Topher Spiro Triggered by #MAGAs In The Mist

Topher Spiro Triggered by #MAGAs In The Mist

Topher Spiro Triggered by #MAGAs In The Mist

Blue-check Topher Spiro, Leftist mover and shaker at The Center for [Leftwing] American Progress, was verklempt over the New York Time’s map of precinct by precinct voting in the 2016 election. OH NOES!! SO MUCH RED!! SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!

I mean, the sanctity of Progressive urban centers — metros filled with all the Right People™, Right Culture™, and enough straw-free Latte Macchiatos within walking distance that there is nary a break in one’s wifi coverage — one can understand how fretful such a sensitive soul such as Topher could get.

I mean, all those WrongThink™ People! Of Pallor!

Quelle horrors! And it gets worse!

I can just hear Jim now yelling to his kids as they crossed the I-5 Bridge from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, WA …

“Lock the doors, roll up the windows and grab your blankies kids. We are about to enter the Deplorables country and its gonna be a rough ride!”

Indeed, it will. Maybe not in the way Jim or Topher expect.

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  • Scott says:

    ok, let’s be serious.. who the HELL names their kid Topher??? Did hey want him to get his ass kicked in school??? Maybe that’s why he’s so stupid now, from all the ass kickings as a kid??? and the Chris dude that posted, i think we can all agree, the “man”bun avatar pretty much says it all, doesn’t it???

  • willie says:

    I remember when Bush, JR won & Susan Surandon was almost crying, lamenting that all the creative people live on the coasts

  • Daniel says:

    Yep, a lot of the Midwest states are relatively sparse.

    Guess what? Hillary still lost… and Donald Trump is still President.

    Them’s the rules. Sparse states get Electoral College votes too… and Hillary knew all about that, and STILL decided she didn’t need to go to Wisconsin!

    The Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College that way on purpose… so that the President would be President of ALL of us. Even the deplorables.

  • Ish says:

    Sec. Clinton won 62,523,126 popular votes, approximately 48.5% of the total. She won only 232 Electoral College votes, as she only carried twenty states (Maine splits their Electors).

    Pres. Trump won 61,201,031 popular votes, approx. 46.4% of the total. He earned 306 Electoral Votes, as he carried twenty-nine States (plus his share of the split in Maine).

    Here’s the thing about that National popular vote though; In addition to not mattering at all — we’ve had the Electoral College since 1789, it shouldn’t surprise anyone — the popular vote totals are wildly swung out of balance due to one single state: California.

    Clinton won 61.7% of the popular vote in California, which just so happens to be the most populous state in the county. 61.7% of California’s vote equated to 8,753,788 votes.

    If California had voted closer to the national average, Clinton would have won ~6.4 million votes and Trump ~6.1 million votes. That would have give us a national popular vote of ~60.1 million Clinton versus ~62.8 million Trump… and wouldn’t have changed the Electoral College results at all. In other words, if not for the extreme leftist tilt of this one state, Trump would have won the popular vote AND the electoral vote.

    Clinton won approx. 48.5% of the nation’s total votes, but if you look at the map, those votes come almost entirely from large cities and their satellite suburbs. Our nation’s population is split with 50% of us living in a few metropolitan areas and 50% of us living in the remainder. The Democratic Party has serious trouble winning outside of those few large metropolitan areas… Pres. Obama was able to win outside of these regions, as were Presidents Clinton and Carter… Sec. Clinton, Sen. Kerry and Vice Pres. Gore were not.

    • GWB says:

      Clinton won 61.7% of the popular vote in California, which just so happens to be the most populous state in the county.
      And that is EXACTLY why we have the electoral college.

      Hmmmmm….. thought exercise….
      How many people would a single state need to overwhelm the electoral college with just their votes? Let’s see, 538 votes, so 270 required to win… with current apportionment at ~700,000 per representative and 2 votes from the state’s senators… you’d need almost 188 million living in one state. I think California’s going to need more water rationing……………

  • GWB says:

    And, yes, there are really good arguments for divorcing the largest urban areas from the rest of the country. Or just from their states. They may have the best “lifestyles” around and provide us with much of our “creative” content. But they’re also the most crime-riddled and noxious places around. And they seem to be full of very controlling, grasping, forced-virtue sorts, who can’t seem to get by a day without telling other people how to live.

  • Strelnikov says:

    What’s a “Topher Spiro”?

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