Three Takeaways From Biden Blathering in Brussels

Three Takeaways From Biden Blathering in Brussels

Three Takeaways From Biden Blathering in Brussels

Monday, Biden delivered a load of blathering blunders in front of the European Union’s leaders in Brussels; slurring and mumbling royally on the world stage. Again.

First, according to Joey, there is a New World Order coming. It comes every thirty or forty years or so and by golly, the U.S. is gonna lead it.

What is Joe Biden blathering about now? Does Joe even know what “New World Order” even means? If he did, he just aligned himself with those on the far-right warning of Socialism taking over globally. Does he realize that Putin has the same aspirations and is actually succeeding? Uhhh…or maybe he meant the more historically, politically neutral, definition that

“…refers to a new period of history evidencing dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power in international relations.”

In this world of woke-ness and cancel-culture fueled by political weakness, how in the world does Joe expect to lead this charge? On the issue of inflation and the U.S. economy going down the toilet, how does he expect to lead the world?

Twenty-seven world leaders from the European Union are popping Advil and Xanax like Skittles, huddling in their Brussels hotel room. They are remembering a time when the U.S. was the leader in the current New World Order. They could ride those coattails in a post-World War 2, post-Communist Europe. They watched as America did what Roosevelt said so eloquently, “walk softly and carry and carry a big stick” meaning don’t tick off other countries, but make sure you’re prepared to take care of business.

European Union leaders know the big stick that America once carried is gone. It is gone to woke-ness, weakness and a stupid, stupid U.S. President.

Yes, I said stupid. Why? Biden said something even more stupider than trying to show how he’s ready to lead a global New World Order leading to the second takeaway from Joe’s trip to Brussels.

There’s a little fun fact we need to go back a few months and remember that he sat down with Putin last summer, using his big-boy voice, and gave Putin 16 areas of critical infrastructure that were no-no’s if things get tense between the U.S. and Russia.

Things have gotten tense in nine short months that included the colossally botched withdrawal from Afghanistan—demonstrating to Putin what a boob we have in our White House. Biden effectively demonstrated with Afghanistan what a political pushover the U.S. is. The big stick is gone. In fact, Biden will hand the stick to U.S. enemies, he’s so flaccid as a leader.

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 16, 2021

Biden handed a list of key U.S. targets to Putin and said, “Don’t hurt these places.” Yes, he did. Proudly. He tweeted about it, he was so proud.

Two kernels of common sense need to be screamed from the rooftops. First, so there’s a list of sixteen critical infrastructure “things” we don’t want to be cyberattacked by Putin…I’m guessing. So what about everything else? Is everything else okay to attack? Might I suggest you try another tactic? Like, I don’t know, don’t cyberattack, or attack, the U.S. at all??

Second thought to be screamed from the rooftops, why in the name of God’s creation would you give a crazed tyrant such as Putin a list of key U.S. targets? Russia is not an ally! Has anyone told Joe this? His stupidity begs the obvious question.

Take a deep breath. What does Joe’s list sharing with Putin in June have to do with his blathering blunders in Brussels in Monday.

The third takeaway from the blathering Joe did in Brussels; after handing 16 key targets for Putin to unleash a cyberattack on, he tsked tsked woke corporations in the U.S. to get their cybersecurity up to snuff because Russia’s going to attack us. Joe’s words are not warm and sympathetic. He scolds the U.S. voters that attacks are coming and it is your duty, according to U.S. law, to protect American interests.

We need another session of screaming common sense from the rooftops. Hey Joe, if cyber security is so stinking important, why didn’t the U.S. conduct cyber attacks on Russia when it had the chance? Like three weeks ago?

“President Joe Biden has been presented with a menu of options for the U.S. to carry out massive cyberattacks designed to disrupt Russia’s ability to sustain its military operations in Ukraine…Two U.S. intelligence officials…say no final decisions have been made, but they say U.S. intelligence and military cyber warriors are proposing the use of American cyberweapons on a scale never before contemplated. Among the options: disrupting internet connectivity across Russia, shutting off electric power, and tampering with railroad switches to hamper Russia’s ability to resupply its forces, three of the sources said.”

We had the chance to swing a big stick–and do to Russia what is looks like they are about to do to us–not launch a single warhead, and cripple Putin’s war effort on Ukraine and, eventually, the United States through an offensive cyberattack. Joe said no.

This is the man with delusions that he’s going to lead the coming “New World Order”. He had the chance to cripple Putin by putting him on defense instead of offense, in a few keystrokes. He had the chance to truly lead the New World Order.

Joe Biden is no leader. Joe Biden is a dreamer at the expense of America as we know it. Sadly, his aspirations of leading some grand, global thing is tanking the U.S. on every front. By his own admission, he handed America’s global nemesis a list of crucial American targets. In some countries–that is treas….you get the point. A simple perusal of newsfeeds is a tragic and horrific reminder of what Putin does to entities he has in his sights.

Biden’s blathering admonishment to corporations to protect against cyber attacks was an effort to divert guilt for his stupid blunders.

Joe is no more ready to lead a New World Order than he is ready to run an ice cream stand.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • Dietrich says:

    “Joe is no more ready to lead a New World Order than he is ready to run an ice cream stand.”
    Good call It’s going to be a loooooong three more years.

  • JAW3 says:

    Can’t anybody talk sense into Joey? The emperor can’t go waterskiing every weekend!

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