-feminism.

      • Richard Kadas says:

        If we’re talking about the 1837 Women’s declaration of Independence movement that held a conference at Seneca Falls NY. You seem to have overlooked Martha Coffin Wright who was Lucretia Mott’s sister( the only one depicted as pregnant in the hall of statuary at the Seneca Falls national historic site). All the leaders of the Women’ s Declaration of Independence Movement also were ardent abolitionists which explains their connection to Frederick Douglas, In an amazing display of selfless integrity and justice, they put the cause of abolition of slavery ahead of women’s rights as they believed that injustice to be greater than their own Their’s was a sense of justice that I greatly admire and respect. As a man whose mother attended classes taught by Jane Adams and went on to become the first woman registered representative of the New York stock Exchange (i.e., stock broker in St. Louis Missouri) in 1960, I’ve always been a believer in equal rights. In support of the ERA, many hours were spent marching in demonstrations supporting it in not the best weather. My mother and I connected intellectually since she was a kid of the twenties and I was one of the sixties. It was a biologically arranged meeting of two people from the most rebellious and independent generations of the twentieth century. As her child, it was impossible not to believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to select their own path and achieve as much as their intelligence, education, and inner drive merited. If feminism means equal rights and equal pay for the same work I’m for it. However, if diversity means excluding me because I’m a man over 50, count me out. In closing, a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt frames the case for equality feminism well. “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.”

      • Lynne says:

        I think she is pointing out the two arguments made by the extremists. She stated that this is why the feminist movement is dying, those two premises. She is not saying, correct me if I;m wrong, that men can’t be feminists and support women’s rights; I think she is saying that the militant attitude among certain women is that if a man is in the movement he is not helping, he’s only looking to rape the next unsuspecting woman.

        I find that there are a lot of women that believe in equal rights, in fact I served next to them. There are some limitations, but all in all when the fit hits the shan doesn’t matter a human is a human.

        My grandfather supported Women’s Rights my grandmother even marched in DC to bring her son home from Vietnam all while taking care of a home and teaching 5th grade which she always wanted to do and did for 29 years. I was the first woman in the military in the family and Grandma said well there we are one step closer, grandpa was proud.

        Anyway, I think men can be part of it. Without being treated like crap or called names for doing so.

    • fidelbogen says:

      Kelly: You sound a bit like a feminist yourself, but could I be mistaken?

    • fidelbogen says:

      I mean, really, your anti-male snark’n’smear is about as feminist as it gets.

    • howaboutno says:

      misogynist here, fuck that. i literally avoid feminist “sluts” because (being the misogynist i am) i dont want a diatribe following copulation on how she chose to allow me to have sex with her as if im some brain dead ape. also your glass ceiling is non-existant at this point men maintain higher pay checks on average because on average more men are A: employed and B: go for degrees with income as a perk instead of piece of mind go look up the statistics they are out there. males try for higher paying jobs women go into health sciences and art therapy and the like. which, though a vital part of our society simply doesn’t make bank. Thus, more male ceo’s.

  • Wow, I’m officially a feminazi! (my wife just cheered at the news) And I’m not even a woman!

    I’d like to thank my parents, my wife, radfem blogs like femonade and I Blame The Patriarchy for making this award possible…

    • Saw says:

      Why not do it as a discussion board as ooesppd to a blog?There is one in the works, actually. The problem, though, is that forums need moderators (especially general feminist forums, which will attract trolls like nobody’s business) and in general more attention than a blog. So far I haven’t been able to scare up enough of a mod team, even with the help of Feministe’s Jill, so that particular project’s on hold for the moment.Another advantage to having a blog is that it’s a controlled conversation, rather than a free-for-all. With the bloggers picking and choosing which questions to address, and then spending time addressing them (rather than doing a back and forth, like with a forum) it will be easier for a broad range of people to take something away from a particular thread. Forum threads tend to be good for those participating in them, but it’s hard for outsiders of the conversation to pick up the important bits because there are so many people talking.I guess if I were to say things simply, I think both are good ideas but the blog is easier to implement currently.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you can go fuck yourself to death like the friggin’ bigot you are, Francis.

  • I’m not sure where in the second post Francois said men cannot advocate for equality between the sexes. Can you show that to me?

    • I never said men cannot advocate for equality. All I said was that it’s not feminist. All men should advocate for equality, of course. But that doesn’t make them feminists.

      • Essential Logic says:

        So, following that logic, white people who advocate for equality for minorities should not be called civil rights activists?

        And white people who advocated for the end of slavery should not be called abolitionists?

        So what do we call men who advocate for equality for men and women?

        Why not just drop the term “feminist” and replace it with “equalist” or “equalitarian?” I mean, if a man said that a “masculinist” is one who advocates equality for men and women, would you believe him?

        Or do you believe that “feminism” is just about obtaining more rights and benefits for women and not really about equality for men and women?

  • Sterling says:

    I would guess that we’re talking about feminism in the U.S. here. I’ve spoken with people from other countries regarding women’s rights and equality, and while they say they fight for those things, they do not believe women should even be OFFERED an opportunity to work outside the home. even in the U.S. everyone defines feminism and women’s rights differently, so of course you’ll find people at all extremes.

    And yes, I agree that choosing to be a stay-at-home mom is just the same as choosing to work at a fortune 500 company (except you don’t get paid to do just as much work, if not more); however, at a time when information and opinions are so easily shared and spread, it seems it will be much harder to unite people behind a “feminist” movement when we can’t agree on what it means.

    all kinds of words and labels have evolved over the past decade: conservative, liberal, freedom fighter. do libertarians, tea party members, and republicans feel the word “conservative” fits them all equally?

    so while we may or may not agree with your point about the new wave of feminazis, what’s your solution? how do you plan to fix it? or does redefining feminism not matter to you?

    • Richard Smith says:

      I would love to be a stay at home dad, but everyone calls me a scrub, and expects me to make money. I asked the unemployment office where I get my patriarchy benefits, but all it did was blacklist me from the office.

  • Cobalt-Blue says:

    I don’t like feminazi. It implies intelligence. I prefer the term rabid feminist. These women would chew their leg off in order to hurt a man.

    • ewww femi-nitwits says:

      …or a woman who dares disagree with any one of their absurd modern platforms. Modern feminists have far more in common with rabid dogs than rational women.

      • Hugh Janus says:

        @ewwww how do you feel like feminists today? honestly the feminist movement is great when its about equality, but the way i see it now most “feminists, ” are all about turning society into a rebirth of the Amazonian women on Lesbos (island in the Mediterranean)

        sorry for the history lesson but what im trying to say is that most women who are ‘feminists’ call me a pig and a future rapist for being a 14 year old kid who supports EQUAL rights.

  • GM says:

    Men and women should have equal rights, they should be treated as individuals and no individual should inflict their opinions on or harm another individual respective of gender. Their sex should abuse the other. Simple!

  • GM says:

    Neither sex should abuse the other!

  • Scott m068 says:

    G#& DAMMIT!!! A guy that pushes for equal rights only needs on label…AMERICAN!!!!!!

  • Scott m068 says:

    One label****

  • Dennis says:

    I am so happy that there are Women who will stand up to these Feminazis. If only our politicians, judges, prosecutors, and police were not such wimps.

  • Rich says:

    Hahaha, oh wow, you ladies really crack me up when you say NSA sex why men perpetuate modern feminism. You do realize that they are now doing their best to demonize male sexuality and have called for male castration, even try to make everything into rape. Uh yeah, those manginas are just idiots who want to get lucky with the hipster feminists they hang with. They are friend zoned and too stupid to step back and realize these women will never do anything for their loyalty. The other male culprits are white knights, men who believe any attack on feminism is an attack on a bunch of poor, defenseless, weak little flowers who could merely be blown asunder by the harsh winds of misogynist ideology. All while they perpetuate absolute female gender dominance theory and spew nearly endless misandry.

  • StarLynx57 says:

    I found this at some site by somebody going by: A Possible Human

    I also found it to be incredibly accurate

    American women have simply priced themselves out of the market with self-entitlement, self-interest, self-centered behavior. The indoctrination of American women in the feminist arts starts at birth.

    The social contract that used to bind men and women together is all but destroyed via feminism. American women commit to marriage knowing full well that they can simply abrogate the contract at any moment, for any reason, at any time and walk away with a big bag of goodies if the man is of means, more so if the couple has a child or children. Men know this and are voting with their feet.

    The princess mentality/goddess mentality is incredibly strong in American women. The problem is that there is not enough rich princes to go around. When the illusion is finally shattered due to an American woman waiting too long, the women turn bitter and spiteful because their dreams are shown to be just that: dreams and illusions. Reality tends to really hurt when you thought you were a queen, only to be shown that you are just a middle age peasant woman.

    American women hate foreign women who marry American men. Why? Because it gives happiness to American men that should normally be miserable and dejected according to the feminist dictates.

    American women are incensed that American men are beginning to prefer foreign women. Competition, jealousy, racism, and the loss of financial support are the primary factors why American women hate foreign females who prefer American men.

    I am happy the feminists and ‘white knights’ are so pissed off at the Marine’s blog. When you read the comments and get past all the vitriolic misandry, you begin to see a pattern. It’s bluster and anger, but with a twist. They are showing fear through false bravado and bilious comments.

    The fear is that American men no longer want American women, that they no longer need American women and can simply look elsewhere for an acceptable mate. The princesses are quickly losing their back up plans to marry a compliant man who will put up with their bullshit and self-entitlement behavior. They are scared because the easy pickings at the money tree are withering.

    The people in power are scared because it means less money for them, and less money for their ardent supporters, the American woman. Without men having their incomes redistributed, American women will have to do it on their own. Feminism has always stated that men are optional parts of society. Isn’t it amazing that when a tiny minority of American men choose to go their own way, how pertified American women become at the very idea?

    The American female vagina is losing it’s monetary value very rapidly. It’s losing the allure it once had due to all the garbage and self-interest American women espouse, fully expecting American men to simply “man up” and take it.

    Feminists have a stated goal to destroy marriage. In the west, they are beginning to succeed. Fortunately, the sabot thrown into the machinery is that American men can simply raise their middle finger and give a salute and go elsewhere for a woman who still values family and her husband.

    American women hate the fact that men have choices that the American woman cannot control. American female empowerment has turned into American female superiority. Therein lies the problem, American men who want to marry are confronted with a win-lose or lose-lose set of rules that benefit the American woman no matter what.

    No wonder American men are beginning to look for mates elsewhere in the world. The financial, legal, emotional, and physical dangers are too pronounced for American men seeking an American women.

    Here’s the website if you feel a heavy need to screech about how bad men treat you little selfish princesses!

    • DARKSTATE says:

      I agree 100%, and honestly I thought this issue was settled in the 70’s. A woman has every right a man has in today’s society, if not more. They just need to realize, they can’t do some of the jobs men can. I work in construction and dread working with a woman
      1- they’re not physically capable to do the job, so you always have to work harder.
      2-if you swear around them you loose your job (apparently it’s sexual assault).
      and how is it equal right’s, when they keep demanding more rights then men. I work with hundreds of different people each year, and hear the same story from the older men. There wife left them, and took half of everything, or they cheated, because he was working in camp too long, trying to give his family a better life. WTF I don’t even want a serious relationship with a woman from canada, or the us, for fear of loosing everything i worked hard for, through lawyers and the courts. I’m sure there are plenty of pricks out there, don’t get me wrong, but as i said yearly i get get to know alot of ppl, and they’re not all bad.

  • Darth Jader says:

    Well said. But I’m sorry, Patriarchy doesn’t exist.

    • Jarred Hibs says:

      Terrence Popp you can’t blame women for your failures. Women should have equal rights and equal pay. Males like you who fail to provide for their family perpetuate the feminist agenda out of the need to fill a void left by broken promises.

  • Larry Mullan says:

    @Terrence Popp have you considered that just like unions are the result of bad employers, feminists are the results of bad husbands? Look in the mirror.

    • Essential Logic says:

      If feminists are the results of bad husbands, then they should choose better husbands. Feminists should look in the mirror.

  • Let it be said says:

    Feminism wouldn’t exist in the first place if men would have learned their place as a human and stayed in it.

    Find a way to cure mental illness and the femiNAZI movement will disappear completely.

    • Essential Logic says:

      Feminism wouldn’t exist in the first place if men didn’t support it.
      Feminism can only exist in an affluent, technologically-advanced society that men created.
      If technology were wiped out, feminism wouldn’t be able to exist.
      Feminism is a spoiled, angry child demanding a bigger slice of a pie that others baked. When that pie is gone, feminism won’t be able to exist.



    • Ex Neighbor says:

      Your wife ran off with a Black guy and now you are mad. Why the beef against all women? You failed and history cannot be changed. By the way your ex family is very happy now.

  • SirGett says:

    “Once upon a time, feminism was about achieving equality between the sexes. Suffragettes fought to give women the right to vote, to be educated, to work outside the home. THEY DIDN’T HATE MEN….”
    I became feminist as soon as I heard those women’s voices claiming equal rights, sounded so good, so I joined the movement just to find my self beeing literally kicked out of their protest (against whom?) parade. That was it for me, I realized that they would sometime start to fight eachother (thought it would take 20 years but it actually took double as much time) and left the stupidity. Yes, I was a feminist for about 20 days.
    Feminism has always been about HATE.

  • Kitty Pryde says:

    I’m sorry that confident strong women make you feel small.
    I’m sorry that women talk about how they’ve been wronged and it makes you uncomfortable.
    I’m sorry that more and more women are having sex without having to feel guilty about it.
    I’m sorry that women are now considered fit to make their own decisions about whether or not they want children.

    I mean, I’m only a mere woman apologizing for over 3.3 billion Nazis.

  • Matt says:

    Patriarchy is men thinking that they need to be the traditional protectors and providers as a gender role.

    Feminism seeks to destroy traditional gender rolls, and they have been quite successful. Many men no longer protect or provide, or care an ounce about women. Tell them to ” man up ” and they will give you the middle finger because shaming tactics no longer work, with them.
    Men increasingly don’t want sacrifice themselves in work ( 92% of work place deaths are male ), or to protect, the wife will face the burglers in the night. The women will give up their seats on the life boats.

    Patriarchy is self sacrificial responsibility, it was reasonable for men traditionally to be shown some privileges, because ultimately they would sacrifice themselves in women’s place, and be happy to do it.

    Men received the right to vote on condition that they were then available for conscription, and to suffer and die for the defence of the country. Men had to earn it in millions of pints of blood. Women received the right to vote completely responsibility free. Pure privilege. Even today 18 year old males have to sign for draft availability before they can vote. Women nothing, a sweet free pass.

    If 92% of the workplace deaths and 99% of the combat deaths were women, would feminists would be ranting about it? No they talk about non existent wage gaps, and “unearned” male privilege. Unearned!!
    Men do all the heavy, dangerous and arduous unsaticfing work, they invent and maintain and protect the air conditioned comfortable world feminists take for granted.
    Men left this world and walked on another world. Men’s minds probe the the very stars. If any women do the same, it’s only because they have been trained by men to think like men.

  • Ian says:

    FEMINAZIS are out to destroy men! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE women, but don’t want to have anything to do with them, apart from my Mum!,because they all seem like COLD HEARTED,DOMINATING,BITCHY,SELF-FUCKING-RIGHTEOUS,GREEDY,ARROGANT CONTROL FREAKS!!!! And… they’re just the GOOD things about them…on a GOOD day!!!! I’ve been BURNT too many times by FUCKING BITCHES, so I’m staying single from now on! Which is ashamed, because I would LOVE to be married,but I honestly don’t think that there is a woman out there,who is good enough for me 🙁 The funny thing is that most people (including most women ) say that I’m a really nice, genuine guy! My Mum says that I’m the most eligible bachelor,in Australia!!! Best wishes to you all… including women! Ian in Oz! 🙁

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