Ugly Lorena and the Fake Data Behind AB5

Ugly Lorena and the Fake Data Behind AB5

Ugly Lorena and the Fake Data Behind AB5

San Diego’s Lorena Gonzalez leaves her legislative post with the same degree of professionalism and dignity with which she held it. Meaning the ill-tempered, foul-mouthed witch continues her ugly ways even as her signature legislation is shown to be a fraud all the way down.

Did Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) — the author of the disastrous AB 5 law that has cost hundreds of thousands of independent contractors in California their livelihoods — use bogus data to help get her onerous labor bill passed in 2019?

According to (BRG), the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Ugly Lorena has oft touted that the state of California was losing $7 billion A YEAR in payroll tax revenues because of those nasty, cheating, un-unionized forensic nurses, interpreters, artists, musicians, owner-operator truckers … over 300 different careers that people chose as their livelihood as independent contractors.

Now, of course that $7 billion PER YEAR figure smells fishy upon first glance, even with Lorena’s claim that the number came from The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. The suspicion over that claim was enough for the Berkeley Research Group to field an analyst team and spend several months trying to track it down.

We are sure you’ll be shocked to learn that it is wholly a figment of Ugly Lorena’s tiny mind.

“We talked with all of the agencies in California at every level. We went through a ton of documents. We couldn’t find anything.”

Eventually, we did find what we were looking for. It turns out that in 2012, a report issued by an Obama Administration commission headed by Joe Biden stated that the nation, not California alone, loses $7 billion because contractors don’t pay payroll taxes—not annually, but rather over a 10-year period. Their report covered all people who provide contracting services, not just those in rideshare and high-tech.”

AB5 was passed and signed into law based on this FakeData.

But all water under the bridge, right? Lorena has resigned the legislature so why should we care about this or her anymore? Because lives and livelihoods have been destroyed, small businesses double-whammied by it and the Wuhan Lab virus panic while BigTech and BigCorporations have reaped the benefits of being cozy with Democrats. In addition, that $7 billion figure is still being used by the proponents of taking AB5 nation-wide (PROAct), like Lynn Rhinehart – former AFL-CIO legal counsel and now a member of Creepy Joe’s Department of Labor. In a June 2021 paper Rhinehart cited the $7 billion figure citing Ugly Lorena as the source.

Truth isn’t a Leftwing value. Whether it was the late and unlamented Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney because “it worked, didn’t it” to Pravda media’s “Fiery but peaceful” schtick, everything is on the table as long as it advances the narrative.

And it’s not that Lorena will no longer be in a position to cause harm. She is now the leader of the California Labor Federation, a collection of 1200 ALF-CIO unions across the state.

Lorena Gonalez, the recently-resigned Democratic assemblywoman from San Diego, left her $114,000-a-year post to become head of the California Labor Federation, with a pay increase of at least $49,000. (snip)

As chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, Gonzalez shaped scores of other decisions favoring the interests of big labor over employers of all kinds and sizes.

Now she’s made it official. Gonzalez, once a labor leader in San Diego County, would have been termed out in just under four years. Now she’ll have no time limit or term limit. There will be no more potential conflicts of interest, as she will openly advocate for the 1,200 unions in the labor federation.

Lorena has a small amount of infamy, too, on how she conducts herself in public. She never let the usual restraints of being an elected official come between her and her foul mouth. On Twitter, she couldn’t arbitrarily block those who dared to criticize her, now she can. With her usual aplomb.

And, of course, a riff on AOC’s “you criticize me because you want to date me” line.

Like all Left cult members, Lorena believes there are no “women of color” outside the cult so Kira Davis is really white or male or something.

Isn’t the *itch special?

This is the Left. This is who they are. This is what they do.

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