Turned In By Your Neighbor For Covid Non-Compliance?

Turned In By Your Neighbor For Covid Non-Compliance?

Turned In By Your Neighbor For Covid Non-Compliance?

I don’t know about you, but it’s something that has been niggling around the corners of my mind for the last two years. Will I be turned in by my neighbors or family members for non-compliance regarding Covid? I mean, I took the first to Moderna doses of the vaccine, but I haven’t been boosted. I think vaccines are important for the eradication of illnesses, but I also believe in therapeutics. I have been taking Vitamins C and D and the mineral Zinc for years, and for Covid, I added the flavonoid Quercetin. I think masks are stupid, but I am a big fan of social distancing, always. I watch my diet, because I believe obesity is deadly. The Hubs and I walk every day, because fresh air and exercise are healthy. I am not an American Covid Zombie. I think for myself. That makes me an enemy of the Centers for Disease Control. How about you?

Being turned in to the Feds is not outside of the realm of possibility. We think of ourselves as modern and educated, but we don’t know history. But who knew we had so many citizens who were germaphobes? Like I said this has been creeping around the edges of my brain for two years, so when I read Daniel Gerlertner’s post in American Greatness, it truly struck a cord.

After quoting statistics about the number of Democrats, according to Rasmussen, who would like to see Covid non-compliant types fined, monitored, confined or have their children confiscated, Gerlertner then writes:

Is any of this Nazi enough for you yet? You are living next door to the people who would have turned you over to the Comité de salut public for opposing the “Law of Suspects”—the law that authorized the arrest of all suspected enemies of the Revolution and ushered in the Reign of Terror. You are living next door to the people who would have turned you over to the NKVD for “moral sabotage of the Soviet Union.” You are living next door to the people who would have called up the Gestapo and said, “My neighbor is hiding a Jew.”

Examine these historical personages from Revolutionary France or Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany (or Nazi France): It’s not just that they were following orders. On the contrary, they thought they were doing a positive good for society. They were eager to help rid their community of dangerous elements. They were proud of what they did.

They did it with joy for the “greater good”. But, we don’t have to look to the distant past for stories of the fascists taking over.

American medicine has already been destroyed by the Covid hysteria. Last October, I wrote about a teen boy who was refused medical treatment because he was unvaxxed. You can read it here. Veteran, but unvaxxed, nurses are being let go and replaced with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) nurses who are unvaxxed. You know, they work for the almighty State.

The American Covid Zombies enjoy the deaths of the unvaxxed or those who violated “social distancing”. From the L.A. Times:

Witness the subreddit HermanCainAward, which Lili Loofbourow of Slate identified in September as “a site for heartless and unrepentant schadenfreude.”

The site is named for the former Republican candidate for president who became one of the first political notables to succumb to the disease after publicly defying social distancing measures.

Like another site, sorryantivaxxer.com, the subreddit hosts snippets and photographs of anti-vaccine advocates, often taken at their deathbeds.

The issue of how to think about the deaths of unvaccinated has been thrown into high relief locally by the case of Kelly Ernby, a prominent Orange County Republican and deputy district attorney who crusaded against vaccine mandates and died of COVID around New Year’s Day, unvaccinated.

What if, just what if, no matter what you do (vaxxed, masked, distanced, scattered, smothered and covered) you get the virus and die? Viruses virus. That is the nature of virus. I have gotten the regular flu vaccine every year since childhood. I understand that there is a chance I could still get the flu and die. But, this is not about the vaccine. It’s about control. It’s about destroying bonds of relationships.

Take for instance Cory Booker. Before he was Senator, he was Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. He offered a one thousand dollars to anyone turning in a family member or neighbor for owning an illegal gun. First question, how do you know it is illegal?

More recently, the FBI encouraged people to turn in family members, friends and neighbors who attended the January 6 rally for President Trump. And, sadly, people turned in their family. From the Washington Post:

When a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Leslie hoped that this would be her Trump-supporting parents’ wake-up call. She hoped they were watching, maybe feeling ashamed.

Then, a friend called. “Do you know already?” the friend said, and Leslie wondered briefly if someone had died.

The politically liberal 35-year-old cried about the screenshots from her mother’s Facebook page, posts defending the pro-Trump crowds and suggesting that Leslie’s mom made it at least to the Capitol’s steps. Then she reported her mom to the FBI — because “actions,” she said, “should have consequences.”

“I think before I realized she was this far gone … there was a sense that perhaps there was some way to reconcile,” said Leslie. “It felt like a death, honestly.”

It was a death. The death of a family. There will be more to come.

Gerlertner finished his article on the prospect of being turned in for Covid violations with:

Your Democratic neighbors won’t be ordered to vote for laws that ostracize you from society, steal your property, or send you away to a concentration camp. They will do it burning with pride and even with righteous indignation against you for forcing them to these extremes. They’ve already done it in New Zealand and Australia and Canada—places our schools taught us were identical to America in terms of rights and freedoms.

This is why Americans cling to their guns. It has nothing to do with hunting. It has nothing to do with self-defense against the common criminal. We cling to our guns so that, when our neighbors show up and say, “We’re going to take you to the camps now, because you’re a danger to society,” we can look back at them and say, “Like hell you will.”

It’s coming because we don’t learn from history.

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  • GWB says:

    But who knew we had so many citizens who were germaphobes?
    It’s not strictly germaphobes. It’s a Zero Risk mentality, where avoiding death and disease is something you should be able to do in the modern world. It happens to have been hyper-focused on Wuhan Flu because of the media panic-mongering.

    After quoting statistics about the number of Democrats
    They’re polls, not statistics. One is math, the other is marketing.

    You are living next door to the people who would have…
    I have said for close to 3 decades, when asked “How could they have let the NAZIs come to power?”, “You are ‘they’.”

    On the contrary, they thought they were doing a positive good for society.
    Understand that some of the worst monsters actually did believe what they were selling. They weren’t just power-hungry monsters, stepping on the little people to climb the ladder. They actually believed. Not just the little people who were led by the misleading types. No. A great number of those leading the people were true believers.

    places our schools taught us were identical to America in terms of rights and freedoms
    Well, that’s another lie our schools have persisted in.

    It’s coming because we don’t learn from history.
    Wrong, Toni! It’s coming because they won’t learn from history.
    The bloody result will be coming because we have studied history and prepared for its inevitable turn.

    [As a side note, it isn’t just the sort of history taught in schools that will tell you this. It’s also laid out in scripture, in the Old Testament. Read the downward spiral in Judges, and the cycle from bad king to good king and back in Kings and Chronicles. And, of course, Ecclesiastes, “Ain’t nothin’ new under the sun, y’all.”]

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