Should Trump Fire Mueller? [video]

Should Trump Fire Mueller? [video]

Should Trump Fire Mueller? [video]

President Trump has no plans to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, so says three different Trump administration officials. However, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-Ca) is happy to spread that rumor, in an effort to pressure Trump not to fire Mueller.


It’s easy to understand why Democrats like Speier and Adam Schiff (D-Ca) want to keep this investigation going – something showing Russian collusion in the election must be found! No stopping until that evidence is uncovered. Unfortunately, that is looking more and more like an investigation extended to infinity, since there is not even a crumb of collusion to be found.

“I believe the President wants all of this shutdown,” Speier said when asked if she believed House Republicans were bowing to pressure from the White House. “The rumor on the Hill when I left yesterday was that the president was going to make a significant speech at the end of next week. And on Dec. 22, when we are out of D.C., he was going to fire Robert Mueller.”

Speier is probably not far off on the assessment of Trump’s feelings about this investigation. It’s a waste of time and therefore he certainly would want to put an end to all this waste and abuse. Despite this, the White House is firmly denying it has any plans to fire Mueller, even though the American public would probably agree with that action.

“There’s no conversation about that whatsoever in the White House,” Marc Short, the White House’s legislative affairs director, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Mr. Short said he had not communicated with Mr. Langhofer, the transition lawyer, but expressed concern that the length and scope of Mr. Mueller’s inquiry had tested public patience.

“Taxpayers have spent millions and millions of dollars on this investigation that has not yet proven any sense of collusion with the Russians,” he said. “I think the American people are ready to turn the page.”

The Special Counsel investigation was a farce from the beginning. It was set in motion by former FBI Director James Comey, who leaked his OWN notes to the press to specifically provoke the appointment of Mueller. Mueller is Comey’s homey. On the investigative team, two virulent Trump haters traded text messages and other intimacies until Mueller relieved them of their duties, but he neglected to tell Congress about the potential compromise of integrity. Mueller has managed to dig up dirt on Trump associate Paul Manafort, but it had nothing to do with the election. He’s also managed to force General Michael Flynn to take a plea deal on perjury, for a incredibly minor lie – about something that wasn’t even illegal, and now he’s digging through questionably obtained emails to desparately find something that actually relates to his initial mandate. He’s far afield and coming up empty.

If Trump did let Mueller go, he wouldn’t be firing him, he’d be letting him off the hook. He would be acknowledging the thorough job of investigating, and praising his findings of nothing. He would simply be saying, “Good work, old sport. Looks like you did the job I asked you to do, and I thank you for your service. Now move along, nothing more to see here.” It’s not as if Mueller is doing a substandard job and not finding what is evident. He is finding there is no evidence. If Mueller is any kind of a stand-up guy, he will do the right thing and conclude this ridiculous farce as soon as possible.

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  • MikeyParks says:

    Don’t fire Mueller. Hire a special counsel to investigate him. THEN fire him.

  • Johnny says:

    Trump need only wait.
    If Mueller has a shred of integrity (or more likely if he is sufficiently afraid of the public scorn he will face) he will eventually call a spade a spade and exonerate Trump completely.
    If on the other had, Mueller tries some “Trumped-up” (sorry) charge, no worry – Mueller’s already fired himself.
    In the eyes of the public with his stacked, partisan team and their desperate flailings at accomplishing something, anything to date (“Mr. Flynn, you said the shirt was red today but yesterday you said it was blue. Both those can’t be true – you’re charged with lying to the FBI!”).
    And in the eyes of the law with his illegal acquisition of the transition team materials.
    Whatever Mueller invents, if it can be linked back in any way to those tainted documents, he’s got nothing.

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