Trump Inaugural Committee Subpoenaed By D.C. AG

Trump Inaugural Committee Subpoenaed By D.C. AG

Trump Inaugural Committee Subpoenaed By D.C. AG

The Attorney General for the District of Columbia has issued a subpoena to the 2017 Trump Inaugural Committee, according to the Associated Press. Earlier in February subpoenas were issued by the states of New York and New Jersey. Why? Because haven’t you heard? Donald Trump is a racist, con man and so he, and everyone who supports him, must be given a public colonoscopy. I am sorry, but I am done to death with this sloth excrement.

The Associated Press reports:

President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee has received a subpoena from the attorney general for the District of Columbia, the third request it has received from prosecutors for financial records over the past month.
The subpoena, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, seeks documents showing whether any committee officers benefited from the group’s spending. It also seeks records involving any payments the committee made to the Trump Organization and the Trump International Hotel in Washington, which hosted some of the inaugural events.

Heaven forbid that anyone should make money from a Presidential Inaugural. Before Donald Trump, no one in Washington, D.C. ever made money, especially from an Presidential Inauguration. Stop laughing, Nebraska and Kentucky.

Here is a video with a quick and dirty explanation:

Oh my goodness. The Inaugural Committee raised $107 million. The most expensive inauguration EVAH! There must be something dirty in there. From the Associated Press Report again:

The committee raised $107 million to host events celebrating Trump’s inauguration in January 2017- an unprecedented amount of money raised by an inaugural committee. But its spending has drawn mounting scrutiny in recent months.

Jiminy Christmas, I wonder why? Is there any Democrat led State or District that isn’t investigating President Donald Trump? There are a few. Only because Donald Trump didn’t spend five whole minutes in their s**thole state.

Donald Trump’s inaugural may have raised twice as much as Barack Obama’s 2013 inaugural. It was the most expensive inaugural ever. Big woo! The 2012 Presidential Race was the most expensive in history. Where does the money go? Where does all this money go? As long as the left is winning, nothing needs to be investigated. If the Right wins, it must be fraud and must be investigated.

Yesterday, we got treated to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen crying and grovelling while accusing Donald Trump of being a self-promoting entrepreneur with a penchant for women. Deanna did a great wrap up of that cluster you know what. You can read it here. Today, Cohen will testilie before Adam Schitt’s committee but behind closed doors. You can guarantee that Schitt will be leaking before the hearing is over. This whole Schitt show is done for me. I am sick to death of it. I know even those who held their noses and voted for Trump are tired of it.

Just so you know, the Trump Inaugural Committee says everything is copacetic:

Inaugural committee spokesman Chris Bond said late Wednesday that committee officials are in contact with investigators. The committee has maintained that its finances were independently audited, and that all funds were spent in accordance with the law.

I hope the Inaugural Committee held on to a boatload of money. They are going to need it for the lawyers.

One more thing. I need to remind everyone from time to time. While the focus of the Democrat/Leftwit/Media bile is Donald Trump, never forget that the real objects of their hatred are you and me.

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