Trump Has Only The Best Enemies

Trump Has Only The Best Enemies

Trump Has Only The Best Enemies

The media malpractice when it comes to President Trump and Baltimore has been beyond insane. All Donald Trump has to do is state that the sky is blue, and the media will immediately flip out and point out that it’s cloudy somewhere.

So when Trump helped highlight that Baltimore is a wreck, politically and physically, the media went running to talk up how wonderful Baltimore is and how horrible President Trump is for saying Baltimore was anything but wonderful.

Bernie Sanders can call Baltimore a “third-world country,” former disgraced Mayor Catherine Pugh can comment on the trash and the stench…

… and HBO can create an entire TV series talking about what a horrible, crime-ridden, corrupt place Baltimore is, and yet only President Trump is called out as a racist for stating the truth. Now, Trump doesn’t have a plan to revitalize cities like Baltimore. The tweets in question are a direct consequence of Trump watching some “Fox and Friends” and then tweeting about it before he’s had his first Diet Coke of the day.

If the media and the Democrats wanted to really counter Donald Trump effectively, they should have said something along these lines: “Yes, Baltimore is in desperate need of help. Do you have a plan to help, Mr. President?” Throwing the ball back into Trump’s court and asking for practical solutions would have been the SMART thing to do.

But the media doesn’t do the smart thing. The media takes the lazy way out and screams “RACIST,” telling us all to ignore our own lying eyes and listen to them about how great Baltimore is… even though that crime rate is out of control.

The media couldn’t even be bothered to go check out Baltimore itself, but Benny Johnson did in a lengthy Twitter thread. It ended this way:

Donald Trump, in his limited inarticulate way on Twitter, was trying to say something along these lines. The citizens of Baltimore deserve better than they’ve gotten. And they certainly deserve more than what the Democrats are going to give them – which is Al Sharpton.

Yes, because Sharpton is all about bringing people together and healing racial divides. (That was sarcasm.)

And like lemmings lining up to jump off the cliff, the major Democratic presidential candidate send out their messages of support for Al Sharpton. Kamala Harris. Elizabeth Warren. And yes, Joe Biden. There is no plan for the inner cities, there is no hope of a better day out of the Democrat-led corruption of Baltimore. There is only more of the same from the Democrats, who insist that Trump’s “racism” is the problem, not the horror show that Baltimore has been allowed to become.

Trump could have lost out when he initially picked the fight over Twitter with Elijah Cummings. Instead, he’s going to come out as the winner because those opposing him are committing an own goal by calling Trump a racist while praising an actual racist in Al Sharpton, and insisting that Baltimore isn’t a problem. Who knew that when Trump said he had “the best people” around him, he also got the best enemies, too?

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  • Garland Twitty says:

    Strictly, it is not Washington’s responsibility to rehabilitate Baltimore: it is not as if Maryland is a poor state. The primary responsibility for fixing cities lies with the cities themselves, with the support of the states if necessary. (Federalism: a principle our president understands.)

  • Render says:

    Those row houses are an interesting thing; I wish one of these “reporters” would look into them. When I lived there (around the time The Wire came out,) there were people who wanted to buy entire blocks of these boarded-up houses and rehabilitate the areas.

    Problem: The government effectively owned those houses, the people wanting to buy them were white, and the politicians didn’t want white people taking houses that they felt should be reserved for blacks.

    But I’m sure that’s Trump’s fault, too.

  • It’s been clear for some time that Democrat politicians regard black Americans as vote fodder and nothing more. Yea verily, even black Democrat politicians. Keeping them “on the plantation” has been the Dems’ principal aim since the first of the Civil Rights Acts.

  • Quote: Now, Trump doesn’t have a plan to revitalize cities like Baltimore.

    Nonsense. Trump spent much of his business career revitalizing rundown areas of major cities. He turned trashy, crime-ridden neighborhoods and buildings into safe, clean ones. We can argue about whether what he did will work in every neighborhood in every major city. But you can’t claim that he lacks a plan. That is simply absurd. He not only has a plan. He has plans that he implemented and that have been shown to work.

    And besides, the essence of Trump’s stated plan for cities like Baltimore—throw out the crooks—is a necessary first step. You’re not going to get rid of crime with crooks in political office. You’re not going to attract business if your government is corrupt and your cities riddled with crime.

  • Snidely Whiplash says:

    Talk about conflicted. This post verges on being a criticism of Trump more than of the state Baltimore has been left in by their own politicians. Never Trump much?

    But your suggested response would have been worse than the lies they spewed. Maybe Trump could then respond something about does the governor of Maryland really want to declare Baltimore an irredeemable disaster that can only be helped by being taken over by the federal government, because that’s the only way comprehensive, immediate help could legally be done. Or perhaps the city fathers/mothers/xers would like for me to buy this neighborhood and rehabilitate it just as I have done with other Trump properties. We could rename West Baltimore to Trumpville. Of course part of that would be to separate West Baltimore from the rest of the cities control since they’ve botched it up so much already and make it it’s own independent city. See, Never Trump fever just makes people give Trump bigger and better opportunities to show them up.

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