Trader Joe’s Hostage Crisis Ends, and Twitter Vultures Swoop In. [VIDEO]

Trader Joe’s Hostage Crisis Ends, and Twitter Vultures Swoop In. [VIDEO]

Trader Joe’s Hostage Crisis Ends, and Twitter Vultures Swoop In. [VIDEO]

Trader Joe’s stores are usually cheery places — that’s one reason why I love shopping at my local Joe’s. But in Los Angeles on Saturday the happy vibes ended when a gunman took hostages inside a Trader Joe’s store. And that wasn’t all he did — before he entered the store he had already shot his grandmother seven times, as well as another woman. Police pursued the perp, and when he crashed his grandmother’s car he ran into the Trader Joe’s. That’s when he took about 40-50 hostages.

Eventually, the standoff ended, police captured the suspect, and the hostages went free. Here’s how it went down:

Unfortunately, a woman hostage died during the melee. As for the suspect’s grandmother, she underwent surgery, and at the time of this writing her condition is described as “very grave.”

While all this was going on, President Trump tweeted that he was watching the hostage situation ‘very closely.’

It didn’t take long, however, for Twitter’s Blue Check anti-gun vultures to swoop in to take advantage of the carnage.

For example, Bill Palmer of the progressive Palmer Report:

Dude might check the Constitution to see that it limits the Executive Branch. No, Trump can’t just “do something about gun control.”

There’s this guy who says he’s an “Emmy-losing Writer/Director/Comedian:”

“Terrorist gun lobby” — hmm, wonder who that would be? Oh, wait, one of David Hogg’s little Parkland friends knows:

What does the NRA think about the Trader Joe’s hostage situation? What does she think they’re doing — a Happy Dance? Oh, wait. She probably does.

Then there’s this guy who chimed in with calls to repeal the Second Amendment:

As well as others who used the opportunity to blast the President about, oh, pretty much anything. Because. . . Putin! And immigrant children!

Now at the time of this writing, I don’t have the name of the suspect who did all this. Nor do I know his backstory, or why he even did such a horrendous thing in the first place. But I do know that it’s a damned shame that these vultures come swooping down to create their gun-and-Trump hating narrative before the bodies are even cold.

UPDATE: LAPD named the suspect as Gene Evin Atkins, and they’ve charged him with one count of murder.

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  • GWB says:

    Yes, if there were no guns in America there would be no gun violence.
    And if pigs had wings they would fly.

    Now that we’re past that can we talk about reality? Because there is no way on this earth you are going to “get rid of guns in America”. Nor anywhere. Not even if you banned them on Earth. They’re relatively easy to make and traffic. They are a handy tool for protection (and, yes, unfortunately, for hurting, as well). And they are a great equalizer.

    Could you make them ineffective, as far as militias? Certainly. Could you stop “gun violence”? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Could Can you make them ineffective as a self-defense tool? Sure. Can you make them ineffective as a tool of criminals? Not ever.

    Let’s think about what would have happened if, say, one or more people in that Trader Joe’s was armed? How long would the hostage situation have lasted? Exactly. About 1 minute – as long as it took for the perp to get distracted and an armed citizen (which is all cops are) to pump a few rounds into him. Assuming it ever started.

    Why do I carry a sidearm? Because I can’t carry a cop.

  • Skid Marx says:

    Why didn’t the Twitterati make a hashtag and save the world? It stopped Kony and brought the girls back home.
    Concern trolls love them some hashtags. Criminals always tremble in fear of gun free zone signs and fierce text on some screen hashtags.

  • Socratease says:

    “A civilian who carries a gun is currently holding dozens of people hostage in #Silverlake.”

    Yes, thanks to California’s laws which insures no honest law-abiding civilians can carry a gun. Which means the only ones who do are the criminals, who are guaranteed helpless hostages by the state.

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