Three Men Arrested for Criticizing Lunatic Islamic Jihadists Who Murdered British Soldier

Three Men Arrested for Criticizing Lunatic Islamic Jihadists Who Murdered British Soldier

Insanity reigns in London.

In a move that would certainly make our own Founding Fathers shudder in their graves, three men were arrested following the near beheading in London of British soldier Lee Rigby by two machete-wielding lunatic Jihadists. Their crime? Posting allegedly “racist,” “anti-religious” and “offensive” comments on Facebook and Twitter. Yeah, you read that right. They were arrested for expressing themselves and “offending” others.

Now remember what transpired after that infamous video was blamed for the Benghazi terrorist attacks? Shortly after, following Mr. Obama pushing the video narrative during a sycophantic speech to the U.N, that body moved to push a worldwide ban on criticizing Islam, with Mr. Obama’s full support. The resolution would not have banned all religious criticism, just criticism of Islam. Mr. Obama, ever the defender of our Constitutional rights, tried to give away our sovereignty to foreign control. I know what you’re thinking: f*** that. But this silencing of speech is precisely what is now happening to Londoners who dare criticize Islam, spurred by yet another brutal Jihadist attack in their homeland.

Avon and Somerset Police Inspector Ed Yaxley explained the rationale for the men’s arrest, who have since been released on bail, this way :

“The men were arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. Our inquiries into these comments continue.”

Another man, 22, was charged with “malicious communications” for comments he made on Facebook.”

Looks like the speech police are out in force in London. Too bad they weren’t so quick to keep tabs on the two Jihadists beforehand, reportedly on their radar well before the murder. If the U.N. and Mr. Obama had had their way, anyone who dared criticize Islam would be sharing a jail cell next to those who dared criticize the religion of Jihadist murderers.

Tensions are high in London. And it looks like some Londoners are finally saying enough is enough, telling Radical Islamists, “This is our country. Don’t like it? Get the hell out.” And to that I say: Speak loud, speak often. Don’t be silenced by the PC Police.

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  • LD Jackson says:

    So much for free speech.

    Why is it that so many of our politicians, both here and across the world, are so afraid of offending the religion of peace? They certainly do not care to offend Christians, but Muslims seem to be off limits.

  • Kate says:

    Though I agree with you in sentiment, the terrorist on video who beheaded Rigby, was born in the UK and theoretically it’s his country too. It’s just more evidence that this is a battle of good and evil as W would say – aided by the pussification of the west. Telling them to “get out of our country” doesn’t work. They’re here. We need to kill them. All of them.

    • Jodi G. says:

      Very true, Kate. But his heart is not. What do we do with those born on our soil, become radicalized, then turn on their own?

      • Kate says:

        My point is that because they are actually citizens, with laws that protect them, simply telling them to “get out” isn’t the answer.

        • Elm Creek Smith says:

          You’re right, Kate. They can’t be told to “get out.” They can, however, be charged with treason because they are inciting violent revolution against the duly constituted government.

          In the old days they’d have been hanged.


  • EBL says:

    We need call radical Islam for what it is: A mainstream (albeit minority position) of Islam. We give cover to radical Islam and cut the legs out of those Muslims who truly want to reform this madness by not calling it out as it is. Every time, every day. PC language about jihadis and Saudi inspired Wahhabi Islam has to end. Time to wake up people.

    And if mockery and humor can do that for us, that is the way to go.

  • Catherine says:

    Since England has taken away their citizens right to bear arms, I’d suggest they take up archery. Another Crusades is coming but it won’t be fought by soldiers…it will be fought by citizens.

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