United States of California- Kamala’s Promise

United States of California- Kamala’s Promise

United States of California- Kamala’s Promise

United States of California is the take away from Kamala’s debate responses. Throughout the Vice Presidential debate Kamala asserted her record of public service in California as an asset to the nation. Newsflash Kamala, if the progressive dystopian policies of California are so great…. Why are the able bodied citizens of your home state fleeing like rats on a sinking ship?! We don’t want you to Kamalafornia our America!

Taxes, taxes, everywhere

Nobody believes the Biden-Harris tax plan. It’s heavy on rebates and credits for “middle income” earners, purportedly funded by those “really rich people making over $400,000 a year!”, and the EVIL corporate monsters. I’d assign it a “Pinocchio” scale, but there isn’t enough wood. Kamala isn’t directly responsible for the crazy high taxes in California, she’s not in the state house. But she is responsible for endorsing some of the people responsible for the dire situation brewing in the state. She’s at the very least complicit by not endorsing candidates who are opposed to overspending and taxing their ever expanding class of “rich.”

And how does the Golden State compare to the other 49 and DC? Hoover Institution Senior Fellow, Lee Ohanian, writes “California Businesses Leave The State By The Thousands

 California is too expensive, and its taxes and regulations are too high. The Tax Foundation ranks California 48th in terms of business climate. California is also ranked 48th in terms of regulatory burdens. And California’s cost of living is 50 percent higher than the national average.”

Not only does California tax its citizens into hardship, but they are planning on adding even more taxes under the guise of “net-worth tax.” Lee Ohanian further explains,

Complicated as all get-out, it involves not just financial assets but real estate, farmland, offshore holdings, pensions, art, antiques, and other collectibles. Europe tried taxing wealth, and it has failed, leading almost all countries to abandon it. And the idea that it will generate $7.5 billion in revenue is laughable, though it will create additional income for tax attorneys and CPAs. The state also intends to make this law follow you for up to a decade should you leave.”

Wait, what… The state wants to tax citizens after they leave the state?! Yeah, you read that right. California will demand you pay “your fair share” even after you leave its golden shores. Talk about United States of California. Kamalafornia for sure. Because like Obama and his ilk are fond of saying, “you didn’t build that” so share your wealth!

Businesses?! We don’t need no stinking’ businesses!

California is a business killer. No, not the Apple, Amazon, Tesla  (actually, they are leaving) tech industry that gets trotted out whenever the political parasites need to highlight “successful industry” in the state. Small, medium, and moderately large businesses are leaving the state faster than a Girl Scout rushes past Biden’s nose. Lee Ohanian writes,

California businesses are leaving the state in droves. In just 2018 and 2019—economic boom years—765 commercial facilities left California. This exodus doesn’t count Charles Schwab’s announcement to leave San Francisco next year. Nor does it include the 13,000 estimated businesses to have left between 2009 and 2016.”

If business leaves the state, how will the corporate taxes be paid? If the mom and pop business owners who file as individuals leave the state, who will fill the void of “rich”?

I’m fond of a phrase “trickle down taxes.” It’s like “trickle down economics”, only in reverse where the state lowers the threshold of what it means to be “rich.” If you have $100 and 90% has only $40… you are now rich. Because “rich” is relative to the local population. There is no “floor” to being taxed when you have more than someone else.

The Biden/Harris tax scheme has a place for businesses. It’s buried under regulations and restrictions. How very California.

We can secede from the United States of California, (Kamalafornia)


Housing is great. You can’t afford it. Don’t even think about water or power!

California is mired in building restrictions and regulations. Individual lawsuits, approval delays, and high permit costs drive the average home into the mid $400,000’s. In Texas a $300,000 house will cost $800,000 in California.

But even the standard environmental demands are outrageous. For example,

  • A mandate approved by the California Building Standards Commission in 2018 now requires that new homes built in the state include solar panels. The new standard applies to single- and multifamily residences up to three stories.
  • The bills also set indoor residential water use at 55 gallons per person per day, incrementally reducing that number after Jan. 1, 2025. Basically, this year, you might want to start getting used to using less water and more water- efficient appliances.

Having throughly disavowed the Green New Deal, Kamala praises Biden’s plan. One that looks similar to the one in California. His plan uses words like “justice” and “discrimination”…. Standard trope from the “Dictionary of the Woke.”

“Get woke, go broke” takes on entirely different definitions if Biden/Harris win in 2020.

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • Toastrider says:

    Yup. Net worth or ‘wealth’ taxes, coming to a nation near you. Get ready to have all your property assigned a tax value. Hey, what’s the tax value on D&D books? Or Warhammer 40k army figurines?

    Because they WILL want to squeeze every penny they can.

    • GWB says:

      But, honestly, is that such a bad thing? After all, private property is just a way to maintain your white privilege and keep the [insert oppressed minority of the moment here] down. If everyone owns everything, then noone owns anything, and there’s no more war and no more crime and we can all dance with flowers in our hair on our way to Shangri-La, right?


  • GWB says:

    Kamala asserted her record of public service in California
    Ummm, more like “servicing a public official.”

    We don’t want you to Kamalafornia our America!
    Kamalafornicate? (apologies to the Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    I’d assign it a “Pinocchio” scale, but there isn’t enough wood
    Oh my. Not touching that one.

    leading almost all countries to abandon it
    After the rich people abandoned those countrues.
    (Whew, not a Kamala-sleeping-her-way-to-the-top-joke.)

    The state also intends to make this law follow you for up to a decade should you leave.
    Sorry, but they wouldn’t have jurisdiction. But, then again, NY does something very similar. (Rush Limbaugh fought for years to get out from under their thumb after moving to FL.)

    who will fill the void …?
    The Mexicans/Central Americans/South Americans, of course! Because moving to CA will make them all rich, don’t you know!

    It’s buried under regulations and restrictions.
    Awwww, don’t think of it as “buried”. Think of it as a precursor to the proletariat owning the means of production – and interim period where the state controls the means of production without actually owning them. Let’s see… we can call that intermediate period “fascism”.

    Too bad we don’t have a Texas equivalent for us to move to overseas.
    Enough armed freedom-loving Americans could make a Texas equivalent* in a lot of places, though.
    “United States of the Caribbean” has a nice ring to it….

    (* It’s how Texas did it, after all. 😉 )

    55 gallons per person per day
    Better get used to that garderobe**, peasant!
    (** For lack of a better term for a spot inside where you basically just drop your deuce into the darkness, instead of flushing it somewhere to be dealt with in a more pleasant manner.)

  • Mike says:

    When you spend more than is coming in, you have to take measures. When you’re writing the rules, guess what measures you can take.

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