Feckless Biden Emboldens Putin’s Dream of Empire

Feckless Biden Emboldens Putin’s Dream of Empire

Feckless Biden Emboldens Putin’s Dream of Empire

Predictably, the stockmarket took a dump yesterday following the bizarre and disturbing speech FICUS Biden gave concerning Putin’s grab of the separatist regions of Ukraine. And while American Pravda media is busy trying to put lipstick on the weak sanctions pig, American citizens watched as Biden promised them more economic pain.

NBC tries to offer a simple solution while not just avoiding Biden’s diddling his tapioca pudding cup as Russia amassed troops …

Specifically, the U.S. needs to shut down the prospect of NATO extending membership to Ukraine. For Russia, sitting by as another neighboring state flirts with leaving the Russian orbit to become a permanent member of the West’s security order is inconceivable. Preventing such a scenario from happening in what Russia views as its near-abroad, especially after watching NATO nearly double in size since the fall of the Berlin Wall, is perhaps the most urgent Russian national security priority today. (Just as the U.S. would never countenance Russia trying to form a military alliance with Mexico.)

… but also running cover for the Drooler-in-Chief …

Indeed, ending the fiction that Ukraine could join NATO is not so much a capitulation to Russian demands as it is a reflection of the alliance’s own dynamics going back as far as 2008, when the group rejected President George W. Bush’s attempt to extend the NATO security umbrella to Ukraine (and fellow former Soviet republic Georgia).

Blame a Republican President. Check. Note that no where in this article is any mention of Obama and Putin’s seizure of Crimea in 2014. Hmmm. But there’s this

Sovereignty and territorial integrity matter, as Biden eloquently stated in a speech on Ukraine this month. But so do geography, power and self-interest.

Awww, how sweet. Eloquently. Lick Biden’s chapped ankles harder, NBC.

And heaven forbid the GOP ever point out that this current crisis of Obama’s 3rd term has anything to do with feeble Biden’s behavior. That’s treason!

CNN Anchor and analysit

Democrat lapdog and NeverTrumper extraordinaire

One might seriously wonder how long until those GOP congressmembers criticizing Biden committing insurrection have their bank accounts frozen?

Please ignore that Biden dropped all sanctions against Nord Stream 2, killed the Keystone pipeline and eliminated American energy independence … Putin is pursuing his long dream of restoring the USSR empire because of Trump and treasonous conservatives.

This Biden tweet has certainly aged well …

Creepy Joe’s random fits of faux-tough-guy chest beatings, from Corn Pop to threats to Ukraine to save his crackhead son, probably has Putin laughing into his Moscow Mule. Putin’s quote — “The legacy of not just the Soviet Union but the Russian Empire has been squandered.” — demonstrates you can take the boy out of the KGB, but not the KGB out of the boy.

None of this means that the situation of Ukraine is by any means simple. The political and historical complexities of the region are long and tortuous. But having an utter poltroon in the Oval office has complicated it and made America’s position in the world worse.

Jordan Peterson, in his 12 Rules for Life said it best …

“If you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of.”

Fight back by voting this November.

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