Trump Calls Putin “Strong” and “Respected” Leader Despite History of Killing Journalists

Trump Calls Putin “Strong” and “Respected” Leader Despite History of Killing Journalists

Trump Calls Putin “Strong” and “Respected” Leader Despite History of Killing Journalists

There’s a vast list of things you never expect to read or hear, and Donald Trump is basically making that list nonexistent. My ability to be shocked is officially broken, shattered, and buried within the realization that this exchange was not a satirical piece that I read on the Onion.

It all began with the ever important quasi-endorsement from Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he welcomed comments by US presidential candidate Donald Trump that he wanted deeper relations with Russia.

“He is a very flamboyant man, very talented, no doubt about that … He is an absolute leader of the presidential race, as we see it today,” Putin told reporters.

So that happened. Trump responded with accolades for Putin, because who wouldn’t? Am-I-right?!

“It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond,” Trump said in a statement.

This is similar to how Obama and Co. praise the ACA and “what it has done for so many,” leaving out the fact that forcing people to purchase healthcare and then praising the number of people who have healthcare doesn’t really make sense to rational people. Putin is “respected” because he’s kind of a quasi-authoritarian psychopath.

Al Capone was “respected,” as well.

Yet Trump’s following didn’t budge, so he tested them even further while discussing the “endorsement” on Morning Joe Friday morning. I’m to the point where I firmly believe that Trump has no interest in the presidency, but is merely having fun seeing how far he can go and still have the lead – harming the chances of a GOP win in 2016 along the way.

I concur with Cooke. Trump is flat out – without reserve – insane. Watch the exchange below:

I love the look on Joe’s face. He looks like he was just thrown into a room with the Corleone family after eating the last cannoli. If confused and terrified had a love child, it would be the expression on Scarborough’s face. Meanwhile, Mika Brzezinski is frozen. I didn’t watch the rest of the episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to bring in the ammonia inhalants to arouse consciousness.

Just a recap, in case you didn’t watch the video:

“Well, also he’s a person that kills journalists and political opponents and invades countries,” host Joe Scarborough pointed out. “That would be a concern, would it not?”

Trump didn’t think so. “He’s return running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country,” he responded.

“But again, he kills journalist that don’t agree with him,” Scarborough insisted.

“Well, I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe,” Trump said. “You know. there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now, Joe. A lot of killing going on and a lot of stupidity…”

When you have to say, “But again, he kills…” in order to interrupt someone vomiting out accolades for the person in question, you know it’s bad. He eventually said killing dissenting journalists was a bad thing, of course it was after he was pressured.

At the end of the discussion, Scarborough gave Trump one last chance to say something not insane. “You obviously condemn Vladimir Putin killing journalists and political opponents, right?”

“Oh sure,” Trump responded, as if someone were asking him whether or not he likes baseball. “Absolutely.”

I suppose that “oh sure” is good enough for a man who has attempted to punish dissenting journalists here in America.

Just so that we’re keeping track here:

Socialist Healthcare? Support
Violation of Property Rights? Support
Disregard Geneva Convention? Support
Big Government? Support
Crony Capitalism? Support
Funding Planned Parenthood? Depends on the day
Iran Deal? Keep it
Control 1st Amendment Through the Internet: Support

And now:

Abuse of Human Rights? It’s bad, but….

Tell me again what “real conservatives” are supposed to support… I’m a bit confused.

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