Trump Protests In London Are A Big Fat Yawn

Trump Protests In London Are A Big Fat Yawn

Trump Protests In London Are A Big Fat Yawn

President Donald Trump is in London to visit Queen Elizabeth, have a chat with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, and honor the 75th anniversary of the historic Normandy D-Day landings. The mainstream media in the United States and in the United Kingdom is waiting, with bated breath and nerves aquiver, for massive protests against Trump. Protests so massive and loud that every sin they ascribe to President Trump will be confirmed. The Trump protests, so far, in London have been neither massive nor loud and have been quite a yawn.

If the press didn’t have such a virulent case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, they might want to write about the first edition Churchill book the Queen gifted the President, as Deanna did. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. Or, the press might want to write about how our gregarious and physical president slowed down and calmed down to match the 93 year old Queen Elizabeth’s slowed movements.

The mainstream media might need gargantuan protests for their collective confirmation biases, but the fizz is out of the bottle. The copy machine is out of toner and the Baby Trump balloon looks old and tired. The Trump protests are just flat boring. Behold the video evidence from Bloomberg News:

Newsweek got totally stoked because President Trump, daughter/advisor Ivanka and National Security Advisor John Bolton were booed by the crowd as they walked to Number Ten Downing Street for the press conference with Mrs. May. From the article:

First daughter Ivanka Trump and her father President Donald Trump did not get the reception they had hoped for during their U.K. visit as they left 10 Downing Street on Tuesday for a news conference.

Both Trumps were booed as they exited the building separately.

Senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump emerged from U.K. government headquarters first and was immediately greeted by boos as she walked across the street with national security adviser John Bolton. Ivanka Trump smiled only momentarily.

Minutes later, President Trump left 10 Downing Street alongside British Prime Minister Theresa May, with first lady Melania Trump and May’s husband Philip May trailing behind. The crowd of a few hundred people booed him as well and chanted “Donald Trump, go back home!” The president waved several times and, during the joint press conference that ensued, denied the disapproval from the crowd.

Oh my. What should the President Trump have said? Here is what would have made the media happy. “I, Donald J. Trump, have come to the realization that because of the disapproval of a few hundred British people and the utterly lame protests at Trafalgar Square, I resign the presidency of the United States immediately.” Yeah, right.

The Trump protests in London need a vitamin shot, a blood transfusion, and a new creative director. They are lame, boring and not that well attended. And, if they are paid, as Nigel Farage suggested on Fox News Channel, maybe they are not paid enough.

It will be very interesting to see how the media covers the President at Normandy on the sixth of June. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Holt/Creative Commons 2.0/cropped

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  • Kiwihawke says:

    I was in the UK last year for the first wave of protests, a more rag tag bunch of half sucked throatees you have never seen and the bloody mess afterwards was as you would expect. The funmy thing was a few days later the Free Tommy protest happened and not only was there media silence the streets were also clean after the event…draw your own conclusions from that.

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