Uvalde – The Case For More Guns

Uvalde – The Case For More Guns

Uvalde – The Case For More Guns

Democrat politicians and their Liberal media megaphones have been screaming for control since the massacre in Uvalde last week. No one needs an AR-15, they screech. The resident in the Oval Office jokes that the AR-15 is not necessary because the “deer aren’t wearing Kevlar” and lies that the 2nd Amendment is not absolute, although James Madison would beg to differ. Based on what we saw, Uvalde actually makes the case for more armed residents.

Like most Americans, I have been both furious and nauseated about the slaughter of innocent school children in Uvalde since word began spreading. I have been a police and military supporter my entire life. I have always believed the police were the good guys. In Uvalde, the police were some of the cowards. Good guys aren’t cowards. Piers Morgan in the New York Post wrote, “Uvalde shooter wasn’t the only sniveling little coward — so were the cops“:

Yet incredibly, there were up to 19 armed police officers inside the school for 70 minutes before 18-year-old Salvador Ramos finished his hellish homicidal rampage.

That’s one for each of the 9 and 10-year-old children who were murdered.

These cops were all trained to use guns to protect the public and were all carrying guns to protect the public.

But when the moment came to protect the youngest, most vulnerable and defenceless members of the public, they went AWOL.

Or rather, they stood there outside the classroom where the kids were trapped, doing absolutely nothing.

This was despite several of the desperate children frantically calling 911 on cell phones pleading for help.

Eight calls in total were made from the classroom between 12.03pm and 12.50pm when the police finally went in.

We’re told they were waiting for keys to access the classroom, tactical equipment, and an order to go in.

But it sounds to me like what they were really waiting for was a collective infusion of bravery and duty like the kind Rob O’Neill and his fellow SEALs displayed in Abbottobad, Pakistan, 11 years ago.

And it never came.

Instead, these shameful excuses for ‘law enforcement’ did nothing as 19 children and two teachers were blown to pieces at close range by a maniac with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

The cowardly cops made a cordon to keep parents back. Initially. I thought that was necessary. Can’t have Moms running into the school willy-nilly endangering others and hampering the cops who are in there to make holes in the shooter. But I was waaaay wrong. The videos of parents pleading with law enforcement to go into the school. I identify with the emotion of each of the parents in this video:

You can feel their anger, desperation, fear and frustration.

The Uvalde cops are cowards. That’s clear. The residents claim it’s a small town where everyone knows everyone. Really, it has been almost a week and we are just now finding out that Creepy Massacre Kid was a bully (not bullied), who tortured animals and threatened to rape girls. Really? No one thought to snitch on Creepy Massacre Kid?

The Twitterverse had their collective knickers in a knot because the NRA was still going to hold its convention. I’m not a big fan of the NRA because they are more interested in selling life insurance than educating the public on safe weapons handling. Watching the protesters on Twitter scream about guns made me even more furious.z

Why do people think behavior like that is going to convince anyone about anything?

The “blood on your hands” mob are even more wrong than usual. What we need in this country are more armed and trained citizens. When Antifa burns down a city, what do the police do? Nada. When a gunman is murdering children, what do the cops do? Nothing. Imagine a few of those angry desperate moms in the video armed. Armed with a gun, a long rifle, a window breaker. The Creepy Massacre Kid would have assumed room temperature in a few seconds.

What the heck is this waiting for a master key? Take care of yourself, my people. Don’t rely on anyone else. Cops or government. Buy a gun and take a safety class.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden says he is going to “Do something”. It won’t help you, whatever he does.

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  • GWB says:

    A few things, Toni. None of the below is intended to undermine your bigger picture.

    First, on waiting for a key: I don’t have personal knowledge of this school, but I’ve been in some built or re-built/modified in the last 15 years, and the key was necessary*. The anti-shooter measures most schools have taken involve very thick, sturdy doors with the locks and hinges protected by steel door jambs. The point is to keep out someone with a gun. Once they are locked from the inside, the only way to get them UNlocked is from the inside or with a key. (It’s a “master” key since it opens ALL of the ant-shooter doors.) School active shooter responses are predicated on the shooter starting in a hallway, and the classrooms all locking down (behind these ‘impenetrable’ doors) to keep him in said hallways where the cops find him and take him out. And that door did exactly what it was supposed to do – keep armed men outside.

    (* It was necessary. But it shouldn’t have taken that long to obtain it. But… protocols. Addressed below.)

    Second, on the “cowards” outside versus “there were up to 19 armed police officers inside the school”. Which of those is it? I know the second one is someone else you’re quoting, but he calls them cowards, too. If they were in there evacuating the other kids (and don’t believe that malarkey about cops going in for just their own kids – that doesn’t pass any test of critical thinking, unless their kid was off alone somewhere in the building) they were doing something. Some of them are possibly cowards.

    Third, let’s talk about the mistake of changing the protocol. This is the linchpin for understanding why some might have been standing around and also not be cowards. The “active shooter” protocol has them rushing inside and searching for the gunman while also trying to evacuate people. But somewhen – because he locked himself into the room – that got changed to “barricaded suspect”. Which is NOT based on there being people bleeding out or still in danger from the gunman. At that point you wait and try to get in without any of your own people getting killed. The person who made that call F*ED UP.

    Which leads to the fourth point: I haven’t seen any pictures nor heard any information on one important aspect of the doors/room – did it have any windows? (Some of the security doors I’ve seen have those small, wire-mesh glass windows, but some do not.) Was it possible for them to see in and even remotely evaluate the situation? Yes, there were 911 calls. But those don’t go to the cops on the scene, necessarily, and certainly not broadcast willy-nilly over the radio. They probably did get relayed to the top cop on scene – who is likely the one who made the “barricaded suspect” call. (Which makes him look much worse.)

    None of those are to directly counter the point that the cops royally screwed up. But I think they are important to keep in mind when evaluating what happened.

    The fifth point is the headline. I’m not actually complaining, but it’s not guns we need more of. You almost say it correctly in the first paragraph: “more armed residents.” But that isn’t quite the answer, either. It’s the last time you type it out that is the answer: “more armed and trained citizens.” See, it’s the citizen part that gets to the other part you also mention in the next paragraph – taking responsibility for yourself. Understanding that even the police power resides in your hands; you’ve only delegated it for purposes of good order and discipline (to use a church/military phrase). Armed teachers are one way to help – assuming they can actually take responsibility (some still do, I’m sure). Armed citizens (more broadly) are another.

    There’s other things that need to change, aside from guns. Morals need to move back to where they used to be, along with eliminating the therapeutic aspects of punishment. But that would be a whole other rant.

    • GWB says:

      /sigh/ And I somewhere screwed up closing an ’em’ tag…….
      (After “and also not be cowards”)

  • Alifa says:

    I totally share your outrage. I have lived in Israel since 1980. When my two daughters were in kindergarten on the moshav where I live, parents were assigned to guard the building. We were issued an M-1, with which we had trained with the Border Police. The kindergarten teacher had a pistol. When my kids went to school in the town of Lod, I also had to stand guard until the schools decided to hire armed guards; parents had to pay an extra security fee. The high school they attended in Tel Aviv was surrounded by a high fence and students passed a guard at the entrance. My grandkid’s schools in Modiin are also surrounded by high fences and have armed guards.

    I realize that Israel is not like the United States, and that here we have been subject to terror threats and attacks, but why can’t American teachers be armed and trained? Surely continuing education courses for teachers on security would be a lot more relevant than “diversity” courses. Given the situation on the border and the current economic mess, I have a feeling that security is going to be more important than ever, and sooner than you think.

  • Brian says:

    ‘I’m not a big fan of the NRA because they are more interested in selling life insurance than educating the public on safe weapons handling.’

    Can you do a bit of expanding on your point? I’ve never been solicited by them to buy life insurance…


  • Drew Kelley, C/o Goldfield Small Arms says:

    Strange that the Uvalde PD has no 12g Breaching Shotguns to deal with those reinforced doors.
    And, to make the point about insurance: As a Life Member, the only insurance offers I’ve received are insurance to protect my investment in guns,

  • GWB says:

    The doors they use to defend against active shooters (I am not claiming the ones in Uvalde are such doors, but it’s what they often use) will not be breached by a 12ga. They are thick solid wood doors and the latch/lock area and the hinges are behind heavy steel jambs.

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