Trans Activist Calls Real Woman A Dog

Trans Activist Calls Real Woman A Dog

Trans Activist Calls Real Woman A Dog

No matter what you call yourself or identify as, a bully is a bully is a bully. While trans activist Dawn Ennis was in Atlanta to cover the NCAA swim meet featuring Lia Thomas, Ennis took the opportunity to bully a real woman and call her a dog. I know the word “dog” has been a slur for decades, but Dawn Ennis is a trans bully and my dog is gorgeous.

Victory Girls’ own Kim wrote about Lia Thomas and her one (ahem) win and two (ahem) losses. Read Kim’s post here. What’s fun in Kim’s serious post is the quote from Posie Parker aka Kellie Jay Keen. She is conversing with a man and in the full conversation it’s hysterical. This is from Kim’s post:c

Like the guy who argued with a woman who was present at the NCAA swimming competition on Thursday. The man defended Thomas’s presence on the women’s team, saying that “every body is different.” The man also asked the woman if she was a biologist.

Her answer was both pithy and brilliant:

“I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is.”

Kellie next ran into the trans activist who called her a dog. The man/woman is Don/Dawn Ennis. Dawn really loves to cosplay. Ennis has changed his gender at least three times. He claims that he breastfed, not chestfed, his youngest child. He now calls himself a mother and claims to need pads for menstruation:

The lowest point was earlier this week, when my daughter and I ran out of feminine pads. I asked a woman on the Pride Media team, please take some of the money you owe me, please go to a store, please buy us some pads and please, please, please send them overnight.


Dawn is clearly committed to his role, but if money was tight, let your daughter used the pads, my dude. As I said, Dawn was in Hotlanta for the NCAA swim meet and covering it for the media. He ran into Kellie on his way into the the women’s restroom. This is how it went down:

Notice how Dawn interrupts Kellie and tells Kellie not to interrupt him. He tells the woman with Kellie to “call off her dog”. Bullies gonna bully. He definitely crossed a line. Way over that line. Then, he calls himself a mother. The other woman is right. He didn’t birth any of his children. His late wife did the carrying and birthing. The best part of the video is watching the poor putz in the background trying to figure out what in the sweet tea is going on. He’s so confused.

Here is how Dawn reported the contretemps for the L.A. Blade in his article, “TERFs challenge reporter’s gender at NCAA Women’s Championship”. TERFS stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists”. This is another way the trans bullies diminish women. From the article:

Like Thomas, I am a woman who also happens to be trans. My pronouns are she/her/hers. But to anti-trans inclusion groups like Save Women’s Sports and the U.K. based organization, Standing for Women, I am a “biological male” which is a phrase meant to imply that I am not who I say I am. To them, I am a man.

That became quite clear while I was doing my job as a reporter, when one British activist started asking me questions during an interview. My off-the-cuff answers—some of which were admittedly inelegant, abstractly metaphorical and definitely not my best choice of words—resulted in shouting, screaming, in-your-face misgendering and bullying. Somehow, I managed to keep my composure, but I will confess, I am still shaking from this. I didn’t show it, but they succeeded in scaring me in a way I haven’t felt since being surrounded by bullies in grade school.

On calling Keen a dog:

With her phone camera pointed up at me, the petite Brit then proceeded to lecture me on why I should not be using “women’s spaces” like bathrooms and changing rooms and locker rooms.

As she pressed on, I asked Stelzer, “Would you call off your dog?”

That was unfortunate on my part, because although the metaphor might have felt apt, it only increased the tension in the air.

All hell broke loose when I used the word “mom” to describe myself.

“How dare you!” Keen responded. Immediately, I was surrounded, screamed at, had more cameras and fingers pointed in my face, and bullied for identifying both as a woman and as a mom.

Bullies do that all the time. They cross the line and then they play victim. Waaaah! He can use one of the unnecessary pads to wipe his tears.

Why do these female identifying biological males always like to bully. Remember when Zoey Tur was on Dr. Drew with Ben Shapiro and threatened to send him home in an ambulance?

I may not love Kellie’s methods, but we need her. we need the women who will step up. We need women who will stand up to the trans bullies before women are erased completely.

Featured Image: Toni S. Williams/All Rights Reserved

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  • Scott says:

    This is what happens when society encourages mental illness instead of treating it.

  • Cameron says:

    “Why do these female identifying biological males always like to bully”

    Because the headlines will read “Mean conservatives punches woman!” within the hour if we corrected them the way they need to be.

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