VeggieTales Cartoons Are Racist Because Veggie Villains Are Colored!

VeggieTales Cartoons Are Racist Because Veggie Villains Are Colored!

VeggieTales Cartoons Are Racist Because Veggie Villains Are Colored!

Cal State San Marcos held a “Whiteness Forum last week. It’s premise was a ‘critical look at whiteness’ and the event was to showcase student’s final projects. The projects covered the gamut of blaming the media, saying the NFL is white supremicist, “White Women’s Role in White Supremacy,” and that VeggieTales is racist because colored vegetables and white voices or something!

Another project suggested that the children’s Christian television show, “VeggieTales,” perpetuates racial stereotypes. A female student who worked on the project said in an interview that the accents of the evil characters tend to sound ethnic, such as Latino, while the good characters sound white.

“When kids see the good white character triumph over the bad person of color character they are taught that white is right and minorities are the source of evil,” the project stated.

Mine eyes rolled so hard in the back of my head at this, that I gave myself a migraine! That young lady really really didn’t do her research on VeggieTales.

Her premise is that because the main characters speak in “white voices” then they are being mean to the villainous veggies because the bad dudes are ….not white. Oh for Pete’s sake.

I raised my daughter on VeggieTales!

The cartoons have always offered sweet videos chock full of cute vegetables talking about Biblical stories and character development. The cartoons cover such items as:







and so much more

Yet, this student at Cal State would have us believe that VeggieTales is racist because somehow these cartoons about vegetables are telling us that minorities are evil! Did she even take the time to watch any of the cartoons?

I told my daughter about this project this morning. Her response? ‘It’s vegetables for Pete’s sake! I should make a video of me going to the grocery store and picking out the villains, but that won’t work because all the vegetables are colored!’

You know what? You can’t even get cauliflower because that might mean white privilege! And for goodness sakes, don’t even dare touch mushrooms because brown!

My daughter also pointed out that if you get triggered by a cartoon then you are doing life wrong. Yep. Couldn’t agree more.

Are the children who watch VeggieTales really going to learn about racism from a talking vegetable cartoon? No.

Herein lies the problem with social justice and critical theory. In an effort to root out racism, sexism, etc, the SJWs create it around them and force these thoughts onto the populace. Where there was no racism, suddenly there is nothing but racism.

Better watch out for those French peas y’all!

Yes, this is indeed silly on multiple levels. But it also shows how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone.

One Cal State student completely understands how idiotic the entire ‘Whiteness Forum’ is. 

“I feel like the university system [leaders] are a bunch of hypocrites, they’re talking about stopping racism and promoting equality for all, yet they have no problem bashing white people,” the student said, adding he is half-Mexican.

“They’re trying to make people feel guilty for being white.”

Smart guy!

It’s a good thing that she doesn’t know that Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato also parody sumo wrestlers, pretend they are Huckleberry Finn, showcase Cowboys and Indians, and have far too many Christmas cartoons out there! She’d need a safe space for sure!

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I think that young lady and all the rest of those involved in that forum need a few lessons in thankfulness for having the freedom to propose idiotic things like this, and in being yourself instead of deciding to be triggered by cartoon vegetables.

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  • Tyler says:

    Guys I can’t eat my vegetables now to be healthy because all of those colors are racist! What am I going to do?!

  • RamblingMother says:

    My daughter’s issue with VT was they had no arms. She just couldn’t get into them. I tried to raise her on VT. I loved them personally!! Racism never entered my mind. SJWs ruin everything.

  • GWB says:

    WHAT white vegetables?!? I don’t think the dreaded cauliflower ever makes an appearance in VT! There might have been a radish once (white on the inside donchano). And potatoes.

    Someone else pointed out the villainous peas have an outrageous French accent, which would make them white by this idiot’s standards. *smdh*

    Good thing this woman never got hold of 1, 2, 3 Penguins.

    • MarkM says:

      The accent was because they were “french peas” which I always regarded as a wonderful play on words. There was 1 cauliflower character – but not in the original series of videos/movies. (Incidentally, my wife’s family is French and she never took umbridge at the “French” accents. I too raised my girls on Veggie Tales … they were a wonderful way to introduce a number of biblical stories in a non-intrusive/funny way.)

  • Rob Ripley says:

    Well, well, well. Here’s a great opportunity for the Dems. After all that ‘ballot harvesting’ in California it’s but a small step to vegie harvesting for votes. All they need is a minor tweak to the legislation just like they did in California.

  • AlecRawls says:

    Red Guards always commit mass murder if they ever get the chance, but how can we stop this entire indoctrinated youth from gaining power? We had better turn this anti-white racism back in a hurry.

    I believe so-called higher education WILL collapse sooner rather than later. Spend the price of a house on a degree that LESSENS your earning power? But getting rid of the damned public K-12 requires overcoming the vested property interests that are created when better-off parents spend big money to get into better school districts. Very hard to undo. What a pestilence.

  • The “ethnic” accents of the Jerichoans is clearly a tribute to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There is a scene in that movie where the English are attacking a French castle and the people in the castle mock them in those same ridiculous French accents.

    • GWB says:

      But, MarkM is also correct, as those French peas have that accent in other episodes, as well. (I think they’re specifically noted as “French peas” in the Madame Bovary episode.)

  • windbag says:

    Friends of ours adopted a bunch of kids, something like 15. Anyhow, they all talk like white Southerners, despite the fact that they’re Asian and black. I suppose that’s a problem to these lefties. As usual, lefties can’t comprehend that cultural and environmental influences factor into things like values, food preferences, mannerisms, political affiliation, and a vast number of other characteristics, including dialect and accent.

    • pkudude99 says:

      I saw a documentary not too long ago about some ethnically Chinese folks who’d been living for several generations in the Mississippi Delta region. They were American to a T and had the best redneck southern accents I ever heard. It was awesome to hear!

      *Searches YouTube* Found it!

  • David says:

    Not only are young people being brain washed by ANOTHER ‘professor’ with an askew line of thinking but…… they really recieved college credits for this course as well as actually paid for it? What kind of lazy research can you do to actually come up with this result. As another student at the college noted- the course itself is hypocritical & racist.

  • Sam L. says:

    windbag, I think that’s because lefties don’t REALLY believe in diversity (people NOT like them).

  • GWB says:

    We’ve got on Jonah several times in the last few years at church, and when describing the Ninehvites, someone (often me) adds, “and they slap people with fish!”

  • Penrod says:

    Paid for with your taxes, and the voluntary donations of people who should Just Say No.

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