#UnplannedParenthood Hashtag Tells Beautiful Stories To Counter Abortion

#UnplannedParenthood Hashtag Tells Beautiful Stories To Counter Abortion

One of the most poignant and beautiful things to come out of the ghoulish and twisted videos of Planned Parenthood that the Center for Medical Progress has released is the ongoing Twitter thread with the hashtag #UnplannedParenthood.


Some of the tweets are beautifully hilarious.

Others are poignant tributes.

If you want to be both uplifted and brought to tears, this hashtag has it all.

May this hashtag bear testimony to why life matters, and why the casual evil in the Planned Parenthood videos sickens anyone with a soul.

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  • Joe Miller says:

    For many years now we’ve been at the point where, legally, it’s a “baby” if the mother wants it and a “fetus” if she doesn’t. That just can’t continue.

  • Cyn J says:

    I was a full term very low birth weight baby. I was very much a premie (sp). The Drs. told my parents who were not married at the time that the next couple of days in the hospital would tell if I made it or not but the prognosis wasn’t very good. I had high fevers, seizures, jaundice and the Drs. honestly weren’t sure if I was going to make it. I’m 38 years old with two beautiful children of my own, I’ve served in the US Navy and now I enjoy being a stay at home mom. I was planned for all the wrong reasons but I’m here and LIFE just couldn’t be better. I’m thankful my parents stuck it out and did their best to make a home and family.

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