United States Flag “Offensive” at Stanford University

United States Flag “Offensive” at Stanford University

United States Flag “Offensive” at Stanford University

Flyover America has long been concerned about the ideology being taught in all of our nation’s educational prisons detention camps indoctrination camps facilities. Way back in the seventies, I remember being taught that corporations were evil and suburbs were slums for worker drones (my words). If you wish to read articles about the liberal stranglehold on our education system you can read this one or this one. Now, there is reporting that at least one Stanford University administrator thinks the United States flag may be offensive.

We forget that it’s not just teachers and professors who might educate and intimidate our students. Especially on college campuses, administrative personnel may outnumber professors and likely have more personal interaction with students. I say this based on the fact that, at many colleges, professors are offended at the idea of teaching and graduate students often are behind the lectern or in front of the video camera. Student Life Administrators and Diversity Officers spread around the campus liberally, and I mean “liberally” in every sense of the word. And, anyone who has been on a college campus in the last thirty years knows that college administrators despise Greek Life. Passionately and venomously despise fraternities and sororities.

It doesn’t, then, come as much of a surprise that the Stanford Review.org posted an article titled, “Does the American Flag Offend You? Stanford Thinks It Might“. The article tells the tale of the local Sigma Chi chapter and their efforts to remain on campus. They were closed eventually. From the Stanford Review. org article:

An administrator encouraged Sigma Chi to take down the American flag flown in front of its house in order to improve its image on campus.

The mind reels. How would taking down the United States Flag improve a Greek organization’s image on a college campus? Back in the olden days, that action might ruin any organization’s image. Here is the story:

Pablo Lozano ’18 is the primary source for the following account. Other individuals, who asked not to be named, have corroborated it.

Lozano told that while on probation, Sigma Chi sought to make itself “an ally of the university.” An administrator assigned to serve as a liaison between Residential Education and Sigma Chi – let’s call him Mr. Z – was, in Lozano’s words, “supportive” in trying to help Sigma Chi outlast probation and “transparent” in explaining often obscure bureaucratic processes. The Sigma Chi brothers appreciated the candid and genuine guidance that Mr. Z offered them throughout their fight for survival.

This context of a friendly relationship with Mr. Z made the following incident all the more surprising. One night during Autumn 2017, Lozano recounted, Mr. Z was invited to eat dinner at Sigma Chi. While discussing improving the fraternity’s image with the university, Mr. Z offhandedly suggested that Sigma Chi remove the potentially discomforting symbol outside: the American flag flown in front of the house. Mr. Z urged Sigma Chi to consider the image being presented to the rest of campus by flying the flag out front. He furthered that if Sigma Chi wished to break away from stereotypes that plagued the house and to change its perception on campus, its members should contemplate un-hoisting the American flag.

The author of this article, Antigone Xenopoulos, calls this un-American. I am agree. There is no other way to take this disrespect of Our Flag. This is not brand new. As a matter of fact, three years ago, Ami Horowitz produced this video at University of California at Irvine.

I was going to pick out a point or two from this video to snark about. I cannot. I want to b*tch slap that little pisher into next week. Sorry.

Let’s head back North from Irvine to Stanford. More from the article:

While this remark was just one in a larger discussion on rebranding the house, it stands out. Mr. Z’s recommendation insinuated not only that the flag made others uncomfortable but that its being flown tainted Sigma Chi’s reputation and, presumably, worsened its chance of survival. Lozano understood Mr. Z to imply that the American flag, as a symbol, could be intimidating, aggressive or alienating. Mr. Z’s tone further signaled to Lozano that he found the mere sight of the American flag to be offensive.

But, these kids have not been totally indoctrinated…yet.

Lozano recounted that the more the house talked about Mr. Z’s suggestion, the more it bothered them. Many found the proposal weird. The remark was, according to Lozano, out of the blue and incongruent with the candid rapport they had shared with Mr. Z up and until then. Furthermore, they wondered, since when is an American flag flown at an institution in the United States offensive?


In protest of Mr. Z’s suggestion, the house declined to remove the flag, instead choosing to replace it with an even bigger one. Some members, of course, abstained from the discussion about and decision to purchase a bigger flag. The following day, by Lozano’s doing, Sigma Chi upgraded from a three-by-five-foot flag to a four-by-six-foot flag. The former flag was then framed and placed on display inside the house. This decision was, in Lozano’s words, a “silent but visible protest” against the classification of the American flag as a potentially stigmatizing symbol by a member of the Stanford administration.

Hallelujah and Praise Jesus! I am not shocked that Sigma Chi was shuttered. They probably had a lot of violations prior to the discussions with Mr. Z and why Mr. Z was having so much communication with the students. The National Office of Sigma Chi must have recommended the closure.

The larger points are the blatant anti-American sentiments on our campuses and the hatred of our systems and symbols. If you teach kids that Greek Life is bad, or the Chess Club is elitist, or the cheerleaders are tools of the patriarchy, where will they go? If you teach them that the United States Flag is “intimidating, aggressive or alienating”, what will they believe in? Can our beautiful nation survive this onslaught.

I say no. Homeschool your children, send them to a cooperative school, where you can work to pay tuition. Sell a kidney. But for our Nation’s sake, don’t turn them over to types like Mr. Z at any college or institution.

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