Trump And Mar-A-Lago: This Is Not America

Trump And Mar-A-Lago: This Is Not America

Trump And Mar-A-Lago: This Is Not America


Donald Trump

I am so mad I could take a bite out of an M1A1 Abrams tank and spit nails. An ignorant, arrogant, small-minded jealous Judge by the name of Arthur Engoron stripped former President Donald Trump of his business licenses and ordered the Trump Organized be dissolved ahead of the ridiculous, made-up fraud charges brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The omnipotent, omniscient, real estate expert Judge Engoron valued the magnificent Mar-a-Lago at only $18 million. This judge despises Donald Trump and has looked for every possible way to attempt to humiliate Trump, his businesses, his attorneys, his colleagues and his family. I get that. I, also, get why my fellow Conservatives DESPISE DJT. He’s simply not our kind, dear (NOKD). He’s a beast. He is vulgar. He’s a barbarian. He rants. He taps out all-cap screeds. He’s not fit to occupy the Oval Office where Ronald Reagan deigned to serve Our Country.

Only $18 million. Heck, Trump paid about $10 million when he bought it 38 years ago.

Part of the problem is that Judge Einstein Engoron doesn’t know the difference between assessed value, appraised value and market value. All three of these can be wildly, wildly different. From the Palm Beach Daily News, last year:

Former President Donald Trump’s taxes have jumped 13% over last year for his multiple properties in Palm Beach County, including The Mar-a-Lago Club, according to the 2022 bills mailed Monday by the local tax collector’s office.
The latest taxes on Trump’s 10 properties in the county total about $1.7 million, compared to the $1.5 million he was charged last year. That’s according to an analysis of his bills by the Palm Beach Daily News, the first media outlet to report the former president’s tax obligations in the county for 2022.

How much did Trump pay last year? Donald Trump’s 2021 Palm Beach County property tax bill grows
From 2020: Property-tax bill down slightly for Mar-a-Lago; Trump’s Palm Beach County taxes hold steady at $1.48M, analysis shows
Like thousands of other county taxpayers, Trump watched his property values skyrocket over the past couple of years, thanks to the real estate boom that began shortly after the coronavirus pandemic made local headlines in early 2020.

The latest bills were figured on values set Jan. 1 after real estate sales rode a bullet train in 2021. Across the county, taxable property values rose nearly 15% from 2021 to 2022 to $255.15 billion, according to county Property Appraiser Dorothy Jacks’ office.
Combined, the tax bills mailed to Trump’s property-ownership companies are $196,349 higher than last year’s.

For all the ignoramuses out there, the goal is to keep your tax assessment super low and your market appraisal, high, high high. Growing up lower middle class, I remember my Mother going to the Tax Assessor’s office to complain if the assessment went up at all. I am pretty sure that Trump knows a tiny bit more than my late Mother about real estate.

Trump borrowed a lot of money to build his portfolio. The banks did their own appraisals before lending him the money . DJT paid everyone back. If that’s fraud, y’all are screwed BIGLY. I don’t expect Conservatives to understand high-stakes real estate. I profess that I do not. I do expect that you will understand your own portfolio. Shite. There are those of you who hate Donald Trump with every fiber of your being. You would be thrilled to see him put away so that YOU don’t have to be associated with HIM (Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg).

The news readers who report this are just as bad. They don’t betray any emotion or skepticism as they read that Trump defrauded banks and insurers while overinflating his wealth and the value of his holdings. Those poor, innocent banks and insurers who were too naive to do their own appraisals.

My stars and garters. What they heck is wrong with people? This is not just election interference. This is unAmerican. I don’t want any candidate to drop out. They should all stay in until the last possible moment. Vote for your preferred candidate. I have mine. I won’t tell your candidate to quit. You leave my candidate alone. You can love your candidate and still recognize what has been done to mine for six years. Trump has had a colonoscopy scope up his backside for six years and they have to make things up and break the rules to try and get him. Y’all are fine as frog’s hairs with that. You want my candidate to drop out and handle the cases against him.

For pity’s sake. No wonder we have such boneless chickens in elected positions. If Trump quits, the fascist Left wins. If that is what you want fine, let me know. I think his is election interference and not America at all.

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  • John Holton says:

    Agree 100 percent. It’s one thing not to like a guy, it’s another thing entirely to make stuff up to find him criminally liable for.

  • agimarc says:

    Tar. Feathers. Rinse. Repeat. Cheers –

  • 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    What really gets me is that the property in question isn’t even in NY State. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like Trump challenged the assessment either, so how does a judge in Manhattan have the balls to decide what a property he has never even seen is worth?

    Every state has a protocol for challenging a property assessment. I live in Florida too, but have never inquired about that process here because I thought the valuation on our home was reasonable enough, but I used to live in NY and did once have to make an appeal, which was upheld. Every taxing authority in NY has an appeals board to which you can file a grievance and present supporting evidence. If they don’t rule in your favor, you can pay $30 and take it to small claims court. If you lose there, you can get a lawyer (highly recommended at that point) and go for a “tax cert” case in state supreme court (comparable to district cour elsewhere). Wasn’t too long ago that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver got convicted of some shady dealings in that area.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    Trump is a constitutionally-illiterate bloviating sales-twit. As a (retired) engineer I can’t stand sales-twits; they either make me sick or enrage me with their obvious bullshit. But I voted for the SOB twice.

    In 2016 it was not a hard choice between Bloviating Sales-Twit and Felonia Von PantSuit.

    Despite the fact that he let everyone down on the major reason he was elected (remember what everyone has conveniently forgotten…it was to un-do the damage that Obama-care did to our healthcare system), and that he utterly failed to even try to dismantle the Three-Letter Government Agency power structure, we had a choice again. His managerial incompetence was on full display, but he managed to avoid destroying the country, and through de-regulation managed to give us some semblance of prosperity.

    In 2020 it was not a hard choice between Bloviating Sales-Twit and Gropey Dopey Joe (who has turned out to be the worst corruptocrat since FDR).

    The insane religious crusade against him smacks of the Nazi hysteria against the Jews of the 1930’s, and the level of corruption and connection between the Dem-wingers, the overwhelming majority of the mass media, and the corrupt (and corrupting) corporations only makes that Fascist connection ever more clear.

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