TSA Allowing Illegals To Fly Domestically-No ID required

TSA Allowing Illegals To Fly Domestically-No ID required

The past week I have been listening to the reports coming from the border, and talking to my sister who lives near it in Southern California, and many things have shocked and concerned me. From the sheer number of people streaming over the border, to the diseases that are being diagnosed among them, to the dumping of these people in unsuspecting communities throughout the country. This new information has shot to the top of my personal Whiskey Tango Foxtrot list though-a report that the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has been allowing illegal aliens who have entered into this country without any kind of appropriate documentation to board commercial aircraft using no identification other than their “Notice to appear” forms issued by border courts.

notice to appear
Courtesy of Breitbart Texas

These forms have no photos on them, so in theory an OTM (Other Than Mexican) from the Middle East, could walk across the border, secure one of these forms and then have carte blanche to walk onto a plane and do God knows what. In fact, OTM border crossings in certain areas of the country have been an issue on the minds of Washington since the early 2000’s, and were reignited by when reports of patches associated with Hezbollah and prayer rugs were found on the U.S./Mexico border in 2010.

Photo courtesy of Hannity

In a 2006 report to the  titled “A Line In The Sand” the authors discuss the growing influence of Hezbollah in Latin America and the link between the terror organization and drug gangs in Central America.

“The evidence to suggest Hezbollah is actively involved in the trafficking of South American cocaine to fund its operations is mounting as well. In 2008, U.S. and Colombian authorities dismantled a cocainesmuggling and money-laundering organization that allegedly helped fund Hezbollah operations.

Dubbed Operation Titan, the enforcement effort uncovered a money laundering operation that is suspected of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine proceeds a year and paying 12 percent of those profits to Hezbollah. Operation Titan has led to more than 130 arrests and the seizure of $23 million. 30 One of those arrests was of Chekri Mahmoud Harb (also known as “Taliban” or “Tali”) whois a Lebanese national suspected of being a kingpin of the operation. In 2010, Harb pled guilty to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine knowing the drugs would ultimately be smuggled into the United States.”

So with this information, does the current Administration’s policy of allowing anyone from Central America to come across our borders, without any identification and to travel throughout this nation with nothing more than a summons when we require our own citizens to provide a valid, government issued identification to travel within our own country make any sense? Are American citizens not being profiled in our home country? Is our government doing what is required of it in the Constitution (“to provide for the common defense”)? I say no to all of the above questions and I think that as citizens we richly deserve an answer as to why.

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  • GWB says:

    I think that as citizens we richly deserve an answer as to why.

    What?!? Who told you that you were a citizen? You’re a subject now! And you’ll do what you’re told!

    Now bend over so I can get a better angle with the scope up your nether regions!

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Pay no attention to the terrorist holding the Notice to Appear form. You are getting sleepy, verrrry sleepy…..

    All is well.

    War is Peace.

    We are at war with Eastasia; we have always been at war with Eastasia.

    Nothing to see here, move along now.

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