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Unbelievable: Lisa Murkowski questions Joe Miller’s honor, says he’s “not fit to lead”

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Unbelievable: Lisa Murkowski questions Joe Miller’s honor, says he’s “not fit to lead”

Unbelievable: Lisa Murkowski questions Joe Miller’s honor, says he’s “not fit to lead”

The Right Scoop posted this stunning video, in which Lisa Murkowski brazenly questions Joe Miller’s honor and deems him unfit to lead.

Clearly, telling a former Army officer that he is unfit to lead isn’t going to be a winning strategy for Princess Murkowski, as the audience reaction obviously showed.

As many of you know, Joe Miller is a West Point graduate. He served as an Army officer during Desert Storm, earning a Bronze Star for leadership in combat. Yet somehow, Lisa Murkowski felt it would be a good idea to twist Miller’s honorable military service around as a negative? She knocked a man awarded a Bronze Star for leadership in combat… as unfit to lead. It is shameful that a sitting United States senator would attack a decorated Army officer on the basis of honor and leadership, but apparently there’s no low Lisa Murkowski won’t sink to in her desperate bid to keep Daddy’s little present.

Meanwhile, what has Lisa Murkowski ever done to qualify her as some kind of leadership expert? Well, after law school, she failed the bar exam four times before finally passing it, became a lawyer, was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives, and then had a Senate seat gifted to her by her father.

Wow, what extraordinary leadership experience and qualifications.

Meanwhile, isn’t it a bit hypocritical for Murkowski to attack Miller on the basis of honor? Murkowski is the one who lost a primary, conceded the race, and promised to abide by the will of Alaska voters. She, of course, did no such thing and launched a write-in campaign, ignoring the will of the voters — exactly the thing she promised she wouldn’t do. Yeah, that’s real honorable.

Right now, Miller is trying to raise $1.5 million in a final push before the election. He’s currently at a little over $1 million. Maybe we should all donate to his campaign and make sure that Alaska’s version of Ted Kennedy be kicked out for good this time.

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  • Steve says:

    When trying to play the video, I got “This video has been removed by the user.” That’s not Cassy, but whoever posted the video.

    I wonder why? I guess Linda didn’t want too many people to hear what she had to say.

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